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There's a wedding-itis going on around us, I swear. The most unlikely people get infected. And it's spreading fast. Menno... I have no idea how I'll be able to negotiate with my boss to get so many free saturdays (the joys of working retail !) next year. It's a REALLY good thing we postponed to Feb. 2009, really. *blink blink*

Ahem, back to a more sewing related topic...
I'm slowly working along on the 20s bra. (BTW : I have not forgotten you [ profile] sbuchler !). The inside are almost all done, I just need to make the slit and put in the dreaded buttons and buttonholes. I'm not sure I'm all that confident buttons and buttonholes are the most reliable thing to hold that kind of pressure. But then, hooks and eyes THAT near to the skin ? The original uses two buttons on each side. *ponders*

I also got myself a whole stack of new books, two very technical sewing and tailoring manuals which I haven't touched a lot yet, and the very beautiful book from the 20s exhibit at the GalliƩra museum, which to my surprise I found at the Fnac. I'm currently drooling over that while handsewing binding to the bra's seams, it's kind of fitting, don't you think ?

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no hurry on my end - tho I do look forward to the pattern :-)

Will you post pictures when it's done? pairs of buttons sounds interesting! :-) Though, I can see being reluctant to post pictures of underwear... :-S


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