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I've been feeling a bit under the weather lately - I suspect I was really, really tired and needed the vacation. Now I have regained some energy and I give you the obligatory "yearly costume review" post.

Back in January 2010, I tried to push myself to finish one project a month for a year. It worked quite well for the first half of the year, then as I went back to work my productivity went downward and I stoped keeping track. Most of all, this year has been bad for pictures - I forgot to snap some of half of the things I made, and I still haven't gone through the Vaux one. Boooo ! I'll try to catch up now that I'm home, but first, what did I make ?click )

That'd be 10 or 11 projects in a year. Not quite 12-12, but considering I had a baby on my hands and how exhausted I spent the last months of the year, that's really not bad.
Oh wait ! I made a 12th thing ! I made a maternity t-shirt with th serger, it was so quick I forgot it ! *ticks the last box off*

Now for the coming year, what do I want to make ?
- finish the 1887 red maternity bustle dress
- make an 18th century quilted maternity ensemble
- make an adorable baby
- work on the super sekrit eyebrow project with [ profile] heileen
Nothing else is set yet, but I suspect this will change after we have the programm of the Ministère des Modes in January...

Now for the mundane stuff click )
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Thanks for your suggestions on the feathery front !
The feathers were here by noon. I suppose they when they say "we're processing your order", they actually mean "order sent". They are... mostly okay. One white feather was seriously damaged - I snipped of the part that looked nice and put it onto the Regency hat. The black feathers are a bit limpier than the rest and one of them has some light damage about 10cm from the tip - I might just cut if off and use the remaining 40cm. The red and orange feathers are great... it's just too bad that [ profile] lady_darkstone won't be using the red ones this year...

The Regency hat is now done, so I can cross one outfit from my list and consider I have well deserved my 12-5 entry - two items finished already, the chemisette and the hat, and there's more to come !

I also started patterning the florentine. It's going to be a quick and dirty one ! I think I have a very-not-period solution for getting the right shape, and if it fails, I shall live with wrinkles. With only two weeks between Vaux and the ball, there's just not enough time for a corded corset. Oh, and I already owe an enormous thank you to both the Realm of venus and [ profile] jenthompson.
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Isn't he just adorable ? I'd have preferred that he didn't need glasses so early on, but it's still better to detect and correct it early. He seems to be mostly okay with wearing them, which is amazing already. There's much more baby cuteness available by browsing hte directory should you feel so inclined.

For those of you who are mainly interested in costuming, I do have a few pictures - not many, because my computer is ivol and won't let me work on more than one at a time.
I have this Regency picknick just the day before Vaus. First I thought about making a new outfit, but the time was a little short and since I now also have a renaissance outfit to put together, I skipped the new regency dress. I decided to use my wedding dress (after all, I never intended to wear it just once !) and mak it more suitabel for daywear by adding a chemisette with sleeves. I couldn't document such a piece of clothing but I saw a fashion palte in Cut of Women's Clothes showing short, puffy sleeves out of the dress material and long sleeves underneath or attached to them. I figured I could avoid sunburn by giving it a try.
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It's when you're in need of one particular fabric that you'll do stupid things. Like starting a new costume. ^^

I'm done, as in completely DONE with the redingote (hey wait ! Redingote => 12-5 is done !). I added small voile frills at the sleeves, I made a fichu, the HG is almost done with the shoes. The hat is still unfinished... partly because I'm out of black velvet. I want to refluff my bumroll a bit but have no more fluffing material.

I want to make a chemisette to make my wedding dress more day-wear appropriate... except the cotton voile is at [ profile] lady_darkstone's place. The hat for said dress ? I hacked the straw hat apart, sewed it back together... And now I need the turquoise taffetas I forgot to buy last week.

I'm STALLED ! I can't work on anything Ineed to work for June ! I CAN'T sew ! I...

... wait...

I can start something new, right ? I can be incredibly crazy and try and achieve a quick-and-dirty renaissance something by the 3d of July, right ? Riiiight ! *mad giggles ensue*
I might go to bed pretty soon, though, today was.... interesting.
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My redingote dress is done and only lacks accessories. I might want to add engageantes to the sleeves but I'm notsure yet and might just do without if I'm getting pressed for time. Left to do : finish glueing the shoes, a few stitches to the hat's buckram base, then covering and decorating it, and making a fichu.
I also fit back into my wedding dress - no need for a new dress for the regency picknick !

However, both have some issues. I'm only moderately pleased with the fit of the redingote, and I cut the skirt a little too short, and I made the wedding dress a bit too long for the period.
Perfecting the redingote's fit would be a major PITA, esp. since part of the issue is due to my shape fluctuating during the making of this (oddly enough, I gained some weight (thanks Mom for the cooking...) but can now close my stays again in front... o_O). So I think I'll just leave it this way. Recutting the skirt is out of the question - I cut it too short twice, and I don't have enough fabric for a third try - but I could add a flounce. I'm not really sure this would work with the overall look of the dress, though.
As for the wedding dress, I could unpick the seam connecting the skirt to the waistband and shorten the skirt, but I'm really NOT looking forward to also unpicking the handfinishing I did at said waistband after I attached the skirt. It really is a bit too long though, and I don't want to get my padded hem all muddy... *sigh* But I don't wanna... :(
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[ profile] heileen DID post her pictures, but ours have been languishing on the harddrives for a while. Actually I still have to go through them and post the best of the pics of the day somewhere - excepet I can't really locate where the HG put the big bunch of them. In the meantime, here's an excerpt from Lord Darkstone's pictures.

