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Oct. 8th, 2006 12:08 pm
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I'm slowly unpackign from the LARP.
I just discovered my white corset is horribly dirty, it looks as if it had been rubbed against a verrrry dusty something, there are grey marks on the front, and along the bones, tracing the shape of the metal parts inside. Can't throw it in the wash without taking out all the metal bits. And frankly, I don't think it's worth it. This was made from a poly brocade salvaged from a second-hand bridal dress, the fabric is thin and has started ripping on some spots. The more I think about it, the more I think I'll use the corset as a base for a ribbon corset, then salvage the bones an busk... Any adivce would be welcome, anyway.
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Back home, week-end over. The LARP was a success, granted not a perfect one, but I decided to content myself with it. I'm just to tired to read my f-list or give a detailed account, and the pics are not yet in my possession. Actually, I think I might be to tired to type in english. But hey ! we did it ! Yatta !

Lessons learned :
- double-check balance between characters (everyone has the same amount of information, things to do, etc...)
- take *one week* to install the clues and the house, if a special installation is required
- make a check list of what needs to be brought to location early on, and stick to it !
- no matter what it is, and how long it is, give the players a text background
- don't you ever again play after 2am. Start by day, end at midnight.
- note to self : just be a staff member, forget about being in-game, you can't handle both, you prefer the game-managing part
- talking witht he players afterards is good. It's good for them, as they tell you where the problems lie, and it's a boost for your ego.
- stress-management level : you're getting slightly better at this

We still need to take some hours to share our impressions and suggestions, [livejournal.com profile] lady_darkstone and I, and discuss whether or not we'll make a second round of this game. Probably not, or not before a few years.
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I want to make myself a nifty winter bustle dress, and a waistwoat for the HG, and use all this wonderful wool fabrics I have in stash for a nice winter wardrobe. But I can't, I have to type and edit text, and then sew the PJ/prisoner's outfit. *sigh*
Oh yes, and I want to read, and draw.
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The Book of Doom is done ! I gathered the text from different sources, edited it, printed it (ok, the HG printed it, given how complicated THAT was), cut it to shape, soaked it in a coffee/tea mix, let it dry, and just a few minutes ago, bound it and put it back under a heavy pile of dictionnaries, as it is still a bit humid.
And I think I have found the perfect mixture to make a Book of Doom : make it stink ! The tea in itself was quite terrible, but mixed with the soluble coffee, and staying wet for a few days... it's just dreadful. I'm very proud of myself (and have a very twisted mind, you might add...)
And the oui-ja board is drying outside, I'll polish it later tonight. It looks lovely. I'll post pics, I promise !
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Open Office, again...
- won't let me apply paragraph styles after I've created them. Or will forget to apply the font.
- won't let me apply the page style, or will apply it to the whole document
- print pages 1 and 18 when I want to print pages 1 and 2
- behaves randomly regarding the fonts menu
- works at snail's pace anyway, because you know, NO ONE in their right mind would type a 40 pages document (that also being a problem for Scribus, obviously, which causes the software to freeze and crash after two to four minutes of work)
- scrolls randomly back or forth when I save

My current plan for the chapter titles I want to have in the effing middle of the page ? leaving a blank page and handwriting them.

Oh, and I've not gotten as far as exporting the darn thing on pdf and then printing it as a book, I guess this reserves me even more joys.

I want a working desktop publishing software !!!!!

... or a typing machine.

ETA : I've got the page styles/column issue sorted. I can now officially say Word is better than Open Office. Or less worse.
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... thanks to Open Office who won't do as I want. But then we had dinner before I turned completely mad, I'm now full and mor eor less content, and I'll just punish the damn software with my indifference. Nah !
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Sorry, esp. to [livejournal.com profile] seinseya if all my posts now have in-game content. You'd better skip this - I'll go back to non-LARP content after the end of the month, I promise !

