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Okay, this is sorta my next project, once I'm done with making the casaque and Heimlich. It's not my fault at all, my Mom and I just bumped into and antique cradle very similar to this one years ago, before I even got pregnant. When Heimlich got on the way, we went back to the antique shop, the cradle was still there, heavily reduced. My Dad deemed it sound enough to be fixed up, and proceeded to buy it and redo the broken parts. In a few weeks we should get the finished product.
With two elements of the painting almost at hand (baby + cradle), I just *need* a matching dress, right ? Right. Since the cradle color isn't matching the pictured one (it's a dark stained wood, not white), I don't feel compelled to go hunting for striped gray fabric - although I'd buy a good stock of it if I ever found it. I have some dark raspberry red in my stash that I bought over five years ago in the intent of making a bustle dress, I think its time has come.
For my personal reference, there's a pretty bodice with a similar neckline and an asymetrical collar/scarf drapery I quite like on page 66 of the 1872 Mode Illustrée book, and a half-crinoline/bustle on page 80. 1872 being the year the painting was made. And like I need to find some reason to collect Mode Illustrée books. *broad, evil grin*
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My latest Mode Illustrée just came. In the first minute after I stopped the electric sander and was actually able to HEAR the bell ring, mind you. I see the box, think to myself "uhoh, this is big for just one year". But then, the listing said only 414 pages, so that's one year. 1871, I was more looking for 1872, but well, 1871 will do.
Open the box, and guess what ? The book is a bound edition of year 1871 AND 1872. 414 is just the number on the last page of 1872. I actually have 828 pages to drool over. And I got it for 40 euros plus shipping. Some sellers are nuts and I'm a pretty darn lucky girl !

BTW, if you go check my site, February 1898 is entirely up !
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I was NOT looking for it, I promise, I was just checking how far in Google search my website was when one went looking for La Mode Illustrée (bottom of the second page, BTW). Then I stumbled upon something like this. Except not those years, as I already have most of them. But I'm ure it's not the case for ALL of you, right ? *evil grin*
*makes note* : don't look on eBay only....


Jun. 6th, 2009 01:16 pm
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I'm scanning ahead in my Mode Illustrée stock, and I just came accross a theatre review... Seems to be a review from the premiere of my favorite play ever, Cyrano de Bergerac. That made my heart flutter a bit...
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I wasn't so far from being done yesterday...*
La Mode Illustrée, January 30th 1898
Here it is, the last one.
Now I can dive right into th emonthg of February...

*or maybe I was. This just took me a little over an hour and a half. I'm doing other stuff while the scanner and the OCR run, but anyway...
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La Mode Illustrée, 1899, with color pictures AND some color plates, too. It's here ! Yaida yaida yaida !
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I figured I deserved a treat... I know, pricey... but it's got colour pictures ! And it's from 1899 and I'm currently obsessing about the very end of the 1890s. Yeeeha ! Mine !
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Lookie !

The cover is in a really sad condition, but look at that starting price !

Squee !

Mar. 17th, 2008 10:46 pm
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I got the book ! It's pretty ! ... I have SO MUCH more stuff to scan and upload now... :)

Ouch ?

Mar. 16th, 2008 03:54 pm
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Now my back is insulting me because I spent two hours trimming the plants, cleaning the balcony and taking out two trash bags. And that's only one half of it. Huh. Anyway...

I'm taking a break form gardening (or should I say balconying ?) and came back to uploading pictures and making new pages. And I'm wondering how I should put the needlework, crochet and knitting pieces on my site

[Poll #1155043]

I've been daydreaming about some way to search the fashion illustrations and needleworks patterns I have and will put online, but I don't think I'm up to the challenge of coding that just yet, and the HG already has a lot of more pressing stuff on his plate.
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Did I just buy this ? Did I ? Mmmmh... COOL ! :D

After which, I HAD to be a good girl and make appointments with three different banks (one I must call back to get the actual appointment, but at least they have all my info), then tonight I finished binding the Kitty's corset (pictures coming) and scanning my latest Petit Echo de la Mode from April 15th, 1923. It even includes a crochet pattern. I'm still a lot behind (and I haven't made a proper webpage to go with said magazine, booooooo !) but I'm making slow progress in sharing my evergrowing collection of fashion magazines.

Tonight, the Google Adds I get to see on my LJ, which I normally don't even look at, offer me tonight to :
- discover a french journalling software
- learn more about the technologies involved in endoscopy
- answer my questions about mood disorders and depression
- make outlook templates
- meet jewish singles
Which, since I have two LJs, don't plan to get an endoscopy soon, feel pretty happy and balanced, have been using linux for years now, and am an engaged christian-pagan-kitty-worshipper undefined something, is rather amusing.

New link !

Oct. 17th, 2007 07:31 pm
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Hey, I've just found someone else who's uploading bits and pieces from La Mode Illustrée books ! Check out Le Journal des Demoiselles, there are some hats and hairdos, too, and (s ?)he even tested some recipes !
In French, with some funky photoshopping of the pictures (which I like, but it might surprise some).
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Ugh, how did I not notice almost all the menu links on my site were broken ? It should be fixed now, but if any of you should click around and stumble upon some broken link or typing mistake, I'd much appreciate you telling me !

In other website news, I'm making good use of my new fashion plate icon and have put up two more 1914 issues from La Mode, 8th of February and 15th of March. And I W-A-N-T the pink dress on this picture :

I'm not usually a big fan of pink dresses, I don't even know why I fell in love with this particular one. Anyway, I don't have any pink wool in my stash, so I guess this one will have to wait another few years.
And I'm done with all the post-1900 magazines I currently have in the house. Now comes the big chunk : the books from La Mode Illustrée. I now have years 1877 and 1879 to 1883. Huh.
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La Mode from the 18th of January 1914 is up on my website !

