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[ profile] heileen DID post her pictures, but ours have been languishing on the harddrives for a while. Actually I still have to go through them and post the best of the pics of the day somewhere - excepet I can't really locate where the HG put the big bunch of them. In the meantime, here's an excerpt from Lord Darkstone's pictures.

Just the ha^y couple, and a good shot of my dress.

I think those are the best pics I have from my Mom wearing her suit.

Wazoom !

Feb. 13th, 2009 06:37 pm
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Jacket for Mom ? DONE !

Please forgive the horrible lighting, once again, it's too dark for really good pictures of the costume. I'm happyyyyy ! There is some wonkiness with the cuffs, and I couldn't find the right thread color to save my life - there were out of that particular Gutermann one, and the replacement I found ended up not-matching the fabric. Poo ! - but I still like it.
And somehow, my brain keeps telling me that I have to go to work tomorrow. Which is wrong, and yet... Weird brain seems to think I've been home for far too long.

The only sthings still on the list for the wedding are some decoration stuff and the food. We're good on track !
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... cause I'm good and won't dance too wildly. Okay, I might be verrry tempted by a Time warp at our wedding. But other than that, I promise, I'm good ! And look ! I didn't even wake up in the dead of night !

Anyaway, what I wanted to post is that it's a *glorious* morning out here. Sun over the mountains and the snow that fell all day yesterday. I have a new Mode Illustrée book with *colour pictures* (they'll be pictures, [ profile] madamemodiste, I have worked on typing some text from the 1898 book yesterday, it's so slowly coming along). I don't have to go to work. I'm almost done with the MamaJacket (I ran out of thread to attach the cuffs). We're going (thread and) fabric shopping injust a few hours. I bought two wonderful pair of shoes the other day. Threee of my dragon hachtlings are ready to grow. I just discoverd [ profile] hist_kid_cloths and [ profile] garb_the_child. I finished my brother's pirate shirt yesterday and will hand it over to him at the wedding. I think I might get dress and go hunt some croissants, even...
Oh, and I seem to have a very good reaction to beta-blockers. My heart is beating much more slowly and regularly and I don't feel particularly tired. Certainly not more than I should feel with the pregnancy.
I have all sorts of evil sewing plans for after the wedding. Maternity clothes with all the bits and bobs of fabric I have that won't be fit for historical costuming. Rococo outfit for my brother. And that edwardian romper is callign my name, too. *happy dance*
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Mom's skirt is completely done and ironed. Tomorrow I'm finishing the jacket. *broad grin*
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I love this collar ! The jacket peplum is lined in the same orange silk. The rest of the jacket is lined in red poly satin.
Right now sleeves have been smoothly set in (I'm getting better at easing sleeves into armholes, no pleat whtsoever !) and I'm working toward adding a liningto them. I'm also wondering about adding contrasting cuffs as well... That might look good. With a big button on them... What d'ya think ?

Edit : I just made new pictures to ask my Mom for advice :
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I can't stop squeeing over the prettiness that is the MamaJacket. I'm pretty much in love with the fabric - and the contrasting orange silk I'm using to line the peplum and for the collar is the one I used for the piping and the hem on my dress, and I had no idea it'd look so great with the jacket fabric, but oooh ! Yummy ! Fabric Porn Alert !
I had to hide it to spare the innocent... okay, I actually had to put the jacket inside-out on Karringa to pin the lining into place.
I'm kinda jealous that I can't maje myself a similar jacke tin the same fabric. Too bad there wasn't enough fabric left... I shall not stela the jacket from my Mom. I shan't. It wouldn't fit me. I shall be a nice daughter and hand over the biiiiioutifoul fabric to Mommy... *sobs bitter tears*


Feb. 4th, 2009 09:49 am
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also known as "The Mom's Jacket", or "Mother of the Bride outfit, ye part two"

this is how it looks right now. I'm currently attaching the underpart of the collar to check that I didn't screw somethign up to wildly in patterning said collar.
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The green fantasy forum seems to be suffering from mysql errors since it moved. And I'm grumpy because it deprives me of relaxing and pointless costuming babble.
Bakc to your regular schedule : cutting out the sleeves for Mom's jacket. Note to self : two sleeves are enough for one woman, no need for a third one.

Eeep !

