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The Kitty is DONE ! *insert big relieved grin here* Really, done at last ! I'm quite proud of the outcome, and so soooo happy it's over. This project was completely, totally insane and masochistic. And the first thing I thought when I handed it over to the birthday lady was "I want to make another, better one" !

More details and pics can be found here. Yes, a complete page on thr project is actually already up on my site !

Now, what to work on next ?
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10 more centimeters of the pleated strip of satin to sew down - already pinned in place THANK GOD !
No pictures taken yet.
One more bow to make.
Exhausted, hate the monthly part of "being a woman".
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Squeeeeeee : my parents are getting me TWO bound year of La Mode Illustrée. Payment has been sent via paypal yesterday, so here's hoping I get them reaaaaally soon. And really in advance.

Aaaaaargh : the b-day party is tomorrow night and the polonaise is still not done ! I'm still killing my fingers with a bazillion pins, pleating a folded strip of the Satin of Doom (tm) into place. And it must get finished tonight !
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AKA : the satin of Doom (tm).
Only on hte third try did I manage to get a reasonable tube of the brown satin - to turn into cute bows for the sleeves. First try was assembled by hand, second by machine with a small (kitty-sized) zigzag stitch, both of them frayed so much that the tube of fabric ripped apart when I tried to turn it inside out. Annoying.
I need to put a ruffle around the neck and down the front, and am now seriously doubting that the fabric edge can remain untreated. And I DON'T want to hem all that lentgh by hand... *sigh*
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Only embellishments in the brown satin are left. The polonaise is mostly handsewn. And I hate snaps just as much as I did before.

Onto the pictures )

I *should* make undersleeves, too, I'm not sure I'll have enough time. Thank Goddess the deadline has been postponed, and the B-day party is only *next* saturday. *crosses fingers*

ETA : the harddrive is okay, the SATA controller has been replaced, and my site is up again !
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The silly kitty's skirt has been hemmed, yay ! As soon as I've gotten the rest of tonight's occupations out of the way, I'll jump right to draping the overskirt and bodice or polonaise. I'm not yet sure on which option I'll choose. I think I'll use some contrasting piping, though, just because I'm completely masochistic. Oh, and I've found some tiny snaps to close the whole thing (because there's a limit to my masochisticness, and sewing yet another series of miniature buttonholes is definitely beyond that). Yay for at least ONE shop in town being open *with employees* actually inside, so that you can, you know, actually BUY something from them. I'm not sure there *was* anyone working at Toto on my lunchbreak, there was definitely no one to help customers or just for them to pay in the whole fabric and sewing notions area... weird.

The above mentionned "rest of tonight's occupations" consists in copying a prettypretty promenade dress pattern - or rather the jacket's pattern from the suit, because the skirt is merely a diagramm, so that I can mail it to a very nice austrian lady to thank her for lending me the pattern for my wedding dress. A pattern I'm slowly getting excited to make, wheeeheee !
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So you're being spammed with pictures. Not all sewing relevant, mind you, since today was just a perfect day and we took the opportunity to go hiking for a bit.
You can just skip the breathtaking view and go right to )the flying saucer )


Aug. 8th, 2007 04:13 pm
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I finally picked up sewing again, put a waistband on the kitty's skirt, and lo ! It's got the right shape ! With just the bustle and petticoat on the lower part of the kitty looked a bit like a reversed flying cup of tea, but if I just make the skirt a bit longer than the petticoat, it's *just right*. *bounces around* Longer is also better as the stand I got was originally for a much bigger doll.
Pics to come when I find my once again gone missing digicam. Now I'm off for a walk ! Might go as far as the crafts store near the campus, actually, if it doesn't rain...
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I haven't done much sewing at all. I've been busy with all sorts of thing,s including not wanting to sew on the kitty project. Thank you guys and your first CC pictures I've been able to get myself motivated enough to finish the kitty's petticoat. Ahem. Not much I know. Let's say I've "sort of" started my Ravenclaw costume (possibly Luna) and count it as sewing, right ?
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I wasn't able to sew much till now, I've been mainly sleeping and taking care of some house chores to allow my mom to rest. BTW the nut tart was absolutely yummy, I have to note down the recipe somewhere. So, in short, I only got the kitty petticoat almost completed (silly me forgot to pack the hooks and eyes). Now I'm off to cut out the skirt "mock-up, which is only a sort of mock-up, as my mom fell in love withe the fabric so much, so I hope I can make a real skirt out of it.
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Yes, indeed, why are the stitches on blue jeans orange ? And why is it I have NEVER the exact right shade of orange at hand when altering jeans ? *sigh*
From the previous you can deduce I've done a little bit of sewing tonight : re-hemmed a pair of jeans for the HG and taken in a neapair for mine, which was about three inches too big in the back. I won't go into the details of the nightmare that was the hunting for a new pair of jeans, and how modern clothing standards are made for skinny girls without any form of natural cushion on the lower backside. And when I say skinny, I mean REALLY skeletor-like, because I'm not really that fleshy myself. Yet according to the pants I've tried on lately, XL is too small for me...

Anyway, the jeans alterations wer epretty much everything that has happened here sewing-wise this week. I'm just too drained to make any progress on the Kitty. BUT... I'm on vacation ! Expect progress, pictures, and even a start on my mom's suit, if she agrees to sit with me to discuss it !

Finally !

Jul. 11th, 2007 12:54 pm
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The corset cover is done, with drawstring, buttonholes, buttons and all. And I don't even want to look at it anymore. *grumble* I've done EVERYTHING twice ont his project, including unpincking one seam... I guess it'll be the same with the petticoat, hee ?

