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Darn, I'm stuck !

The Kitty corset is all bound now, but it needs extra-small grommets, which I know exist, but I happen to have lost every single grommet I once had in my home. So a trip to the notion dealer I must make. I will NOT make handbound eyelets for this one, unless I really have no other option.

The same grommet problem applies if I want to work on the pirate shirt. Well, actually I could redraft the neck and collar area, but that would be as far as I can get without grommets.

The pillow flower is mocked up, and it looks quite spiffy, methinks. I've only made a minor alteration to the top, making the center front part end in a point at the "waist", but I don't feel I need to resew the mockup after that. Now the next steps would be to figure out the layout on the fabric, mark the pieces, and start beading, right. Except I must do some beading training before, and figure out how exactly I'm going to attach the beads to the fabric. Tambour embroidery ? Must buy a hook. Normal embroidery ? *ponders*

And starting on my wedding dress ? I couldn't find a place to photocopy the pattern, it's too big, so I have to trace it on fabric, except I have no clue where to find enough fabric for that in my house.

So the first thing I must do is tidy up the mess I live in, vacuum, do a thourough cleaning, take care of everything that has been put on hold lately.
- take care of the notions paket I have to send back to Germany (waiting for the address to send it to)
- empty suitcase
- put random bits of fabric in storage or on the "current project" shelf
- tidy up desk
- dust
- vacuum
- wash floors
- wash windows
- clean bathroom
- take care of laundry
- copy wedding dress pattern
- go to notions dealer to buy tambour hook, tambour embroidery book and grommets
- go to post office and send all the papers for the glasses
- make appointment with financial advisor
- do grocery shopping

We'll see how far I get...
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Hey I've got pictures !

The fabrics I bought in Marseille and at the discount counter here )

Then, the fabric for my wedding dress ! )

The kitty corset is done except for the binding and eyelets. I'm granting myself a break from it and will now work on draping the pillowflower. Where do I have some muslin or similar mock-up appropriate fabric ?
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Sorry for spamming your f-lists, I had one post I forgot to post yesterday (the one about th ePillow flower), then the 1/8 inch epiphany, and then, today'x actual sewing content !

Silly geek ^^ The rest is here.

I'm very pleased with myself (and the pattern) so far (BTW, using the LM Frock coat and vest pattern). The alteratiosn were minor and took about 5 minutes to make, and were all were I supposed they would be (size 42 at the waist, but 38 to 40 at the torso... things like that). I was pleased to discover the length was just right (note to self : when making this for my sister's home geek, maker the pattern pieces 3 to 5 inches longer at least !). I expect some fiddling with the front closure but nothing really frightening.

I've been cutting some pieces and zigzagging the edges for the Pillow Flower, too. The sewing together and rest of the muslining work will wait, I'm tired and I want to read.

I'm feeling rather confident about my sewing abilities right now. This isn't normal, I'll probably face some big disaster when I go back to Demeter...
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Costumes in the making at green-martha's now :
- the Green Winter Bustle, also known as the Demeter dress
- the HG's victorian vest, which remains unnamed yet
- the Pillow Flower dress

Current state :
- The Demeter dress has been taken out of storage, put onto Karinga (my dress dummy) and taken back from said Karinga. great progress indeed !
- The HG has been measured, the pattern pieces have been found and transfered onto paper (don't want to cut into a pattern I'll probably be using for many of my male friends)
Both projects have been on my to-do list for months/years (the vest was originally intended for my ex, then for my sister's home geek...) and have to be done but..

... the Pillow Flower is soooo much more interesting !
Besides, I've had the fabric for this one (aka the flowery pillow fabric of Doom) for a looong time. Like... two years ? And I'm very proud to say that I haven't changed my mind one single time about what it's going to become ! And I now have the perfect occasion to wear it - and probably the Demeter dress, too. That being my poor justification to starting yet another project.

a long babble and a few pictures )

Good thing about the Pillow Flower ? I have allt he ingredients in stash, except the paint.
Bad thing ? I *know* I'll be calling the person who decided on the design all kinds of names while working on it. Oh wait, that was me....


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