We did a lot of shopping yesterday, grocery and various stuff we needed for home and I needed for the LARP. Stuff of which we approximatively got 1/3 because the rest was either not available or waaaaayyy too expensive. Like the nice fabric for a kimono, where I would have ended up spending over 40 euros on something I'm not even sure I'll have time to make. It was a pretty fabric, though, I may come back to it and make a yukata later, maybe for the second edition...
I got all the condom boxes done and varnished, even the one I had forgotten in my bag.They are lovely and the color matches the color from the first box. :)
Today was spent 1) getting some much needed sleep, 2) watching POTC 2 - wooohoo ! loved it ! - and 3) typing and editing loads of stuff and making it ready for printing. This eventually made my brain melt, and I'm now using my few remaining neurones to cut out the prisoner costume. Simple, straightforward stuff, doesn't matter if it doesn't really fit the character, I'll probably use it as a PJ later. Ok, off I go to cut out the last leg...
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The pencil marks wouldn't go away from the condom boxes. And after that, they showed even mor eone the varnish was on. And the big box got some giant issues after the second coat of varnish, whil she was fine after the first one. I've put quite a lot of work on this special one, so I'm moderatly pissed.
I'm working on the oui-ja board. The design is settled and drawn on calc. I need to go buy the board itself, and probably paint it before transfering the drawing. Too bad I haven't got my woodburning set here. OR should I look for a new set ? maybe that would be easier...
I've still a lot of documents, letters, even parts of a book to type and edit using handwritten fonts to mimick several different handwritings - and I don't feel tha tmotivated about it.
I also think I won't have the time for Claudine's corset - which is not tha tmuch of a problem. The lady playing the part fits in one lovely salmon dress of [livejournal.com profile] lady_darkstone without a corset. It just means Claudine's combinations won't get used. So I'll be giving them to Maria, but I've been stupid enough to start a chemise for her already. Well, it'll get some use someday, but for now it will remain unfinished.

and a little meme from heileen to vent it off )
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This is the mess that's my desk/sewing area these days. You can have a look at verything that it already has produced here.

The sewing news can be seen right under the cut )
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I didn't remember drawing from a picture could be *that* tiring. Granted, my tiredness may also come from the fact that it's the first afternoon spent at home with neither people around or a bazillion tasks to accomplish since like... a month ? I think I'm going to oxygenate my brain with some pinning and sewing.
Pics from what I've accomplished today will come tonight or tomorrow - as soon as I reboot actually.
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Goign through my last posts I realised they weren't that clear about my current projects. So let's be a little clearer.

The white and pink combinations are done. A corset will be made to go with it, someday.

Denise's costume is completed, it consists in the blue corset I made for my friend Julie (which she'll get as a present after she'll have worn it for the LARP), cream colored drawers with blue ribbons, and a cream colored chemise with insertion from the corset fabric. And it has ruffles ^^

My current project is the "basement corset", aka this thing. The original one was found in a basement, and the maintainer from marquise.de has taken the pattern of the garment. After many alterations, I think I got the shape right for me. I'm in the process of inserting the left hip piece. After that I'll wonder
- what to use to cord the breast area
- how to make the cording, since this is a one layer corset
- how to put in the bones without interfering too much with said cording
- what to bind this thing with
I think I'll go pay a visit to my fabric dealer tomorrow and look for some kind of purple/blue cotton bias.

That's it for tonight, I'm going back to my hip piece.
Unless someone offers a brilliant idea about this european costume college fantasy right here and now... ^^

ETA : hip pieces are soooo cool !
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... but could be. We've had friends staying over for the week-end and probably overdid it regarding the hinking in the mountain, drinking and staying up late. This morning I felt like I still had some kind of hangover. Blah. And don't talk to me about headaches - I feel one creeping up now, and can't look at my screen while typing.

So of course I haven't sewn a lot... I decided not to salvage the pieces from my trial run on the basement corset, and have cut a new, clean one. I'll start assembling it tomorrow I think.

I seem to have lost my indienne prints from Mondial Tissus. They're probably hidden somewhere in the garage, but where ? I was sure at least the mauve and light yellow one was in the apartment... I'm sorry [livejournal.com profile] heileen :/

Still have to take pictures from Denise's costume, which is currently on display on my dressform...

Gah, I'm just so tired....
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[livejournal.com profile] heileen, I haven't forgotten about you and Huissett, just have been swallowed by a swamp of laziness, kitty illness and aching muscles. But now it's okay, and I'll go on with the scans first thing tomorrow morning.

In sewing news Denise's costume is now officially done.
And I've made great progress on the basement corset once I realised it *needs* hip pieces.
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There has been some sewing, indeed - inspite of the heat, the migraine, and the general tiredness, we even found some time to clean the apartment, I'm so proud of us ^^.

So, where to start ?
Yesterday, we wanted to go to a nearby lake, met a nice hour of rain, headed back home, and consoled ourselves by finding new socks for the HG and sewing supplies for me. I was a very good girl and didn't buy more than what I needed : heavy and medium-weight ugly and cheap cotton for my next mock-ups. I refrained from buying the 50% off indienne prints - [livejournal.com profile] heileen those prints are now on sale, and they'll be discontinuing them at Mondial Tissus. Some are now under 4 euros/meter. I'll post pics tomorrow after work.
I also found my pink ribbon - the shade doesn't exactly match the neckline ribbon nor the hem one, but who's going to notice anyway, if they're not close to each other ? - and a separable zipper.