More kitty

Jul. 4th, 2007 10:59 pm
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The embroidery is (re)done and should get sewn to a corset cover tomorrow. Sorry if the cross-stitches are a little wonky, it was only my second try at them.

(Yes, I've stolen good parts of the design idea from [ profile] girliegirl32786)

And I've done some scanning again, but I'm a bit tired to type the whole matching page for this issue. So the page will come later.

I really hope my mom likes those pictures, because everytime I'm scanning one of them I'm thinking how lovely she'd look in that.
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So I've decided to practice embroidery making embroidered handkerchiefs for the HG, like this :

Then the HG came up with a design he wanted. Now he has a handkerchief embellished like this :

Bonus points for those who recognize it !

Another handkerchief is done, but it's in the wash right now, getting rid of the design sketching marks.

Also ? Kitty got a chemise and a bustle !

I told you it was standing on it's own !

You also get a glimpse of the finished corset and trimmed chemise.
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Yay #1 - the kitty bustle only needs a button to close it. It looks a bit weird and 'm not sure I like it, but I've tried draping a scrap of fabric over it and it seems I get the right shape. And it's pink.

Yay #2 - I did some twirling tonight ! IT's been a long time since I last trained, thanks to costume rush and sickness, and it's raining, so no fire tonight, just some random training with kiwidos and glow-in-the-dark-pois in the living-room.

Yay #3 - While looking for some music to train to, I stumbled upon my Celtas Cortos CDs. I had compeltely forgotten about them and 'lo, they are GOOD !

Yay #4 - I start to be able to wrap my brain around the shape and draping possibilities of a natural form dress. I even have a possible color scheme picked up - must go check how much of the various fabrics I have in my stash and how they harmonize (or not) together. If all goes as planned, I'm gonna visit Orsay in red. Yay for red !

Yay #5 - my own Mike (not so)Slackernerny (he's no way like THAT, he just has a Slackernerny mug ^^) just finished his last thesis chapter ! Only the intro and conclusion left, it really looks like he'll be able to defend in september !!! Yay YAY YAY !

Okay, it's late, I work tomorrow, so I'm off to bed... with a costume book to keep hunting for NF inspiration.

Me-me !

Jun. 16th, 2007 10:29 pm
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I'll spare your f-list )

BTW : the kitty chemise is done !!!! It's a bit late to hammer grommets into the corset, though...


Jun. 16th, 2007 08:36 pm
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Here I was, cutting out my buttonholes, when suddenly my scissors went faster than my thought and ziiiip ! 5 millimeters too far into the chemise fabric. Said chemise has, thanks too Murphy's Law, just been embellished with lace at the armholes, neckline (per hand !) and hem. And has a lot of teeny tiny french seams. Well, I'm proud to say I did NOT get a nervous breakdown, after all the (hand)work I've put into this. I merely said (excuse the language but, after all, I had just almost ruined two days of work) : "oh merde...", then considered the damaged part, figured out how much work it would be to unpick the topstitched seam attachign the yoke to the (pintucked) body, thought the stitches neede to repair that could blend in with the buttonhole stitches, and repaired it.
I'm very proud of myself. Now if I could not make the same mistake with the second buttonhole, it would be great.
I had something else to say but can't remember what it was... I'll go check whether or not I left my brain in the kitchen or on the balcony, and have dinner while I'm there.
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A frantic search of my "metal corset bits and parts" box let the grommets turn up. All of them. The golden ones, the silver ones, the black ones (yay pirate shirt !) and... the extra small ones ! And the corresponding setting tools !

And the chemise needed one more pintuck. No kidding. It's turning into a pintucked madness. It can now stand on his own... o_O (I have pics to prove that, will upload them this week-end)
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Yesterday I managed to pattern, cut out and partly put together the kitty chemise. Today I handsewed lace around the armholes. And that's all. The chemise has pintucks but no hem, the yoke is not assembled with the body yet, and there's a seam in the front that I still have to close - must try it on the kitty first to check where. And I'm tiiiiiired.

But I'm happy, for several reasons. First, blogging gives me a good opportunity to avoid admitting I'm completely insane - like, I can say the pintucks are all [ profile] ahsamanja_babu's fault, she made me do it ! *grin*
Then, I have plenty of fresh fruit and vegetable again, yay for that.
And lastly, I splurged and bought a book on 1920's underwear - it's a reprint from a 1927, with pattern sheets, very similar to this one, a reprint from 1901 which I have already talked about. Well, I did not really splurge that much, it was still under 30 euros including shipping. And speaking of the 1901 one, I got a shock when I saw the price ! Glad I bought it when it was still affordable ! Not that it's that expensive for what the book is worth, actually.

Hmmm... I'm not sure I'm that coherent any more, so I think I'll just Go. To. Bed.
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The Kitty got open-crotch drawers today ! They have french seams on the legs, overlap at the front and back, and are closed with a button and buttonhole in the back. There's one place in the fabric which has been teared in repaired, which I only noticed after I had put the lace on and tutti quanti... well, period underwear got mended the same way, after all ! ;)

Tomorrow : the chemise. I'm not sure I'll resist the pin tucks sirens...

I tried to run a few errands on yesterday's list today. With no success. Tambour embroidery is not widely spread enough for notions dealers to carry tambour hooks and specific books on the topic around here. And they had the grommets, but only in a packagning that did not include the setting tool. Which of course is not in my possession. May I say I find it a little weird to carry a certain size of grommet, but not the tool to put them into your clothing ? *rolls eyes* I'll have a llok at another notions dealer I know in town, but after that I'll be doomed to make handbound eyelets... *sigh*

[ profile] heileen or any local tambour-embroiderer, where did you get your tambour hook ? The closest place I can order some is in Germany, which does not bother me too much, except... well shipping would cost less if the seller was based in France.


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