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[ profile] heileen DID post her pictures, but ours have been languishing on the harddrives for a while. Actually I still have to go through them and post the best of the pics of the day somewhere - excepet I can't really locate where the HG put the big bunch of them. In the meantime, here's an excerpt from Lord Darkstone's pictures.

Just the ha^y couple, and a good shot of my dress.

I think those are the best pics I have from my Mom wearing her suit.
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I didn't get as much accomplished as I wanted/needed today. By far.
The day has been made much better though by the reception of a parcel by the ever-marvelous-and-fabulous [ profile] heileen. I'll post pictures after the wedding. It's AWESOME ! *grabs [ profile] heileen and hugs her* Thank you sooooooOOOOoooo much ! <= Can you tell I'm really exctied about your gift ? :D
Than I found A) some black fabric to complement a pink and black flower printed voile I got for a maternity dress (voile from Mondial Tissus's bargain table, black fabric 1 euro/meter), and B) some pretty pretty wool for 1 euro/skein. Both at a market near where I used to live before the Home Geek came around. Although I don't regret the single days, I wish the market was closer to our house.
Funnily enough, we passed another market on the way home, and spotted another yarn seller. There seem to be a new trend for cheap yarn. *evil grin* There were lots of fluffy novelty yarns, but also some basics. I got enough acrylic/mohair mix to knit myself a sweater or the like. The yarn is soooooo soft and airy, I love it !
Other than that, the day was spent tidying up and cleaning the house - a much needed task. With the Darkstone's help, I got as far as tackling the thread compartment of my sewing cabinet and my fabric cupboard. Then there was some sewing - [ profile] lady_darkstone on her dress for the wedding, myself on the HG's tie. The tie is almost done, all I have left is handsewing, and will get accomplished during my lunch break. After the HG came home we switched to painting and preparing the wedding decoration, and it's getting *this* close to being done. Not as done as I wished for tonight, but very very close. And it should look awesome.
In the meantime we managed a final wedding dress try-on, and *phew*, no fitting issues, even with the Attack of Killer Boobs from Outer Space - also known as early pregnancy symptoms. I was a little worried about that, with all my bras not fitting anymore, but not only does it fit, it's *way* more comfortable than a modern bra. Yay !

I think I managed to give you a good sum up of the day, between all my babbling. I'm bidding you farewell for the night and will work towards getting some rest in my bed. *snores*

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We've spent the day working on the wedding decoration for the feast hall. It's coming along great and I very much hope to be done with it by Wednesday. We need to finish to piranha plants, two clouds and a Toad house background. Sounds doable, right ?
I also seem to be getting around the 9PM hammer stroke better. A bit os rest here and there, a bit of lemon juice with water seem to do the trick. I'm not bouncing around, but feeling okay enough to be on my feet. For a few more minutes. That is still reaaaaally good. :) And I'm still happyhappyhappyhappy ^^
On the sewing front, all I have left to do is the Home Geek's tie. I have the pattern, I have the fabric and interlining, I just need to bring the two together.
Right now, I'm going to prepare the table plans... It's going to be verrry fun ! (Not giving away anything, it'll be a surprise, [ profile] heileen !)

BTW, [ profile] heileen, when are you arriving, where and how ? Do you need someone to pick you up ?

Poop !

Feb. 14th, 2009 06:03 pm
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I've been spammed, for the first time since I opened this LJ, I recieved a spam comment. Boo on you, spammer !
Or maybe I should make a wish ?

In other news, we have the lavender for the wedding, and the cooking pots. It's amazing how much you can spend on cookware at Ikea... We have cooking pots and cardboard bits all over the living room now, it's kinda scary !

Wazoom !

Feb. 13th, 2009 06:37 pm
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Jacket for Mom ? DONE !

Please forgive the horrible lighting, once again, it's too dark for really good pictures of the costume. I'm happyyyyy ! There is some wonkiness with the cuffs, and I couldn't find the right thread color to save my life - there were out of that particular Gutermann one, and the replacement I found ended up not-matching the fabric. Poo ! - but I still like it.
And somehow, my brain keeps telling me that I have to go to work tomorrow. Which is wrong, and yet... Weird brain seems to think I've been home for far too long.

The only sthings still on the list for the wedding are some decoration stuff and the food. We're good on track !
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This wedding thing is really staring to come together, hoorray !

