Oct. 9th, 2007

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I intended to post a short note before leaving for work today but hey, I'd much rather write a loooong one. And besides, I was running just as late as usual. No matter when I get up, I always end up doing this or that in the morning and therefore rushing out of the apartment 5 minutes after the time I originally planned to leave.

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In the meantime, on the sewing front, I noticed I had sewed the front half of the Pillow Flower's waistband upside down, so that the pattern that was supposed to match (or not mismatch too much) did not. Luckily, ripping it apart and stitching it back in place did not take much time.

I had a major case of discouragment over Provence yesterday, but thanks to [livejournal.com profile] philcostumes's help (you're just made of awesome !) and to a little bit of WWKKD I'm now better.
I have taken out Demeter's bodice, copied the pattern from it by laying fabrics scraps over it and drawing on the seamlines. Which in itself is quite funny, or ironic; because Demeter was built to be worn over a corset, whereas this gown is not. There's almost no difference in the way it looks on me with or without the corset :)
The second mock-up was way better in terms of side wrinkles, though not perfect. From what I can deduct, I'm too square a girl for the original curvy lines of the avant-garde pattern. My underarm seam is an almost straight line, not a fish-shaped darty thing.
I kept the back of the Demeter bodice, however I did not want the seams running up to the neck in the front, so I mixed the front panel with the avant-garde front, and ended up with enough wiggle room over my boobs to carry an orange on each side. Not good. I know there was often some excess fabric there, but certainly not THAT much ! So on to the dummy it went, I did some intensive redraping. Now I'm going to take it apart again, cut out the new side back and front pieces and check the fit. Keep your fingers crossed ! If this gets too frustrating, I'll just start playing around with the hat.
Pictures to come !


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