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I though I could complete the commission skirt quickly, but what happened is that I decided to try and challenge myself some more with it. So I'm matching the pattern on the tweed, working by hand a lot, and I plan to add some fancy tricks ere and there. But in the end, my client will have a better garment and I'll have better pictures for my portfolio. I totally blame the book Couture Techniques for this sudden surge of perfectionism. Things are going pretty slowly but I managed to make steady progress while taking care of the kids and the house. Right now one kid is happily chirping in her stroller, while the big boy is running around and playing with rocks. Yes, I'm taking advantage of my netbook to type this in advance. Too bad the wifi from the nearby building is too weak for me to post right away. :D
I am also contemplating starting yet another blog like I didn't have enough projects on my plae already. I have been daydreaming about maintaining a cooking blog for a while. Not too fancy recipes, but simple, tasteful things, starting with fresh products. That would challenge the translating nut inside me (cooking is not an area where I find my words in English as easily as say... sewing) and I would keep track of the recipes I know. I have a tendency to make a recipe for a while and then completely forget about it, which is a shame. I haven't done a banana-chocolate tart in years.
So, would anyone be interested ?


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