We know approximatively how many guests we need to feed and entertain. We have people to serve the food, and the menu is all planned. As are (almost) the shopping lists.
We are working on editing our playlist, because it's currently longer than 24 hours. I had forgotten there were so many good things in the 90s. Or maybe not that "good", but really funny to listen to again.
With a lot of hair-pulling, I've made a trial run on my hair-do. It's not perfect, my hair was very NOT friendly today (I spent two hours with hot rollers on the head to end up with stick straight hair... WTF, hair, WTF ?), but it looks reasonably good, will look better (and mor esymetrical !) with [ profile] lady_darkstone's help and is holding great without hairspray, isn't pulling or hurting in any way.

As for the wedding dress I think I owe you a detailed update on the butterfly appliques... Follow me under the cut )

I'm off to finish the last three wing-chwananas, then I'll wait for [ profile] lady_darkstone's helping hand to level the skirt and attach it to the bodice. Which means, if I'm very productive, I can get back to my Mom's suit tonight... Woohoo !


Jan. 21st, 2009 11:39 pm
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I can be productive even with a crawling headache.
Things are fallign into place for the wedding all by themselves.
I should really stop driving by night. It's a BAD IDEA and it's not safe, either.
I can't go to sleep after 2AM too often, I'm tired.
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The waistband is attached to the bodice ! I still have toturn down the piping inside to stop the darn silk from fraying like mad, but oooh ! pretty ! It's steering further and further away from period correct and more and more into historically inspired as I sew it, though. I think the sleeves will be simpler than I first designed, too. Pictures... to come !

ETA : I forgot to mention... I CAN HAZ WEDDING RINGZ ! Though when I first came to pick them up, the HG's ring was alright but mine said 2008 for the year... They promptly corrected it this time.
And I also picked some new glasses and sunglasses. Which I won't be wearing for the wedding as the new glasses are purple. But they're pretty nonetheless !


Jan. 14th, 2009 10:09 pm
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Going to bed early yesterday worked wonders. I woke up feeling much more relaxed and fresh, was able to sew before work and was generally in a good mood all day. Well, except for the part where the wedding rings were NOT ready when I went to pick them up. Because apparently, when they tell you "Wednesday" They mean "Wednesday evening". Because 2PM is "a little early for the engraver". Uuuuh sorry ? How am I supposed to know that ? At least the lady's face showed some contrition this time.
The mood went back up a few minutes after, when I entered Etam for some possible retail therapy, and scored a pair of satin flats in blue (matching the wedding dress), marked 40% down, and a winter woat (ALSO matching the wedding dress, which is awesome = I don't kave to sew myself a mantle/coat/pelisse/something warm), marked 70% down. Right now, I just need to finish the dress ("just"), practice some hair-do, and find stockings. Gloves might be nice too, if the weather stays the way it currently is*, but I remembered spotting a brown pair at Etam with some gold sparkle. Might be worth a look.

In sewing news, I've cut out the belt and started work on the bodice butterflieS. And now I'm off to make yet a few other neverending miles of (double) piping. Ugh. I'm not sure I quite hate piping... yet. But I'm pretty sure it will come. and then one of my next projects will involve a massive amount of it. Would be just like me.

*I.e. : COLD ! The garden is still white form last week's snow. That is NOT normal around here !


Jan. 8th, 2009 08:03 pm
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Today I went to pick up the wedding rings which should have been engraved. With the date of the wedding, and then either "[nick] <3 [nick]" or "[nick] grabs [nick]". There was not date, just "[name] 3 [name] grabs" . And the salesperson looked positively offended that I said no, I'm not taking them like that, you redo them. She didn't even say as much as "sorry" or even "oops". I. Am. Not. A. Happy. Camper. At. All.
It is, BTW, the third time they are unpleasant and show a scary lack of competence. I'm definitely not ever buying anything from them again.
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Cut the shapes out of cardboard. Ols boxes from the move come in handy.

Painting, adding coloured paper, and generally adding the details.

And how it looks finished (just on one side, the back isn't done yet)
This is going to take a looong time, but it's really fun to make.

Okay, I wanted tp post petticoat pictures and them fold some envelopes but uhg, headache appeared suddenly and rapidly evolved into nausea. I'm off to bed folks.
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We're working on the wedding decoration with [ profile] mady_darkstone. The room is full of all kind of weird creatures, which we'll soon cut out of cardboard and then cover with coloured paper.
Proof !
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I can't fit a back closing bodice on myself if the HG is not home to pin me into it.
I've almost run out of cotton remnants to use as muslin.
I still have a few meters of muslin gacked from my grand mother's stash, but it's probably never been prewashed.
I lack some motivation when I have no one to talk to at night.
My house is damn big for just one person.
Despite the work and stress it is, I'm having a heck of a good time planning our wedding.