Just the ha^y couple, and a good shot of my dress.

I think those are the best pics I have from my Mom wearing her suit.
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Obviously quite a while... I'm not very active lately...
BUT I'm slowly going back to sewing ! I tried on the bodiced petticoat and wedding dress and it still fits - the dress is a little tight in the bust, no big surprise here, but other than that it's still fine. Not tht I'll wear it again soon, actually...
Then I dug out some fabric from the stash, discovered I had lightweight, summery fabrics in quite improbable prints (multicolored polkadots, mad 70s grandma flowers...) with coordinating thick jersey. With some creative patterning and piecing I should be able to eek three pregnancy skirts out of it. Most people would probably find the patterns downright hideous but my twisted mind rather likes them, and the Home Geek thought they were fine. And they come right from my Grandma's stash - and yes, I clearle remember her wearing one of them.
But right now, I've started muslining an empire dress. Took a bit of Janet Arnold, a bit of Jean Hunnisett, a bit of draping while watching a no-brainer movie with the Darkstones. The first bodice mock-up ended up a bit too short - old story here. I'm big, but it seems all the addtionnal length I have compared to normal people is located between my breasts and shoulders. I had to add one inch and a half to the bodiced petticoat straps and that was *after* I had already made them longer than what the pattern called for. By about an inch.
Okay, back to business. I'm going to put some Top Chef on the player and pin away.

BTW, the mystery of the unclaimed gloves in the sewing room has been solved. There were from my Grandma, and my Mom brought them for the wedding and remembered to leave them here for me, only she forgot she'd done so and forgot to tell me. [ profile] mady_darkstone, the black pair is yours to grab !
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I just tried on the improved bodice petticoat and it seems taking apart the straps at the front seam and joining them with ribbon to the corselet front did the trick. I'll have to try it on over a longer period of time on Wednesday, and check whether the wedding dress still fits over that, but no immediate shoulder pain was felt. Yay !
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(listening to some Mano Negra tonight, hence the title)
I am...

DONE !!!!

The dress is done !!! Woohoo !
And... No pics ! For suspense's sake, you'll see nothing more of said wedding dress until the wedding pictures !

Insert here a BIG HUGE thank you to the wonderful [ profile] lady_darkstone for pinning me into the dress and levelling the hem, re-pinning the skirt on when my brain turned to mush and I had a mini-melt-down due to exhaustion, and being her awesome self. She rocks ! And I still need to talk hats with her - she's making a hat from my 1898 Mode Illustrée book, we traced the pattern and cut out the buckram today - and bring her my black velvet remnant - it's really not much, sweetie, but maybe you'll find some use for it, at least in the hat !

Waaaah it's great ! I'm done with the dress ! *throws confetti*
Tomorrow I'm cleaning the house and getting to work on my Mom's suit.

Edit : look, [ profile] heileen, more stripes ! Such gorgeous dresses... *drools*

Yeah !

Jan. 30th, 2009 11:11 pm
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Dress is as far along as I can bring it without help. Which I'll get tomorrow. This means, unless a disaster occurs, it should be done-done-done and ocmpletely done by Sunday !!!!!!!
And this is a poitn where I'm being mean and telling you you're not seeing any pictures of the completed dress before the Big Day, because I want to keep some surprise effect !


Jan. 26th, 2009 10:49 pm
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Can't sew much tonight. The chiropractor made the pain in the neck go away but ever sinc eI've felt exhausted and fuzzy-brained. Can barely talk. Am fighting with the sleeves bands. Am going to bed.

Oh noes !

Jan. 25th, 2009 10:28 pm
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I don't have enough piping to finish the sleeves !
I measured how much I have left, and the answer is....



It seems the question is not always 6 by 9...
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The weddign dress is... oh bummer, still not completely done. But getting really, really close. I only have to put a piped band at the end of each sleeve, attahce skirt and bodice, and add two hooks and eyes. The latter two actions can only happen in the presence of [ profile] lady_darkstone, because although I love him to pieces, I don't trust the Home Geek to correctly level a hem. This means I'm almost almost done. It feels sooo good ! And guess what ? I'm almost meeting my goal to finish the dress one month before the wedding. Yay !

What's up with you LJ ? Will you let me use the icon I want please ? Don't YOU think I'm made of awesome, too ?
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This wedding thing is really staring to come together, hoorray !

