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La Mode from the 18th of January 1914 is up on my website !

These magazines are seriously addictive, and so is putting them up.

On the actual sewing side, over the last two days I have :
- cut out and started sewing together the "bodice" (may it be called that way ?) from the Pillow Flower. I had to recut the V-shaped plastron (I had originally intended to have a bright flower in the middle but in the end it looked better with a black V in the front and only some leaves on the sides of it), otherwise no major mishap.
- traced out and guess-worked the alterations for the 1913 jacket, and spent 15 minutes wondering what one pattern piece was. The numbers on the pattern being somewhat odd I first mistook it for a weird belt thingie. Then for a pocket. It's a sleeve cuff actually. *feels dumb* Much easier to understand when you have access to the instructions and the picture of the finished garment.
- unpicked the sleeves from Provence's mock-up and took apart the underbodice, in preparation of mock-up #2. Because I find I can't move my arms around enough and there were some weird wrinkles at the sides that I want to make sure are eliminated.
- eBay-ed a 1923 issue from Le Petit Echo de la Mode, been outbid on a 1876 bound volume from La Mode Illustrée, and kept an eye on some other stuff in the like that I'll bid on tomorrow before leaving for work.

So I feel kind of okay with what I have accomplished so far. I'm in a mood to keep on sewing for some time and work on Provence mock-up #2, except I know it's a bad idea. Tomorrow is a workday, and it's already late. So to bed I must go.
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