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I'm not sure my recap can capture how great those days in Paris were.
First costuming event, on Friday )

Then there was lots of seeing old friends (and the in-laws, but only for an evening), which was great in itself. All the while I was frantically working on my outfit, adding one buttonhole to the dress' collar, buttons to the mantle, sewing down the lining on said mantle, and finishing the hat. The dress and mantle were done by Saturday night, the petticoat I completely forgot to finish (thank Goddess for safety pins), and the hat wasn't done until Sunday, 11:30 pm. But in the end everything was wearable and I was even able to put it on and take the RER to [ profile] lisotchka's place.

Second costuming event was then on Sunday for me )

Then the Home Geek and I spent Monday discussing wedding cakes with my lil' brother, and on Tuesday I met [ profile] heileen again to visit the Lacroix exhibit. The exhibit was in itself quite fabulous, with lots of historical pieces (I don't care that much for modern stuff, really, esp. of the unwearable haute couture kind), sadly a good part of them could have been better displayed. There were billions of white edwardian dresses, with lace, embroidery and yet more lace, a series of wonderful stripey dresses, a STUNNING white natural form dress made from alternating bands of stripey fabric and lace, a bright orange 1890 Worth dress I'd steal if I could, a vibrant blue day dress that may make me like crinolines, many many pretty 1920s tunics and flappers, yet more complex edwardian evening gowns, more dolmans and visites that you could ever imagine, etc, etc... The exhibit is seriously gigantic, but I was a bit disappointed by the way some pieces were displayed (on a clothes rack, witout mannequin, making them shapeless and sometimes squishing them between other dresses, so that you could only glimpse a little beading or some detail of the fabric) and by the book (many conceptual art pictures, concentrating on the modern Lacroix stuff). Since I didn't get the exhibition book I got myself the previously mentionned Art DĂ©co Fashion which has been further fuelling my desire to dance in a flapper dress and louis heels.

I still have some vacation days ahead of me, to make the flat liveable again and the like. I took care of some of it today, and booked the place for our wedding (woot !), but I still have a lot to do, and still feel very very tired.

Next on the sewing list are (in no particular order) :
- finish the Very Silly Project #3, aka Goth Kitty
- make the mockup for my brother's justeaucorps
- mockup my mom's 1911 jacket
- hem and embroider the Pillowflower
- finish the 1920s bra
- sleep

I may opt for the last item on the list right now.
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We just came back from the LARP - 1920's, Egypt themed, with an old grave and a malediction. It was pretty cool, I just wonder why I ended up with yet another Great Old Ones adept. Do I look *that* crazy ?

For the record, tje dress got done just barely in time, and I'm not really in love with it. It's too much of a bag for my taste. I haven't got any pictures, since my battery died and it's only charging now, I hope the orgas will put their pics online soon.

And now I'm off to bed to be mor ecoherent tomorrow.
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It has sleeves, it has cuffs, it is hemmed. It still needs :
- a closure at the neck
- strips of velvet to hold the side pleats
- sleeves lining

Item 2 & 3 aren't really necessary to wear it, though, so I feel rather confident the dress will make its entrance tomorrow and Miss Margaret Applepie will be approprietaly dressed. I don't feel like I can do much more tonight, and anyway I shall leave in 5 minutes. We're having a Christmas dinner at a norvegian restaurant with the girls from work, payed by the firm (yay !), then I shall meet with the HG at the cinema to watch Happy Feet (double-yay !).

It was nic eplaying with the Wii till 3AM, but I've been a slug today...
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There are so many old little doors in the town center, but one barely notices them between the big shops.

Sleeves succesfully set in but not yet lined, collar in the process of being draped.

She sews !

Dec. 3rd, 2006 08:55 pm
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And takes pictures !

There has been some real progress on Insahrita. After taking the pics, I even got as far as cutting the sleeves and cuffs out and sewing together one sleeve !

Look what I've got ! (Keep in mind it still needs a collar and sleeves, and something to hold the side pleats)


Day 18 - Yet another picture of the sky

How could I not take this one, heh ?
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I've been a bad girl and couldn't find the energy to connect my digicam to the computer. But I've still got the pictures !

Day 8 - Schokoladenmakrönle waiting to get in the oven

It's getting christmassy around here !

I'll spare your friends page )

Must sew now. Insahrita is waiting. At least I have the front and back doen now. Now sew them together... Why oh why do I feel so tired ????

Day 7

Nov. 22nd, 2006 10:48 pm
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At the end of our street start the mighty mountains...

Now, let's see how the better and improved pattern for my 1920's dress worked out...


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