We know approximatively how many guests we need to feed and entertain. We have people to serve the food, and the menu is all planned. As are (almost) the shopping lists.
We are working on editing our playlist, because it's currently longer than 24 hours. I had forgotten there were so many good things in the 90s. Or maybe not that "good", but really funny to listen to again.
With a lot of hair-pulling, I've made a trial run on my hair-do. It's not perfect, my hair was very NOT friendly today (I spent two hours with hot rollers on the head to end up with stick straight hair... WTF, hair, WTF ?), but it looks reasonably good, will look better (and mor esymetrical !) with [ profile] lady_darkstone's help and is holding great without hairspray, isn't pulling or hurting in any way.

As for the wedding dress I think I owe you a detailed update on the butterfly appliques... Follow me under the cut )

I'm off to finish the last three wing-chwananas, then I'll wait for [ profile] lady_darkstone's helping hand to level the skirt and attach it to the bodice. Which means, if I'm very productive, I can get back to my Mom's suit tonight... Woohoo !
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I'm possibly getting a leetle stressed out over wedding things, and couldn't get to sleep tonight. so I went back to my desk to sew some. I was happily attaching butterfly wings* to the bodice while listening to the sound of rain on oru roof. Man, do I love that sound. It's like a neverending reminder that wer'e *home*. And dry. :)
Now the rain has stopped and I'm hungry... Should I go down and have some toasts ? This just seems like a really weird thing to do at 2 AM. Handsewing and eating french toast....

*Don't worry, I'm not turning this into a fairy costume ! I'm just attaching the different parts of the butterfly appliques...


Jan. 18th, 2009 09:28 pm
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I meant to post a long update and pictures and all... and then the Home Geek called downstairs as diner was ready, then I did some pinning, and now it's much too late for that.
BUT you'll still know that the dress's closures are (almost) done. And that the left side butterfly is currently pinned onto the bodice and waiting to get sewn on, probably by hand. That's something, right ?
Masochistic icon due to yet more piping ahead.
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The waistband is attached to the bodice ! I still have toturn down the piping inside to stop the darn silk from fraying like mad, but oooh ! pretty ! It's steering further and further away from period correct and more and more into historically inspired as I sew it, though. I think the sleeves will be simpler than I first designed, too. Pictures... to come !

ETA : I forgot to mention... I CAN HAZ WEDDING RINGZ ! Though when I first came to pick them up, the HG's ring was alright but mine said 2008 for the year... They promptly corrected it this time.
And I also picked some new glasses and sunglasses. Which I won't be wearing for the wedding as the new glasses are purple. But they're pretty nonetheless !


Jan. 14th, 2009 10:09 pm
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Going to bed early yesterday worked wonders. I woke up feeling much more relaxed and fresh, was able to sew before work and was generally in a good mood all day. Well, except for the part where the wedding rings were NOT ready when I went to pick them up. Because apparently, when they tell you "Wednesday" They mean "Wednesday evening". Because 2PM is "a little early for the engraver". Uuuuh sorry ? How am I supposed to know that ? At least the lady's face showed some contrition this time.
The mood went back up a few minutes after, when I entered Etam for some possible retail therapy, and scored a pair of satin flats in blue (matching the wedding dress), marked 40% down, and a winter woat (ALSO matching the wedding dress, which is awesome = I don't kave to sew myself a mantle/coat/pelisse/something warm), marked 70% down. Right now, I just need to finish the dress ("just"), practice some hair-do, and find stockings. Gloves might be nice too, if the weather stays the way it currently is*, but I remembered spotting a brown pair at Etam with some gold sparkle. Might be worth a look.

In sewing news, I've cut out the belt and started work on the bodice butterflieS. And now I'm off to make yet a few other neverending miles of (double) piping. Ugh. I'm not sure I quite hate piping... yet. But I'm pretty sure it will come. and then one of my next projects will involve a massive amount of it. Would be just like me.

*I.e. : COLD ! The garden is still white form last week's snow. That is NOT normal around here !


Jan. 13th, 2009 09:33 pm
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I'm just SO tired tonight... I know it's partly due to my lungs slowly healing (three weeks, the doc said) and to the pollution peek we currently have here. Bad bad combo.
So I have the sewing supplies I missed this week-end, but absolutaly no energy for anything else than going to sleep. Tis what I'm going to do, actually. I figured I'll be more efficient tomorrow morning if I'm well rested. And besides, I can't wrap my brain around how to make the back closure on the bodice.
Okay, checking the above lines for typos convinced me : I NEED some sleep. Now.
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Good : the chemise is done. It's very plain and there was again some confusion over flat-felled seams, which I'm pretty sure no one will notice. It's also slightly pink, due to the linen being prewashed with a red t-shirt of mine years ago. Ooopsie.
Good ; I mostly figured out how I wanted to trim the neckline and make the belt of the wedding dress. There's still a slight possibility I might want to spruce this plan up. I'll just sleep over it.
Bad : I'm out of hooks and eyes tapes, and generally out of eyes. I have some hooks, but don't trust the thread bars I could make. And tomorrow is Sunday, so no buying eyes.


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