The direct consequence being that there's a good chance you'll see pictures of my combinations by tomorrow night. The last buttonhole has been sewed while the HG lost several games of mah-jong to Buzz and another friend.

I haven't felt the motivation to pick up the basement corset again (basement corset because the pattern is taken from a corset found in someone's basement), so I started on the new chemise for Denise. I've got the yoke cut out, and a good hald of the pin tucks sewn in.
And I'm going to add a flounce at the bottom of her drawers, too. The fabric strip is all hemmed and just needs to be pleated and attached to the lace.
And I've found some remnants of the corset fabric I'm using to 'tie' the whole outfit together, yay !
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Only three buttonholes to go on the combinations. Still no pink ribbon - someone got an order wrong and my sewing supplies dealer recieved red instead of pink. Armholles are still unbound as well.

I've cut out and assembled this thing, and I'm so not happy with it it's not even funny. I got the alterations right to correct the pattern's original flaws, and the first try-on was not so bad, but after that it only went downward.
I have the same problem with this one as with my Doré : I've got waaaaaaayyyy to much place for my boobs, and merely taking out some fullness at the front just flattens them, and it looks bleuargh.
I tried to take out some of the excess roominess from the sides of the bust area, and it resulted in the corset shifting lower on my torso, and did nothing to improve the problematic breast support. So I took that step out and returned to the previous stage, with just a little fullness taken in between the third and fourth piece.
Oh, and did I mention I left out the seventh piece on each side, on a corset that was supposed to fit me perfectly from the measurements given, and that it laces almost close at the upper edge, and is on the small side at the lower edge ? Gah...
And of course, I have no separable zipper and don't want to nsert the busk yet. Yay for lacing oneself into a corset *acid irony*

Some ideas on what could be done :
- take some of the excess material of at one side seam
- add hip gusset (would make the waist look better anyway)
- pray
- sleep

Any other suggestions ?
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... before leaving for work. My manager took the early shift today, so I was able to stay a little longer and, if not sew, at least upload piccies !
Players beware ! The rest of you, click ahead )

I'll give myself a little break by adapting and cutting out the pattern for a new corset.
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Yeah, that's right, pictures ! And not only from recent projects, but older ones, too. First and foremost, a project from last year, which I wore for the first time yesterday and again today. I figured, since I had the dress on and wanted to take pictures anyway, I could just as well use the self timer - I wasn't lucky with it this time, but you get the idea. The fabric is a some polyester print. Unfortunately, the print is a little off-grain, and I cut following the print, so the dress tends to shift a little when I wear it. I present you Mandarine :

Then, I also managed to take some quick shots of Matrioschka #1, aka the green dress, on myself, before altering it. Since then, the neckline has been changed into a deeper V, and has an elastic, and the back has been made narrower (it fitted me perfectly, but the lady is a bit thinner than myself). I took the inspiration from empire fashion, and inserted a wide pleated piece of fabric at the CF seam of the skirt. The dress stops about 10cm above my ankle, should be longer on my friend. The fabric is Ikea's bomull, dyed green. Here you get a general idea :

Players beware ! Do NOT click if you plan on playing at our next LARP ! )

This last bit is the project I'm carrying around and handsewing during my breaks and commuting time. I'm also working on modern summer clothes, linen pants and, if everything goes according to plans, two printed cotton tunics.
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Sooooo, I finished the adjustements on Matrioschka #1 this morning, I need a last check - which means trying it on, a thing I'm not willing to do until the temperature has cooled down a bit.

I worke a little on the combination, and it's coming along nicely. The neckline is trimmed, I'm in the process of trimming the legs' hem. Then I'll need to make the lace insertion at waist level, add buttons and (gasp) buttonholes. I've taken the habit to work on it on the bus/tramway and during my lunch break. Even if handsewing isn't as quick as machine-sewing, I'm making progress at it. :)

And a little side note for my frenchspeaking friends. If you enjoy cooking experiments, and good food in general, have a look at this list.
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Next time I'm making drawers, I'll have to make sure *before* making them whether they are worn over or under the corset. because guess what ? you can't open closed drawers buttonned at your waist *under* the corset. Hahaha !

So, yes, the drawers are done, pics to come probably tonight. I had to redo the complete waistband, and then open the crotch seam. But that's done, phew !


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