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It looks like I'm finally able again to do some late night sewing, yay ! It feels good.
I am slowly redoing my fantasy/winter-woodland-stroll garb. The cape has been redone since December (I still need to take pictures of it), now it's onto my franken-surcot. It was too tight across the butt, and the cotton bias binding was hideous. Oh, and it hanged asymmetrically, too. All seams have been cut of, and I'm zigzagging it back into shape. The stitches almost disappear in the thick wool felt, and a little bit of steaming makes the added bulk at the seam lines almost unnoticeable.
I'm just waiting for the (still unfinished) curtains to get out of the dryer so that I can iron them into submission. I'm pretty sure I won't get them all done tonight, but it's no big deal. The room is tidy and feels good for me to work in. And the extra rolling dessert tray has reached its final destination so I have cutting room on the floor again !
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Everything is covered in the white fluffy stuff outside, I'm started to think if the weather keeps up, we might actually get a white Christmas. For the first time in my entire life. I'm not 100% thrilled with it though, because snow means bad roads, and I need reasonably good roads to drive up to Lady Darkstone for Yule celebration. I have lots of thoughts rambling in my head right now, just not enough TIIIIME. Dammit, why do days only have 24 hours ? Can't I get another 12 hours ? Possibly while the kids are napping ? :)
Okay, so, sewing.
I'm almost done with my Warm(tm) pants for Friday. At first I was going with just polar fleece. Then oh ! I could add a lining - great use of the mystery poly-maybe-silk blend I bought ages ago for wedding decoration and we never used. Then oh ! And I still have batting leftover from the quilted outfit, let's add another layer for warmth ! So now they're extra warm, if a little bulky. The zipper is in, I need to finish the waist drawstring and hem them. In the meantime I have proven yet again that I am insane and have done some pretty wool sashiko-like embroidery on them. Cause that's what I do when I need a pair of warm pants in a hurry. Oh yeah, and I completely drafted the pattern from scratch (with the help of The Costumer's handbook, may [personal profile] demode be blessed for ever bringing that book to my attention). Pants in a hurry, I tell you...
Pictures ? Yes, that's right, I should take pictures. :)


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