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I'm not going to say I've mastered it, but, apart from the back belt buckle (which I yet have to find), buttons (which I yet have to find too) and buttonholes (which I yet have to make), the vest is DONE !

Just click on the pic to view all of them. (And please ignore the t-shirt and jeans...)

As I said, not that happy about the outcome (mabe I'll get over it after it's been ironed...) but hey ! given the amount of work it's been, I'm still a bit proud of myself for my first man's garment.

I'm going to ignore it for some time, and work on something else, maybe I'll like it better tomorrow. Going to bake Anisplätzle now :)


Oct. 27th, 2006 11:41 pm
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Was going to post a whiny entry about the HG's vest, but I'm not letting myself go whining. This damn thing is mocking me ! I *WILL* finish it. And it will be impressive. Period.
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It's not only the sewing !
See, the HG is working since some time on a cartography of the Alpes for Wikipedia, which made me want to put my stone to the building, too, and maybe write something about german medieval history, or the bustle. Then I was a good girl and said to myself, if you're gonna contribute to something, at least work on something you've already started.
Which brings me back to roleplaying games and translation. Where the hell am I going to find time to translate the material I want for Engel into French, then completely rebuild the website so as to put it up ?

I think I'm a lost case...

On the sewing front, I'm making slow but steady progress on the vest. The backs and lining backs are now sewn together, as well as the belt parts. Must now do the magic operation backs+belts+fronts = ... we'll see what.

For now, off to bed I go, in the hope to get up relatively early tomorrow.
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Pockets 2 is done, except topstitching the welt, pockets 3 and 4 are halway done, pocket 5 is still uncut. And I still hate them. But I think I've found a way I might handstitch the welt that might reduce the... issues... Gah.
I hate welt pockets.
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That's all - because I'm refraining from saying how crappy mine will look, and how ashamed I'll be of them. Cause if I do so, I'll never finish this thing.
I'm utterly frustrated and discontent at my own abilities tonight.
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I'm tiiiiiired. I sewed a little, cut out the back pieces and the front ones, minus front lining pieces. I'm in the process of cutting out the various pockets. And I'm just too tired to go on. I'm going directly to bed now.
Oh, and I just want to say how much I hate this baking-paper kind of paper the pattern is printed on. AS much as I prefer the LM patterns in terms of fit, the TV at least are printed on real paper...
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Sorry for spamming your f-lists, I had one post I forgot to post yesterday (the one about th ePillow flower), then the 1/8 inch epiphany, and then, today'x actual sewing content !

Silly geek ^^ The rest is here.

I'm very pleased with myself (and the pattern) so far (BTW, using the LM Frock coat and vest pattern). The alteratiosn were minor and took about 5 minutes to make, and were all were I supposed they would be (size 42 at the waist, but 38 to 40 at the torso... things like that). I was pleased to discover the length was just right (note to self : when making this for my sister's home geek, maker the pattern pieces 3 to 5 inches longer at least !). I expect some fiddling with the front closure but nothing really frightening.

I've been cutting some pieces and zigzagging the edges for the Pillow Flower, too. The sewing together and rest of the muslining work will wait, I'm tired and I want to read.

I'm feeling rather confident about my sewing abilities right now. This isn't normal, I'll probably face some big disaster when I go back to Demeter...


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