Oct. 7th, 2012

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So the kids have a sitter again - who's a friend on top of that, and literally lives next door. I don't even have to put on real shoes to drop them there or pick them up. I. Am. Happy.

And I am making some sewing progress again, which is SO good. I had those two little bags waiting for ages, now they're almost done except for zippers and something to hang them from the shoulder. I'm planning to buy all notion as soon as I've figured what other things I might need for my next project(s) - shopping online makes me want to not pay shipping twice or more.

Except for some thread, all the materials up til now came from the stash. I have a summer skirt in this flowered fabric, and the solid teal fabric I used to make my casaque when I was pregnant with Heimlich. One of the bags is a belated birthday gift for a dear friend, I think the other will go in the shop on the site - once I have said shop up and running, and unless I decide to keep the bag for myself, heheh !

I want to make more of those, possibly for sale. There was a comment on my french blog that makes me want to sew unicorn stuffies for the kids - I know, it's actually a shame that I never went around to sewing toys for them. I have this rag doll living on my shelf begging to be finished, with pins holding her head closed, maybe I should finish her ?

Right now, though, I'm missing some appropriate fabric for the wedding dress that's currently hanging on Karringa, so I'm making something for ME. I have started a hobbit outfit for myself - yes, I know, I'm more of the elven type, but my stomach tells me I'm a hobbit, and I DO love bright colors.


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