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Jupe en tweed Fermeture à glissière et couture dos Finitions internes
I haven't forgotten about sewing, I just spent a lot of time sewing this mostly by hand. I think there are two machine seams in the whole garment. There are a few things I wish I'd have done better but I'm generally pretty pleased. Oh, and it hangs all wonky on the dummy because the client is a totally different shape.
Now I'm thinking about really diving into the 1890s madness, but of course, I can't find my twill. I'm sure I still have some white twill, it just... disappeared. But in the progress of turning up my entire stash I found various linens that I thought I had used up - and subsequently bought some new fabric to replace. I'm sure the old twill will show up the minute I buy some new one !
It's not like I have a lot of time to sew anyway - starting tomorrow, we start tearing down the old upstairs bathroom. The pink wallpaper's days are counted ! YAY !
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Wow, I'm tidying up the house, I'm impressing myself. It started because we got some flour mites, highly probably from the store we bought flour (guess who's going to find a new flour provider ?) some months ago. We got pretty much rid of all the ones in the pantry, but one of the bastards managed to lay eggs under a statue near the hearth and some larvae crawled into portrait frames. YUCK ! So while I was checking every single frame in the room, emptying my little sewing nook, I put some more frames up that had been waiting, re-ordered the sewing notions, and while I was at it, I cleared the top of the cedar trunk we have at the top of the stairs. I have a huge "to-mend-or-alter" pile, but I got rid of some useless scraps, put the interesting ones (i.e. big enough for doll clothing or small decoration) in the storage bin, and put all the good fabrics that were waiting there in a neat pile. And, buried under a lot of scraps, failed early attempts at draping (back when I trusted my dummy to resemble me), I have FINALLY found again my brown cotton voile ! It's really nice and airy, with a striped border woven in on one edge. I bought it something like 7 years ago, with Regency in mind, put it away while I worked on something else, moved twice, and couldn't find it again. It was so frustrating ! Now I'm happy I lost it for a while, because I'll be able to do a much better work. When I find the time that is. I only have 4 meters though, so it might be tough to squeeze a full dress out of it. Unless of course I make it into a dress for Ariane - the privilege of having kids !

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Apr. 7th, 2011 06:23 pm
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LJ is acting up here as well now. I'm making a back-up and crossposting for now, we'll see how things evolve. To all of you who are on DW, drop me a line so that I can add you ! (well, unless I already did so months and months ago)

I've put up both myfolding screens, one upstairs and oen downstairs, and I love how they fit into our home. One is hiding an ugly heater, the other my "current projects" fabric pile.

Now, I mentionned how Heileen has a bad influence on me. Look what she caused ! I started on a new project ! And I totally underestimated how much effort it would be. Not the sewing or patterning, mind you (the good old "let's put a t-shirt that fits over the muslin and draw around it"-technique still works fine), but the wringling a toddler into and out of a mock-up. Because it's so funny when Mommy is chasing you around the house !

The trousers are fairly roomy for now, I don't want them to be too narrow - I'd love these to last more than a few months - but I might still make them a little narrower. I haven't checked the fit of the sleeves yet.
I first thought about making a fairly straightforward opening in the back and sides for the trousers, but now I'm tempted to reproduce the closure system on this suit because... it's cute !
And while I'm link-dumping, here's a reproduction skeleton suit on a toddler, and it just makes me go awwwwwwwwww ! More references include the two Tidens Toj extant ones, which Ihonestly find a lot less cute. There are other adorable reproductions by Arts et Métiers. I'm still assembling more pictures, and pondering things like buttons. I'll probably skip the period shoes and underwear. He'll wear this in the summer and he really doesn't like heat (like his Daddy - most days he's wearing one layer less than myself, and if the weather keeps getting warmer he'll soon be out of closed shoes and into sandals. Whatever I'll do, I'll never have a totally period-correct boy anyway - all glasses for his age are plastic...

On a final, not so happy note, I went to the fabric store today, as I'm almost out of thread for the quilted ensemble. I foudn some cotton organdi, which I usually buy every time I come accross some. The first time I bought some (on the clearance table), it was 1 euro/meter. Last year (also on the clearance table), it was 2 euros/meter. Today ? Still in the clearance section, FIVE euros pro meter. 5. Five. Ouch. I did not buy it, even though I'm constantly using it, I can't justify shelling out that much right now. I'll look into alternatives and will buy some if I have a specific need for it, but I'm not stashing it anymore. Okay, maaaaybe I'll buy some if my 20% off coupon works for it next week. But given it's on clearance, I doubt that.