Dec. 3rd, 2008 12:22 am
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I marked all the pattern pieces for my Mom's jacket. I have enough for the basic pieces and a collar. Barely. Trying to balance her slight asymetry and a big pattern didn't help, but I think I've got it. Will now let it rest for the night and see how it looks by daylight.
Somewhere in my head, I can't believe that there was just enough of this fabric left on the bolt to make this particular jacket in this particular size when we bought it. The Fabric Gods are probably vastly amused by the coincidence.
Thinks for my brain to chew on while Im asleep : interfacing and how and where to put it (since the pattern is... ahem, not very wordy on the subject).
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I can't fit a back closing bodice on myself if the HG is not home to pin me into it.
I've almost run out of cotton remnants to use as muslin.
I still have a few meters of muslin gacked from my grand mother's stash, but it's probably never been prewashed.
I lack some motivation when I have no one to talk to at night.
My house is damn big for just one person.
Despite the work and stress it is, I'm having a heck of a good time planning our wedding.

Solutions, in the right order :
Convert back closure into front closure for the time being, alter the mock-up when I have someone at hand to pin it where I can't reach.
Go buy a bolt of Bomull at Ikea someday.
Tuck the cotton in the washing machine and work on Mom's suit until it's dry.
Put on some Rammstein, drink tea and eat comfort food.
Post on LJ. Watch Top Chef while pinning, unpinning or unpicking seams.
Live in bedroom, workroom and kitchen and forget about the rest (except bathroom and toilets, of course).
Keep going !
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And sadly, nightime does come quickly now. Stupid winter time. Anyway, I have LOADS of stuff to show. Like a whole truck. Well, almost.
My parents came for the weekend, with, if not a truck, a good load of stuff scavenged from my Grandma's place. AWESOME stuff. I need a new bookshelf. Oh wait, I'll get one, when they can fit it into the car. In the meantime, I got the books, and a bazillion other things loaded with family history. A blanket woven by my Grandpa, mirrors and a tiny cabinet made by my Grandma, and the "something beige and black" art I was looking for for our bedroom ? Fashion drawings my Grandma made in the 50s and set aside for me some years ago. Wow ! I'm a little bit overwhelmed every time I discover she'd set aside somethign especially for me. Just wow.
And Maryline also finished the jewelry for my wedding. I need a drooling icon here, folks. Pictures will come when I've mounted the big bead into a necklace. So that was the !!!! part of the weekend. I'm just amazed and admirative that this lady managed to move half a life's stuff out of the old house, pack it, put it into storage, and yet find the time, energy and space to finish the jewelry for a woman she barely knows. I'm incredibly grateful. If some of you ever bumps into art by Maryline Hernandez, here's shameless promotion for her, damned !

Did I mention my parents were here today ? Progress has been achieved on the jacket ! More than I thought, even. this morning, I just had a sleeveless vest without peplum. Now see how it looked by 8pm !

The jacket looks a little bit wonky because my Mom's did not really stay still. I have a back shot of the before. And this one is blurry, but I really love it.

The right side is not perfect, I know. I have to compensate for my Mom's "slight asymetry" here and did not shorten the right front enough. Pictures thanks to my parents digicam because mine turned everything either grey or orange. Stupid digicam, you'll get replaced for Christmas, you know ?

I'm sitting here in my short stays, I have pictures of them, too, and will post some... in another post, after I've had some sleep. Good night folks !


Nov. 2nd, 2008 01:12 pm
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Why do the two front pieces on my Mom's jacket now need to not be the same length ? That's annoying too fix !
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My website had some trouble with the pictures I uploaded yesterday, but now I have them back.

Starting with some not very sewing related pictures.
We went back to check our wedding location on Wednesday, and had a small walk in the woods. The place is really, really beautiful, the room we rented is quite purrfect for us, and we have lots of mischievious decorating ideas.
Then on Sunday, again I went for a small walk up the hill that's overlooking our house with my brother and sister in law (the HG had to stay home, poor thing was sick the whole week !). Man, I just love the place we're living in !

Now for the sewing content !
I have until Sunday to have a completed mock-up for my Mom's jacket. Only yesterday did I get to make the alterations to the previous mock-up and transfer them onto paper. Here's how it looked yesterday. Not brilliant on Karringa, I know. I made the back in three parts and added a belt.

I feel a lot more motivated by my own stuff - although I wasn't as productive on it as I thought I'd be. That's what you get for being half-sick AND taking care of a sick Home Geek in your one week of vacation...

