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Yesterday I got a call from a very talented lady (you know who you are) asking for fabric advice for a stop-motion puppet. And this is half a million levels of cool, at least.
Today, another very talented lady tempted me with a perfect outfit for Vizille, but I will be strong and tell her to make it instead. I know, I'm evil... Mwahahah !

I'm still taking my time with sewing, working slowly, I have a lot of graphic projects simultaneously in the works.
Sťrie "Merveilles du monde" RÍve - reprise Calcifer I Calcifer II
Just quick snapshots from my digicam... From left to right ant top to bottom : the "World Wonders" series is almost done - I'm redoing the one on the far left -, just needs digital editing of the latest illustrations. Zinc-plate etching, and two aquatints (heavily worked over, polished and re-etched).
I'm finally satisfied with the three prints shown here. I might or might not edition them, later on. I generally do open editions on a very, very small scale anyway, because I don't have much time and I love to move on quickly. Right now, I have two print exchanges/exhibits I'd love to contribute to. The A4 competition will definitely be doable, the other... I don't know. I'm not sure I can reach the 15 prints by the deadline. Not sure I really WANT to (see above).
That's all I have to show for today, the rest is all in the "maturation" phase.
I've also been spending a lot of time with the kids - it's amazing how much interest you get (except from my own children) when you bring a sketchbook to the playground... -, planning the bathroom remodel, enjoying the garden - although we haven't planted anything yet. First we ran late, and now... I don't know, it's so dry already, I fear I'll either have to break watering restrictions in the summer or the plants will just dry out. :s We haven't had any rain in what ?  A month ? And the last time was jut one short day.


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