Sep. 5th, 2010 04:08 pm
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Okay, so I have a DW account now, but I think it'll be a back-up mostly... I can't get it to look like I want and I don't have the time to mess with it for hours. I guess for now I have a back-up and I'm waiting to see how things turn out.
There's obviously a bug making the rounds in the family, Heimlich has a runny nose, the HG and I have a sore throat, I'm coughing and was dizzy yesterday evening. Spent the night huddled under way too many blankets and it feels a little better. Heimlich is definitely the least affected of us three. This kid's got to have his father's immune system...
I still managed to gather some energy and went back to organizing our storage/closet room. I have a clothes rack just for costumes now ! (conveniently positionned at ca. 3m height) And all the fabrics that were in this room before painting and reorganizing are back there, neatly folded and organized - satins, fabric for mock-ups, wools, modern stuff. I have an amazing amount of heavy wool twills - and no idea what to do with them. Next on the list is folding all the newborn and pregnancy stuff neatly into piles and getting that into the upper shelves. And putting the hat in there as well.
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With Lady Darkstone's help, I got a mock-up that fit my torso for the polonaise. I even went as far as draping a sleeve tonight, and I love how it looks.
In the meantime, I also started emptying our closet/attic, which is going to get painted and reorganised over thenext couples of days. I put aside two trashbags and one big cardboard box of old clothes to be giben away, put everything into neat piles for which I found a place in the rest of the house, discovered I fit back into my green bustle dress and my leather skirt, and did a bunch of other things like going to a birthday party, buying groceries, playing with the kid and going to the fabric dealer -who didn't have any more of my bustle fabric. I think I can still make it if I piece the hell out of it. Worse comes worse, I can scrap the box pleat at the back of the polonaise and just leave a flat, not bunched-up point there. It's period as well.
I feel pretty awesome tonight !
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I finally caved and did what I told the HG I wouldn't do : I took over the living room table for my sewing. It was just too tempting when I have bits of translation all over my desk and the table downstairs was unfolded to it's biggest (seats 12) and totally free of any clutter. As a result, I do have some sewign pictures to share. And since I was taking pictures, I added a few to the batch.

First, the Cthulhu onesie. It's a bit wonky, and the short sleeves might or might not be practical, but I didn't have enough fabric for longer sleeves. I also wanted to make a wrap-over front, but again, nto enough fabric. This is what happens when you recycle a t-shirt of yours that's miles too small.

Then, this is what I did this afternoon between two rounds of sewing and such.

Two coats won't make it, I'm afraid. There are already three coats on the door frames... Whoever thought purple was a nice color, may your rot in hell.

And finally, the Big Belly Pictures. Or more accurately, the casaque pictures. Well, actually, what I did do today was the red cotton petticoat, I just threw the casaque on to get an idea of how it'd look together, and folded a piece of fabric into a makeshift stomacher. The casaque looks horrible, but it's just coming out of the suitcase. And the hazardous fabric color will not stay, don't worry. It was on sale a Ikea and matched our wedding decor, but now that we don't need it as tablecloth anymore, it's going to serve for mock-ups only.

There's been some knitting in the meantime, admire my second ever-sweater and first baby item, the Baby Yoda Sweater. Except for the dreadful seaming up it was quite an easy knit.
Baby Yoda Sweater
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Two words : binding tabs.
I keep sticking pins into my fingertips... awww !
Pictures to prove that I am working on the jumps. The first one shows how I managed to squeeze the lining pieces out of a tiny scrap of linen. Not that bad, heh ?

The other reason my hands hate me is the power tools. We're slowly renovating the future baby's room, and started with the ceiling. The previous owners had recovered the lovely wood paneling with some ugly sticky mess of an acrylic varnish-something that never really dried, or something like that. So sticky that we couldn't sand it off and have to scrape it off with plaster knives. Lovely. And *then* we can sand off the varnish that was under that sticky dark brown coat. We won't get a perfectly clean, brand new ceiling but a much, much lighter one with a sort of rustic feel. This room will finally stop lookign gloomy starting at 5PM !
The before pics :

The more specific ceiling before pic :

And the ceiling in progress :

