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I hope you'll forgiv eme for spamming your friendlist with costume piccies... ^_^

Quick and unironed pictures of my hanbok, pictures by the wonderful [ profile] heileen (who also happens to be the best babysitter in the whole world !)(thank you !!!), pattern by the adorable [ profile] hohenstein. Would I even sew without my LJ friends ? Thank you sooo much !!!! I had to enlarge the pattern quite a bit (I'm very not Korean in terms of height), of course, but it was sooo much easier to get the shape right.
I *adore* this garment. It was wuite warm on the wedding day (although the days before and after where made of icy rain...) and I felt incredibly comfy in it. I kept it until I crashed on my air mattress around 4AM (there was MUCH dancing that evening). Even better, the skrit doesn't hold wrinkles from the suitcasde and the top tales about obe minute to iron, total. Now I just need a reason to wear it again... *scratches head*

Pictures !

May. 1st, 2010 11:58 am
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It looks like crap on the dummy, and only a little better on the floor... I'll try to post pics of me wearing it after the wedding. I'm *praying* the weather goes back to warm and sunny by then, or I'll just freeze to death !
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... being offline for so long and all, but I'm not even remotely trying to catch up.

I have a finished hanbok.
I have pictures.
But somehow, the new computer won't communicate with the camera. Baaaaah ! Not that the pics were any good as I was too lazy to put it on and it doesn't even fit on my dummy. Yet, it is done, I have a finished garment for this month. Yay !
12-4 : Finished hanbok.
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I don't really have that much to report...
Not much happened this week in the devastated area that used to be the living room's table and has slowly become my sewing-and-other-stuff domain. I finished the front edges of the redingote bodice, added the closing strip at the waist, and started inserting the buckle at the neckline.
The chima needs a hem, and I need [ profile] lady_darkstone for that, because it doesn't even fit on my dummy. Insert moaning about my dummy's stupid shoulders. And more moaning because the wretched thing hates all kinds of bustles and is basically falling apart. Balancing skirts is getting tricky.

The past weeks have been an emotional roller-coaster, for no particular external reason. I guess it's kind of normal (at least that's what everyone, including my doc, told me) that I kind of "loosen the strings" now. Things have been cray since what... August two-thousend-EIGHT ? Crazy good and crazy bad. Ouch.

The hubby is really tired as well. The little angel, on the other hand, is fine - no strike that, he's ADORABLE ! Mommy's babble or How is he doing at 6 months ? under here )

This was last month, but it's still one of my faves :) I have to convince the HG to transfer the latest pictures onto the computer...
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I meant the hat :D

Aaand, I finished the jeogori. It just needs a white collar. And I have approximatively 5 square inches of scraps I can use (or more likely I can NOT use) to fancy up the skirt. I think the skirt will be very plain !


Mar. 30th, 2010 11:04 pm
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I have almostmy jeogori (the jacket part of the hanbok). It just needs the decorative bow that ties it on the outside, and then I can finish the chima with the remains from the jeogori's fabric. However, I foresee a lot of people asking me whent he baby is due when I'll wear the hanbok. :)
No pictures, because it looks like crape on my dummy-with-athletic-shoulders. seriously, Koringa has my husband's shoulder. It's ridiculous !
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That's the other name for this weird disease that starts during pregnancy and lasts, so I heard, for years to come, and makes you all empty-headed and prone to forget this and that and... well, almost everything. It's probably partly related to sleep deprivation, though not entirely, as I had a good night's sleep.
Anyway, I went into town with little H, took the bus with the stroller, big achievement ! (My stroller is huge ! It was perfect when H was a newborn, but now that we want to be a little more mobile it's... well, mostly huge) I looked for a certain pair of shoes which I couldn't find (boo ! not in any color or size), and a birthday gift for my Mom. Which I bought. And then forgot to take with me. *facepalm* Thank Goddess I bought it at home, so the girls are keeping it backstage for me. I feel so stoopid... I chose the necklace, chatted, paid, fixed their computer.. and went out. And of course I only noticed it when I was in the bus back home and I had no time to go back and be home in time for little H's meal.

On the good side of the Force, I now have a styrofoam head to pattern hats onto (but sadly still no fake hair for Vaux !) and the wonderful [ profile] hohenstein's hanbok pattern arrived ! Yayayay ! Thanks so much ! I'm goig to grab a bite and get started on that, while the kid sleeps.


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