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About the icon, after being insulted four or five times over the past three days in lieu of a reasonable discussion, this is the only appropriate answer I have. *shrugs*

First, having BOTH candidates for the second row of presidential elections try to appeal to the xenophobic, reactionary far right by saying "oh yes, actually we think along the same lines" is more than a little disturbing. What the frack ? I know the Leader Minimo and his pals totally ARE on the same page as the far right on a lot of topics*, but I thought better of the socialists. Or at least, of some of them.

*Just for the record, he's been re-actualizing things we haven't heard for the last 70 years and making constant references to our dear old Pétain - since years, but in full force since Sunday. Classy.

Then, I've been barfed onto three times today, I had to keep the kids quiet for two hours because we had an appointment with an ophthalmologist and the only time we could get one was during nap time, so we survived without nap in a very not kid-friendly zone. Add one hour in the car (where only the younger one slept, for, like, fifteen minutes). I'm one tired maman. But I won't let that put me down, because I have awesome friends, because the kids didn't explode in flight despite the lack of nap, and because I was really good today and finally took pictures of the maternity corset ! Which implies I almost have a working photography setting !!!!
IMG_6286I have the pictures, they're on my site, but have yet to be made accessible, and that involves working with galleries and editing, and I've already made one dumb mistake tonight, so I figure it's a Bad Idea(tm) to try that now. You'll have to wait a little longer !
This is something else entirely - wedding dress sample ! I've found a way to make it work, it's going to be awesome ! I have other lengths of sparkly embroidered net in different colors and patterns, I'm not sure I'll have the willpower to avoid turning one into an early teens evening gown.
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... you make me want to wrap myself in ham and dance around in the moonlight.

You are making me CRAZY !
I want to see 1890s petticoats, so I suspect those would show up in a 1800-1900, Textiles, "Petticoat" search. No 1902 négligé. No 1998 Dior dress. No fishermen photograph. No 1750 court dress. PETTICOATS, I just want to look at those damn petticoats ! *sobs*
Also, what tells you the bottom of this piece was "meant to be seen" ? Cause it's pretty ? I have a lot of pretty lingerie, I had a lot of pretty lingerie before I even met my husband. I don't go around naked in it. 66cm is pretty short for a petticoat that's supposed to be seen in 1903. Also, considering half of your petticoats from the period are either colored or even patterned, I wouldn't say color is "unusual" for the late 19th century... It's also nice that the "petticoat, linen" search turns up a few cotton ones that didn't show up in the "petticoat, cotton" search. No linen petties in sight, though...

So yeah, I can't sleep and I've started researching 1890s undies.
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This is sewing content : one of those buttons was almost falling out, so I attached it back on ! And I darned some socks, my "to mend" pile is now empty ! Yay !
Okay, maybe this isn't *interesting* sewing content*

And grrrrr.... can people PLEASE stop labelling *reproductions* of their artwork as *prints* ??? It pretty much kills the prupose of the printmaking section on Etsy (among other places...)
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I'm knitting on the bus during my commute. Mornings and evenings. Iget weird looks and odd remarks. I am currently knitting a SWEATER. For my Dad. Who's a rather large man. I've been successively asked whether I was knitting a sock, or a hat. Some girls were actually flabbergasted that I was !OMG! MAKING! a piece of clothing !!!! Making clothing is OMG so freaking completely !!!IMPOSSIBLE!!!
Then there was this conversation :
Co-bus-rider #1 - "It's so lovely to see you knitting..."
Co-bus-rider #2 (standing right next to #1 and obviously a friend of hers) - "Oh, she's crocheting !"

What else for today ? No sewing, but ideas. The taxes website gives me the headache, I'm tired, but I bought new clothes, which makes me happy.
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I'm not even a native english speaker, but seeing this on the Etsy first page made me cringe...

Empire is high waste !


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