All pictures taken around 10AM on sunny days.
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The HG put up the new lampshade on the overhead light fixture in the now sewing room/future baby's room this morning. I swear, it's not the same room ! The antique nautic fixture we had didn't give half as much light... Now I can work on my jumps until the wee hours of the morning !
See ? Sewing news ! I actually started a new project ! I'm feeling strangely unmotivated about it though, probably because I haven't picked a fabric for the outfit that's to go over it yet. Probably because I haven't completed a totally fun, gratuitous historical something in much too long (not counting the wedding dress, that was a necessity). Probably because I miss some costuming fun... Probably also because I feel kinda crappy since yesterday, my heart rate is going nuts again like at the very beginning of my pregnancy. I guess they'll up the betablockers' dosis quite a bit tomorrow... *sigh* I'll be a good girl and will avoid too much exercise until then. No transfering the costume libraby into the linving room. I want to stay fit until August for our little rococo get-together ! :)
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My hands are all raw from fighting with the dry, hard and compact soil, but I have installed two flowerbeds in front of the house, at the foot of the front hedge. I've planted about half of the bulbs I bought some weeks ago. Dunno where I'll put the rest yet. And I'm calling it a day as far as gardening is concerned. I'll just hop to the butcher's to get something to eat for tonight, and then relax and sew.
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How did I manage to forget over the week-end that is was spring, I don't know. That part's still unclear to me. And yet... today we spent most of our time in the garden, planning our small (we're starting small, the Home Geek is an apartment plant...) vegetable garden, seeing to where we'll plant the plants that have survived the winter in the pots - surprisingly, most of them have. The pelargoniums are the only ones who seem dead as a dodo.
We had a salad from dandelion and cilantro we gathered in the garden, ate in the sun, then the HG transplanted a few of the survivors while I cleaned the patio. We made the rounds to see what was till alive from what we planted last summer - and yet again, it seems nothing died ! How cool is that ? The cilantro was seriously the best surprise we had, there are almost ten plants in various parts of the garden, most of them at the foot of the conker tree. Did I mention I love our garden ? And wasn't that a brilliant way to celebrate Ostara ? Sitting in the grass, with the sun in our back, talking about which seeds to order...
Now I can't wait for the seeds to come in so that I can start with the spinach !
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Not much sewing, lots of tea-drinking, websurfing, generally being a couch potato, and, in the evening, an amazing surge of energy led us to fixing the once again broken living room shutters, which led me to tidy up the living room a bit. The shelves I sanded two weeks ago haven't been put up yet, but I did make room for the classical CDs and got rid of the old (and sadly broken) NES.

Cut for the uninterested )
The house is really feeling homely now, and I feel like I'm starting to make it look *pretty*. It'll be even prettier when we'll have removed some ugly wallpapers - guestroom and kitchen, bathroom and staircase, I'm looking at you ! - and repainted the living room. But for now ? I'm very happy to live there, and I feel so blessed to have so much art given by friends and family to hang around me. Which reminds me, BTW, that I should take pictures of the kitchen clock (another of my Grandma's works), fidn a place for her mirrors, and put up her fashion drawings in the bedroom. Vacuuming would be good, too.

Okay, enough house babbling, back to your regular sewing content !
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I can hang 6 meters of linen to dry inside, and only have it folded over once. Let's hope some of the creases will get away this way... I hate ironing linen, I truly hate it, and it seems quite ineffective on this particular fabric. Oh well, it's going ot be underwear anyway. Pretty, creased, but underwear.
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And sadly, nightime does come quickly now. Stupid winter time. Anyway, I have LOADS of stuff to show. Like a whole truck. Well, almost.
My parents came for the weekend, with, if not a truck, a good load of stuff scavenged from my Grandma's place. AWESOME stuff. I need a new bookshelf. Oh wait, I'll get one, when they can fit it into the car. In the meantime, I got the books, and a bazillion other things loaded with family history. A blanket woven by my Grandpa, mirrors and a tiny cabinet made by my Grandma, and the "something beige and black" art I was looking for for our bedroom ? Fashion drawings my Grandma made in the 50s and set aside for me some years ago. Wow ! I'm a little bit overwhelmed every time I discover she'd set aside somethign especially for me. Just wow.
And Maryline also finished the jewelry for my wedding. I need a drooling icon here, folks. Pictures will come when I've mounted the big bead into a necklace. So that was the !!!! part of the weekend. I'm just amazed and admirative that this lady managed to move half a life's stuff out of the old house, pack it, put it into storage, and yet find the time, energy and space to finish the jewelry for a woman she barely knows. I'm incredibly grateful. If some of you ever bumps into art by Maryline Hernandez, here's shameless promotion for her, damned !