Please excuse the bad bad BAAAAD lighting, my digicam's batteries died with the last ray of natural light and left me with only the lightbulb after they had charged a bit. You can spot some handbound eyelets (for some weird reasons I quite enjoy making them... o_O), not so neat gussets, and binding in progress.
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They have teenagers kid. So they also have verbal fights on a regular basis. Not funny when you're trying to sleep in just a little bit...
Anyway, there ahs been some sewing ! the digicam has disappeared again, so expect no pictures until at least tomorrow. With a little luck there will be pictures of our finished bedroom with them.
My Mom's skirt is done but for closures and hem - and that will wait until I can try it on her. So - as I didn't want to work on her jacket right away - I started on the... gasp... WEDDING THINGS ! Not the dress now, just the undies. After some thinking and talking with [ profile] lady_darkstone, Regency won. So I'm working on Simplicity's short stays. And considering mile sof piping in my near future.
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The skirt

Must add darts, waistband, closures and hem.

The painting

Must think about exact color combination.

Canvas !

Sep. 11th, 2008 05:47 pm
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And acrylic paint ! And new brushes !
Methinks I splurged but hey, I have Plans(tm) !

I also have a roughly sewn together and interlined skirt for my Mom, it just needs darts, waistband, closures and hem. And I've been envisioning big buttons that would match the jacket as decorative accents. We'll see how that goes.

The exhibht (Cyrille André, "Résidence d'été"), BTW, was small, but wicked cool. Giant wooden sculptures (made with the chainsaw !), mostly bigger than life human bodies, vibrant with energy, in a much droolworthy, victorian park. I'd very much have brought one of the sculptures home, if I could. I just bought the catalog instead.
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I made a huge (one meter of fabric wasted) cutting mistake in the organdi. One meter wasted means I don't have enough left in that color to cut the rest of the skirt interlining in beige. No problem, I hae some in other colors. Except I just noticed that they're all lighter weight. So I need to recut the first piece, too. *sigh* All of this while I'm trying to motivate myself to sew and not run off to the art suppply store.

Oy !

Sep. 10th, 2008 11:03 pm
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The wool for my Mom's skirt... it is... not nice. At all. I had trouble cutting out the pieces, as the fabric won't hold it's shape for long. I envision lots of swearing and paper strips to stabilize seams in my future. That would be mainky tomorrow, because I want to get the skirt out of the way and move on to painting projects for the house.
I also want to clean, go swimming, see a statue exhibit, and buy a few things. There's a busy off-work day ahead of me !
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I was reminded of a serious lack of posting recently by some(one) who should remain unamed... So here's a little - very tired - update.
we're leaving tomorrow for our annual "Amber in August" gaming week. I'm struggling to get everything done - clothes and bedsheets are packed, but not all the sewing, drawing, knitting, cooking, reading and juggling necessities are. Here's a sneak pic of our stuff :

I'm actually finding this rather small compared to other years. Granted, the juggling and knitting bags are downstairs. And the board games haven't been packed.
Right, I'm babbling. I'm trying to be good and concentrate on thign sthat MUST get done tonight, like finish packing and moving our bedroom into the purple room, so that my Dad can put the hardwood floor while we're away, but I have trouble concentrating. I'm so tired I could just curl up in a ball and sleep for twelve hours straight. I probably will tomorrow night, like I did last Saturday. And take a nap.

I do, however, have some vague sewing content. Today I went to Toto to pick some lining fabric for my mom's teen suit, and I stumbled upon this cotton pretty :

It's a bit more coral than orange in real life. The good news is it was only 1 euro/meter. The bad news is there only was oen meter left. The even worse news is that it's only 75cm wide. The question is : what am I going to do with it ? Any suggestions for some 18th century item that would require so little fabric ? (aside from the obvious hat, shoes and purse) Or a way I could pair it with something else ? My mind is pretty blank on this. I just know I love it and I want to make something 18th century with it. And I'm trying to resist the urge to dive into doll outfits.

Right, I should go and retrive the various items still laying around in the living room and put them into bags.
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I'm making progress, though not on Provence. Over the last few days I mocked-up a 20s bra from a pattern from Beyers grosses Lehrbuch der Wäsche. As expected, it ran too big for me, but far much than I thought it would. It's a kind of wrap bandeau for the breasts that crosses over in the back, so thankfully the adjusting was not too fiddly. There's hardly any shaping in that thing, as its main purpose is to flatten up the girls. Proof under the Pillowflower's bodice :

I'm making this out of some cream satin I have left from my green and cream dress. Right now I have just finished assembling the pieces, and I have a bit of handsewing to do. Like applying bias tape to hide the raw edges inside, making the slit on the left back piece, doubling the center back pieces, buttons, buttonholes, binding, etc... Now at least I'll have something to keep me busy during lunch break !

Since I was uploading piccies, I can show you the brocade we picked with my mom.

I'll either have to make the collar and cuffs smaller or make them out of another fabric. My mom is not sure anyway she wants a giant shwal collar like in the original.


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