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I'm totally exhausted, with quite cramped neck and shoulders, and about to crash into bed. That may have to do with the fact that the week was very busy, probably a little too busy for my own good. We tried to make the most out of my brother's short stay with us.

Considerable progress has been achieved in wedding matters. We tasted the cream puffs for the dessert, and they're, as previously mentioned, killers. I couldn't eat enough of them and I'm not a natural fan of cream puffs, by far.
We have an almost firm plan for the wedding favors.
I have a very clear and Home-Geek-approved concept for our Save-the-Date cards. I have to sketch the definitive version, ink it, and go hunting for paper and printing possibilities.

The week was also very busy for the sewing machine - which suddenly decided yesterday to not sew a stitch anymore. I suspect the timing is off, but don't know how to fix it myself. And besides, it was time for the yearly servicing.
Inspite of said set back, I got to the point were I have a complete fitted mock-up for the waistcoat, one black shirt that only needs buttons, buttonholes and a few tweaks, more black cotton for more pirate shirts, fabric for several waistcoats for my brother, a lot of assorted buttons, and a mostly complete mock-up for his justeaucorps. I managed to get the sleeves mocked-up in just two tries, but nothing more. I'll try to work on something with Nick's and the shirts' help, but I won't kill myself on this. I don't have the fabric anyway, and I doubt I'll find some suitable and affordable wool around here before fall.
So right now, I'll focus on the Goth Kitty, and getting my Pillow Flower flapper dress and a pirate shirt and a waistcoat done for [ profile] lady_darkstone's wedding.
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