Solutions, in the right order :
Convert back closure into front closure for the time being, alter the mock-up when I have someone at hand to pin it where I can't reach.
Go buy a bolt of Bomull at Ikea someday.
Tuck the cotton in the washing machine and work on Mom's suit until it's dry.
Put on some Rammstein, drink tea and eat comfort food.
Post on LJ. Watch Top Chef while pinning, unpinning or unpicking seams.
Live in bedroom, workroom and kitchen and forget about the rest (except bathroom and toilets, of course).
Keep going !

Snow !

Nov. 28th, 2008 10:49 am
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It snowed last night ! The garden is all white ! wOOt !
And I have zero time to go sledding or the like. I need to sew. And work on this wedding thing. And make calls to get the wine for said wedding. Good thing ? The foie gras came just half an hour ago. And I'm wearing Pinky because it is COLD today.

Oh noes !

Nov. 19th, 2008 08:38 am
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Turns out i had only one more invitation I could cut and fold. And I can't get myhands on a color printer until the end of NEXT week ! That sucks. I want to be done with the invites already.
Oh well, then I'll just have to sew, right ? :D

30 !

Nov. 19th, 2008 12:46 am
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Remember when I was counting boxes for teh move ? Now, I'm counting wedding invitations. And this is what got folded and into enveloppes tonight, labelled and all ready to be sent. Only 36 or 38 more to go. That doe smake me feel accomplished, but I'll regret tomorrow morning tha tI stayed up so late, ick !
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We marked the hem and had to take a tuck on each side of the center front opening. And errr... that's pretty much all that was accomplished, sewing-wise.
No, I'm not playing with the kitty, of course not ! )
Why so little sewing ? Because we were really busy with the weddign invitations, as shown under the cut )
I'm so so SO happy with the way the invitations turned out. They're the result of a great collaboration between myself (drawings), the Home Geek (assembling text and pictures and making the file for the enveloppes) and [ profile] lady_darkstone (mad graphic editing skillz, she has dem).
Of course, we still need to print out and fold nearly 60 more of those (only the inside, the enveloppes are done), then we'll do the cards that are just announcements, not invitations - the text on the enveloppe will change, obviously. Oh, and I have to print one in German, too. But the boggest part - getting the colors right, getting the printer set-up right, cutting, folding and glueing the enveloppes - is behind us. In one afternoon. YAY !

No rest

Nov. 16th, 2008 09:04 am
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Get ready. Pack sewing material and various paper and stuff for the weddig invitations. Put eerything into the car. Get to the Darkstone's. Print invites*. Cut, fold and paste wedding invitations enveloppes. Mark hem on bodiced petticoat. Add ruffles to said petticoats. Go back home. Fall dead.
That's about the programm for today.

* Given we need to make lots of graphic editing first, this should take at least 4 hours. So I4m expecting five.
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Hence, a meme in lieu of a real post.
I'll spare you the whole alphabet )
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My website had some trouble with the pictures I uploaded yesterday, but now I have them back.

Starting with some not very sewing related pictures.
We went back to check our wedding location on Wednesday, and had a small walk in the woods. The place is really, really beautiful, the room we rented is quite purrfect for us, and we have lots of mischievious decorating ideas.
Then on Sunday, again I went for a small walk up the hill that's overlooking our house with my brother and sister in law (the HG had to stay home, poor thing was sick the whole week !). Man, I just love the place we're living in !

Now for the sewing content !
I have until Sunday to have a completed mock-up for my Mom's jacket. Only yesterday did I get to make the alterations to the previous mock-up and transfer them onto paper. Here's how it looked yesterday. Not brilliant on Karringa, I know. I made the back in three parts and added a belt.

I feel a lot more motivated by my own stuff - although I wasn't as productive on it as I thought I'd be. That's what you get for being half-sick AND taking care of a sick Home Geek in your one week of vacation...

Please excuse the bad bad BAAAAD lighting, my digicam's batteries died with the last ray of natural light and left me with only the lightbulb after they had charged a bit. You can spot some handbound eyelets (for some weird reasons I quite enjoy making them... o_O), not so neat gussets, and binding in progress.


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