These magazines are seriously addictive, and so is putting them up.

On the actual sewing side, over the last two days I have :
- cut out and started sewing together the "bodice" (may it be called that way ?) from the Pillow Flower. I had to recut the V-shaped plastron (I had originally intended to have a bright flower in the middle but in the end it looked better with a black V in the front and only some leaves on the sides of it), otherwise no major mishap.
- traced out and guess-worked the alterations for the 1913 jacket, and spent 15 minutes wondering what one pattern piece was. The numbers on the pattern being somewhat odd I first mistook it for a weird belt thingie. Then for a pocket. It's a sleeve cuff actually. *feels dumb* Much easier to understand when you have access to the instructions and the picture of the finished garment.
- unpicked the sleeves from Provence's mock-up and took apart the underbodice, in preparation of mock-up #2. Because I find I can't move my arms around enough and there were some weird wrinkles at the sides that I want to make sure are eliminated.
- eBay-ed a 1923 issue from Le Petit Echo de la Mode, been outbid on a 1876 bound volume from La Mode Illustrée, and kept an eye on some other stuff in the like that I'll bid on tomorrow before leaving for work.

So I feel kind of okay with what I have accomplished so far. I'm in a mood to keep on sewing for some time and work on Provence mock-up #2, except I know it's a bad idea. Tomorrow is a workday, and it's already late. So to bed I must go.
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In the brain : I wanted to unpick the lower part of the weird side-dart on Provence's underbodice, and unpicked a front dart instead.

In the scanner : sometimes when I click on "scan" nothing happens, sometimes it scans another area of the document. And it makes weird noises à la "I'm gonna autodestruct in three... two... one... DANG !"

In the fabric : what, you mean the two fabric parts were not overlapping here ? So I only cut out one sleeve ? Whoops !

In the sleeves : NONE ! I think the end of the world must be near, or I've stepped into another dimension, I dunno. I cut out the sleeves straight from the pattern, pinned them together, sewed them, inserted them, et voilà ! They work ! o_O All my costumer instincts tell me this CAN'T happen. Sleeves just don't WORK the first time around. Sleeves are a nightmare to fit, sew together, and insert. And that's not counting the two or three times you have to unpick them and put them back in because you've put them on backwards, or you've mixed up right and left sleeve, or you've got two left sleeves and no right one. This is just NOT NORMAL. There must be a disaster looming somewhere for me to explain the illogical good sleeve karma.

Today started in a lazy, demotivated sort of way, combined with a bad headache. But in the end it turned out to be pretty productive. I now have a passable first mock-up for Provence's underbodice :

And I've put up yet another magazine. La Mode Illustrée from the 4th of May 1919 is now online too, enjoy !
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I've finished scanning, uploading, and typing the texts for a new issue of La Mode Illustrée. It's here

Those magazines are getting into my apartment faster than I get them up on the web. Much faster. We must scan quicker. We wants to show you all the precious pretties !

Which, BTW, reminds me that I want to include a "What's new" feature in my site. And make a proper twirling page, rathe rthan just the non-selection of crappy fire pics.
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I've been working again on a new magazine page, 8th of Februaray, year 1920. It should get done by tomorrow evening I think, since we'll be out for most of the day.
I'm actually leaving the computer right now, I have to go buy new scissors. I lost my old paper scissors so I can't cut out the underbodice pattern pieces for my dress. Grumble.
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... or maybe the fabric shrunk during the cutting and sewing process. Anyway, I had to recut the waistband for the 1913 skirt because 1) it had suddenly became 5cm to short and 2) I had completely forgotten to include an organdi strip to strenghten it. Now it's almost too long, actually. And I fear it may be a little wide. But it's hard to tell since my dummy won't scale up to my mom's size and when I last called her she hinted that her measurements might (or might not) have changed. Grumble.
At any rate, it's a pretty, flowing, long straight skirt. I ended up changing the side darts into simple knifepleats, works better witht he hang of the fabric and, as mentionned above, my dummy only gives a vague impression of my mom's hips.
The pleats in front and back are ironed and kept in place with pins, and will stay so until I'm sure I can sew them down. Same goes for the provisory absence of closure and hem. Skirt mock-up crossed from the list - let's just hope the un-zigzagged edges won't fray to death before it gets tried on by the future wearer...

Next step : make a jacket mock-up.

In other news, I'm baking again, this time for a friend who's defending on Wednesday. We'll also bring him all the fruit juice, paper plates and plastic glasses we have left. And no, I'm not baking the whole thing, just two cakes and some muffins. Not THAT crazy.

I also heard back from the doll person, another matter cleared.

And last but not least, I've put up a new page up. I've scanned and webbed the first of my 1920 "rewards". Here's the mantle I've been wanting to make since something like 4 years :

And here's the dress I'm currently much drooling upon :

Errr... I think that's all. sorry for the lapidary style, putting on the waistband took a bit longer than expected so it's late now, and I'm tired...
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I was wondering how I'd survive the long lunch break today without some handsewing to do and then - ding dong ! - my bound Mod eIllustrée's came ! Now I can spend hours and hours drooling over the prettiness inside !!!
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Squeeeeeee : my parents are getting me TWO bound year of La Mode Illustrée. Payment has been sent via paypal yesterday, so here's hoping I get them reaaaaally soon. And really in advance.

Aaaaaargh : the b-day party is tomorrow night and the polonaise is still not done ! I'm still killing my fingers with a bazillion pins, pleating a folded strip of the Satin of Doom (tm) into place. And it must get finished tonight !


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