May. 6th, 2008

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Sans button :

With button :

I'm taking back some of the name-calling I inflicted upon her, I love her buttonholes !
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The red pirate waistcoat for the lil' brother is DONE. Yeah !

Here it is at [ profile] lady_darkstone's place, drying on a chair (I had just washed out the markings for the buttonholes. I'm afraid you'll have to wait for pictures with content, as Nick already proved he can't model it properly.

So now I have completed everything that's a real MUST for the men I dress up for [ profile] lady_darkstone's wedding, I can concentrate on my own stuff. I foresee long hours of beading in the near future, with Goth Kitty and translation breaks inbetween. Wish me luck... and patience ! This is what I got accomplished after finishing the waistcoat this afternoon.

(We also took some time to cut my hair, I'm still getting used to having it only shoulder-long, and I couldn't get any good shot of the new Green Martha tonight, sorry)(BTW, [ profile] lady_darkstone's balcony has a much better view than any hairsalon you could find)
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I've finally updated my site with the Insahrita dress. A year and a hald after I made it, or something like that.

I still need to make a page for the Avant-Garde dress. And scan billions of fashion pictures.
I'd like to add some "What's New" feature to my site, too, because it's hard to know there's a new costume page up in all that mess. I just don't know yet how to do that (and am open to any suggestion... separate page, RSS feed something, smaal text box...)


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