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Right now, the floor I'm using is more of a KITTEN table. Big playground for teh kitteh. Wait until the fabric is all layed out (but not pinned yet). Spot a short lapse of inattention of the fabric owner/can opener. Sit on fabric. Wink at can opener. Sprint out of the room, consequently turning the fabric into a ball.
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It finally came, the moment where I had to admit I have *too much* fabric. Too much to choose from actually.

Tonight I braved the dark and cold garage and searched for some wool to make a short (or maybe nor so short, we'll see) mantle to go with Provence. First, I had to find my way between wine bottles, computer parts, boxes and old bikes. Second, some of the drawers were so packed with fabric I could not open them and had to partly dismantle the upper drawer to access what was inside. Third, there's no light in our garage, so I scrambled with a torchlight and took some wool upstairs. All the wools come from my grandma's stash. I found some red poly lining fabric that's a pretty good match to what I wanted as a lining. I also found a pink cotton twill printed with small flowers in a particularly disgusting shade and pattern which I'll spare you.

Anyway, the wools are under the cut )

I've almost ruled out the reddish brown. I find the greenish brown a bit too dark, plus it reminds me too much of Demeter's dolman, but it does look pretty close to the dress fabric. And then I really really *can't* decide between the two beige tones. I left the red lining in the pictures as a reminder...

*ponders ponders*

The next step, anyway, is fixing my own stupidity on the bodice mock-up (took in the WRONG shoulder seam...), then adjusting and putting in the second sleeve and see if the fit is still okay.
I'm waiting for Ikea to open next week to make a final decision on petticoat fabrics, I'm waiting for petticoat fabric to start on the underbodice, because I want them to match, I'm waiting until I have organized my beads to go back to the Pillow Flower, and I have forgotten the pattern for the 1913 jacket at work. And I must definitely put a BIG PINK WARNING SIGN over the living-room's carpet so that the Home Geek does NOT forget yet ANOTHER time that I have BEADS lying there and kicks them all around the place !!!! Gah !

Off to have dinner and watch a movie, and ponder more.
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Today I brought home yet another fabric flower from work to pile up on my hat. I put in on my desk when I crashed home and left it there.

Then just aminute ago I hear my cat kicking something. And it didn't sound like her usual cleaning. And it wa sjust on my left, on my desk.

SHE WAS LICKING THE FABRIC FLOWER ! Actually, the feathers on it... Huh... What are doing here, cat ? This ain't food, you know...


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