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You know those little electronic games shaped like little computers for kids ? Heimlich has been gifted one of those by Lord Darkstone. It has the shape of an R2D2 and has C3PO asking the kid to help him find letters. With bad midi music. *snorts* Totally adorable to see the kid play with his own "o'dinateu'", all serious,having seated himself next to his father (who's coding on his laptop).
It's one of those "I'm doing a little bit of everything" days. Finished uploading my prints to the site. Toyed with my FB page. Sewed some on my commission. Started another lino block (that's not real lino but this eraser-like thing, much gentler on my joints). Inked small parts on the new Pharos design. Now thinking about slipping into bed with a book. Focusing ? What's that ? It's hard to focus anyway while only working in small spurts. Which is probably the reason why I'm so stalled on my writing when it's the one thing I really need to push on right now. Oh yes, and there was some bathroom remodel planning as well.
I finished the day rewatching some BSG with the Home Geek and knitting some. I'm on the first sleeve on my cardi that was supposed to be a pregnancy cardi for Toad. Well, at least I spared some wool as I didn't need to make the body so wide !
I'm trying to post alittle more regularly, regardless of whether or not I have some good pictures. It's a good motivation to not just veg out on the Interweb...
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