Did I mention my parents were here today ? Progress has been achieved on the jacket ! More than I thought, even. this morning, I just had a sleeveless vest without peplum. Now see how it looked by 8pm !

The jacket looks a little bit wonky because my Mom's did not really stay still. I have a back shot of the before. And this one is blurry, but I really love it.

The right side is not perfect, I know. I have to compensate for my Mom's "slight asymetry" here and did not shorten the right front enough. Pictures thanks to my parents digicam because mine turned everything either grey or orange. Stupid digicam, you'll get replaced for Christmas, you know ?

I'm sitting here in my short stays, I have pictures of them, too, and will post some... in another post, after I've had some sleep. Good night folks !
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They have teenagers kid. So they also have verbal fights on a regular basis. Not funny when you're trying to sleep in just a little bit...
Anyway, there ahs been some sewing ! the digicam has disappeared again, so expect no pictures until at least tomorrow. With a little luck there will be pictures of our finished bedroom with them.
My Mom's skirt is done but for closures and hem - and that will wait until I can try it on her. So - as I didn't want to work on her jacket right away - I started on the... gasp... WEDDING THINGS ! Not the dress now, just the undies. After some thinking and talking with [ profile] lady_darkstone, Regency won. So I'm working on Simplicity's short stays. And considering mile sof piping in my near future.


Sep. 9th, 2008 11:29 pm
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On Sunday we put up one shelf in our bedroom, to serve as the HG's bedside. Then we wanted to put the sister shelf above my side of the bed. And discovered we don't have a tool powerful enough to drill holes in our concrete walls. Which means we couldn't put up the picture frames in the purple room either. Off to buy something bigger to make a hole in those walls.
At least the frames are now complete.
We're also thinking about installing a skylight in the staircase. To see how tall the Ficus Elastica would grow...

Tomorrow I'm sewing. Promised. I hate working full day, I don't have any time or energy left for anything but cooking dinner.

Rainy days

Sep. 7th, 2008 10:42 am
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The sun's back now, but we had quite some rain lately. Being unable to go outside and too tired or busy to sew, I spent some quality time with my sketchpad.

A lovely lady from our gaming week. Pilot pens are my friends !

And a little fellow who loves pouring rain. Image a bit manipulated with the Gimp to make the pencil lines more visible. I'm still debating as to how to finish him, I'm not sure I want to ink him, and watercolor is out of the question on this paper...

In house news, I'm *finally* done with the picture frames. It was long, and my hands still hurt from the polishing (revamping the house is definitely more taxing on my body than I thought it'd be... ach well...), but I'm happy with the result. I'll try to talk the Home Geek into putting the frames up today. That is, after he's done upgrading the thumbnail generating script in my gallery to my desires. *sigh of content* Having a Home Geek at home is certainly a good thing. And and excellent reason to not ever learn how to code.

I have a few more projects on my plate. [ profile] lady_darkstone's belated wedding present, ou save-the-date cards, and my mom's suit. We'll see which gets the first pick ! It's the first day in, I thnk a MONTH where we don't have something planned and where I can be a lazy bum in my pyjamas for a few hours, let's enjoy that !
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I'm slowly getting out of the pain-induced numbness. The web hiatus was necessary - the summer had already been hectic, those last two weeks were the icing on the cake. Roller-coaster, I say. Thank you for your kind words and comfort, it was a real blessing. I'm now attempting to resume a normal IRL and web life.

So I have some sewing content )
And then some house progress )
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I really can't decide what to name our little yellow gnome.
Dwalin, Balin, Kili, Fili, Dori, Nori, Ori, Oin, Gloin, Bifur, Bofur, Bombur,... Thorin and Gimli are pretty much out of the question. As well as Snowwhite's friends. Any favorites ?
I know those are dwarves. Garden gnomes are actually called garden dwarves over here.
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We're moving out tonight, and we won't have internet access at the new house until Goddess knows when. See ya !
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I. Am. Dead.

We had a very very VERY good day, with costumes, picknick in a park, not too hot weather (a little cooler than last year in Versailles), lots of (more or less silly) pictures, a beautiful park, tea, yummy food, playing graces and croquet and diabolo, and even a free carousel ride. But now I feel completely and utterly exhausted. It's a good thing I don't work tomorrow - even though it will be a very busy day (We're buying a house ! yay !)

This not very clear post brought to you by the happy costumer. Pics to come when my sister has uploaded them.


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