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@ eBay : when I click on "pay now", why do I have to come back later to say that yes, I did pay ?

@ sellers : please please please, stop splitting up fashion magazines collections into single issues ! Yeah, right, I get it, more money to be made that way, but still, boo, poor me, I want to buy complete years, single issues are too expensive to collect !

I realize I've pretty much stopped buying single colored fashion plates as well. I still love them, but I'd rather see a wider array of looks in B&W than just one in color - and there are so many for sale online it's just hard to pick just one. But really, mainly it's the 6 plates = one complete book equation. Maybe I should suggest to my Mum and stepmother that they'd make great gifts...

I'm forcing myself to take a real break and have some not-busy time. It's hard but trolling the interwebz seems to work. I'm just way too tired since Paris and I can't seem to shake it off. So today I'm not going out and I'm limiting my activity inside. Reorganizing my sewing notions and threads is the most I will do. Although I'd need a thread rack or two to really do that...
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I just wanted to check when some books ended on eBay before I bid... And guess what jumped to my face ? Two other books, in buy-it-now, at a really good price. One is from a less frequent magazine, it probably has less pictures, but it's a year I don't have in La Mode Illustrée and it was cheap. The other is a Mode Illustrée, complete year, from 1912. You rarely find those as bound editions around here. The price was more than okay as well. I'll keep an eye and possibly bid on the others I have bookmarked for today, as they're still really cheap and from earlier years. We'll see, but I'm not gonna bid a lot on those.
Wow, it's been an expensive week so far... Fabric, books,... and yesterday I caved and bought a new machine. I've been looking out for a used one for months now (ever since TheTank broke), and nada, nothing. Well, I could find an antique treadle one. But I've already got one, what I need is something able to handle mucho thickness of fabric, buttonholes and zigzag. Yesterday I went on an expedition to an antique dealer that has a whole stock of old machines but nada, only treadles again, or a Singer where I couldn't move the wheel. The visit was a bit of an adventure in itself as the guy is around 80 and clearly his brain is as old as himself... He had a hard time understanding what I wanted (I'm not even sure he did, as he ended the trip by showing me yet another straight-stitch-only machine), kept showing me his own, not for sale, industrial zig-zag machine while I was telling him I wanted something portable (and that I could BUY, btw)... and on the exit I almost bumped into a nightmare client from work. Yay !
Anyway, I now have a pretty, brand new, mechanical Husqvarna/Viking Emerald 116. I loved it at the shop, it seems to meet all my requirements, and it was around my budget - a little more than planned, but not by much.
And I swear, after today, I'm only going to buy groceries for a while.
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... or maybe I'm just kicking my feet up and taking it easy while the kid is at the sitter. The HG would probably try to shove me into bed for a nap, actually. But I find it's mor einteresting to share my latest eBay goodness with you !

People, those are real fabric bits ! I'm so excited to be able to get an idea of the weight and hand of a few of the fabrics used in that period !
And did you see the "Vichy" ? First, we'd definitely call it Madras. And second, they say (behind the fabric), that it's meant for bath robes and dresses. Can you picture a dress out of THIS ? Well, I can, but I've always been told my color tastes tend to hurt other people's eyes... *big grin*

Yay !

Jul. 4th, 2010 11:54 pm
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I'm apparently an eBay-Ninja ! Yay !
*hopes it means I'll get the books I covet*
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I have bought some fashion plates on eBay in the past. And they clearly didn't cost 20 euros each, although it seems now all fashion plates are buy-it-now's between 15 and 20 euros. that's a bit annoying in itself. But 70 euros ? SEVENTY ? Hello ? For ONE plate that I don't even get to see correctly thanks to the new image presentation in auctions ? Are you on crack ? o_O


Aug. 10th, 2009 10:50 am
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I don't like the new format of eBay pages, I can't save the images anymore ! *pouts*
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I was NOT looking for it, I promise, I was just checking how far in Google search my website was when one went looking for La Mode Illustrée (bottom of the second page, BTW). Then I stumbled upon something like this. Except not those years, as I already have most of them. But I'm ure it's not the case for ALL of you, right ? *evil grin*
*makes note* : don't look on eBay only....
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La Mode Illustrée, 1899, with color pictures AND some color plates, too. It's here ! Yaida yaida yaida !
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I figured I deserved a treat... I know, pricey... but it's got colour pictures ! And it's from 1899 and I'm currently obsessing about the very end of the 1890s. Yeeeha ! Mine !


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