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More specifically now, pictures from the finished pierrot worn with the whole outfit.

More behind the cut )

I was a bit displeased with the wrinkles on the frotn zone at first but in the end, I think I really love this outfit. It's quite comfy, and the skirt looks so much better with it than with the plummy caraco... Who's the pretty pretty princess ? ;)

ETA : a funny thing I noted, if you go into plumy's pics folder, there's a shot of the pierrot fabric. See, the pierrot was the original plan and I got side-tracked by the evil silk !
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We came home almost alright yesterday - meaning the trains were on time but we called the doctor since I was again coughing like hell as soon as I tried to lay down and I had some nasty peaks of fever. Apparently just one or two nasty colds in a row, but she gave me sick leave for today. Which was good as I was again couching my lungs out until 3 a.m. Stupid cold(s). [ profile] heileen, I hope you did not catch it, if so, I'm really really sorry !

I'm very happy I came inspite of the cold, it was soooooo good hanging out with you girls. I'm ovewhelmed by 18th -entury-costuming lust right now, and it's all your fault :p I'll either call Versaille sor wirte them a letter because I want to KNOW why the hell you can't be allowed in costume there. Tsss... I've checked the website, and it's definitely not written there !!!
Since I'm home and [ profile] lady_darkstone is still here too, expect some beutiful pictures today !

Now I *really really* want a française or a directoire something... aaaaah...

pirates ? )

PS : Remember, Darth Vader in a big black française ;)
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I won't get the pierrot finished today. *grump* Not because I'm short on time, oh no. Because the fringe I bought is a) too short (I had forgotten I needed some to go around the neckline too) and b) stained. Big brown watermarks I discovered when tryin to pin it on the jacket. I don't even have enough fringe to go around the hem. *grump grump*
I just called the store and it seems they're willing to do "something" (huh... they'd better refund me the stained part !), so I'm not going to cut into the fringe and I'll wait until tomorrow. But I so wanted to have it done !!!

Well, I guess it means I have to finish the hat, then. Or write a bit to let off the steam...
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It took me four attempts to get the peplum pleats about right for the pierrot. Now at least they're sewn into place (insert big sigh of relief here). Yet I see the end of the jacket's tunnel : I tried it on and decided the fabric was sturdy enough to live without boning (plus, it will be easier to cram it into my backpack), I also marked where I have to cut down the front zone and the peplum sides. All that's left now is cutting off the excess fabric there and in the center front and finish all edges. And add the fringe - because yes, I found *the* fringe to complete the look. Now if only I had time to make a hat, I'd be a really happy bunny. But for now, I'll remember I can whip a turban together (oh yes, because I also got myself a nifty asian-looking yellow parasol lately), and just be a simply happy bunny.

BTW I just had some really good news on the long-temr financial front, hence the better mood, too.
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I have pictures !
The sleeves are now both set in, this was just the last try-on to prove me I needed to take them in yet a little more. I'm still working on th elining by the way, and hope to get it done by monday. Maybe I'll get the peplum hemmed, too, depending on how much I'm able to sew on the train and with [ profile] lady_darkstone.Stripes right under the cut ! )

And this is what I got with a set of rollers and a curling iron (errr... not sure it's the right word...).Not too bad... )

Other bad news : I may have to wear the glasses I have on the pictures to Versailles. My contact lenses are just dead, and I haven't heard anything from the new ones, nor from the new shiny glasses I have ordered over two weeks ago. I hope they come before the picnic... *pouts*
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I've scanned one more Mode Illustrée ! A lot of new pictures, dated July 22th 1883 can be found in the appropriate folder. The page itself with the texts hasn't been built yet, thanks to the Headache of Hell, combined with the Cramps of Purgatory. Gah.

I'm still working on the pierrot lining, I really need to get more productive sooooon on this. And to remember that I won't sew much next week-end - we're going south to visit [ profile] lady_darkstone and a bunch of other friends, yay !
Pictures... as soon as I can find my digicam !
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Pic of the day :

I *think* the sleeve is finally okay. It turned out the toile fabric did not at all drape the way the fashion fabric does, and I had to take out a lot on the upper arm. It's not perfect yet, but I don't see anything I could fix without recutting some pieces. And I don't have fabric for that.

I've been drowning in nutella and saucisson for the past hours, and I feel a tad better now. Must go comfort the Home Geek now.
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Note to self : balance marks for sleeves !!!!!!!!!!!!!


May. 5th, 2007 11:41 pm
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It looks like I've neglected my LJ lately. I'm really sorry fr this. The sewing rate has been low and the stress levels are a tad high. BUT some things are starting to click, somewhere, and to change, hopefully for the better. After much much thinking over I did start another non-sewing LJ in French in case someone were interested.
I've caught up on the 365 photos. Some pictures were not taken on said days in March and April, I know, I know... I'll do my best to not slack anymore on this - it should be easier now that things have cleared. I'll probably post the pictures on the other blog, and just a few favorites here.
A small selection already )

On the sewing fronts : sleeves don't get any better when you move from mock-up to real thing... All pîeces are cut out, bodice is assembled, but for sleeves. Soem minor and major tweaking expected... everywhere !
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Typical weekday evening...

I have GOOD news : the fabric is cut out for the pierrot. And I have enough of it ! I may even ba able to make my sleeves longer than I first thought, and have something left for... something. I'm not sure covering the shoes in stripey fabric would be pretty.
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Note to self : never again think a sleeve pattern is too weird to be true. Sleeves are weird anyhow. Don't try to correct the pattern with mere logic.

Second : I'm now moving on towards yet another sleeve mockup. The pattern is working, but the seams aren't in the right place *at all*. When looking at me from the front, there's one just in the middle of the arm. Not looking good. I'm reluctant to just cut the sleeve following the new seamlines. Maybe I should make a back-up of the working pattern first ? *ponders*
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I *think* I have a sleeve mock-up that's not *too* bad. It looks terrible, pieced everywhere, the stitching is a mess but on the whole, it's mostly okay. I'll try to take it apart and recut it properly to check the fit. Boah, I still hate sleeves.

Off to relax with some twirling.
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I HA-TE sleeves. This is like... toile #3 or 4, and it still has some huge issues. And I did start from a working pattern, where I just had to change the seam placement. I HA-TE sleeves.

Then, fresh strawberries and cream make everything better. Thank heavens.

BTW, I must announce I'm kind of stepping out of the 365 photos thing. Two many other matters to consider. I'm still taking pictures, I'll try to catch up for the missing days by taking more later, but that's nto really following the game rules anymore...
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The stomacher piece shape was better in the first try, but I'm so happy with how the back and side look now ! Yay for taking side seam out !
Of course, I have again my familiar nape of the neck gapage, and the back of the armscye seems a bit too far from the body, too. I think that will be a quick fix, as well as the stomacher piece.
*happy dance*


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