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Yesterday I got a call from a very talented lady (you know who you are) asking for fabric advice for a stop-motion puppet. And this is half a million levels of cool, at least.
Today, another very talented lady tempted me with a perfect outfit for Vizille, but I will be strong and tell her to make it instead. I know, I'm evil... Mwahahah !

I'm still taking my time with sewing, working slowly, I have a lot of graphic projects simultaneously in the works.Here be pictures and babbling, but not of any textile nature, skip if you're not interested )
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It's official, I'm not trying to finish the Directoire outfit for Saturday. I could not possibly get it to a stage I'd be happy with it. So... I tried on what's in my closet. In short : I need to alter the stirped pierrot, the redingote-dress, the casaque. I probably need a new pair of stays as well, as my waist now sits a good two inches higher than pre-Toadette. But the plum caraco, which was jsut a tad shortwaisted, now seems to fit fine ! I just had to cut of the sleeve above the elbows as they were too tight, but that's pretty much it. Bonus point, I now wear them over underwear from the same period (aka the plum jumps). I feel pretty good, looking at my first serious attempt at historical costuming and thinking it's still totally serviceable and nothing I should be shamed of - in fact, the sleeves are some of the best sleeves I ever constructec, dammit.
I still have a few things to do before Saturday :
- make two tiny stitches to hold the pants legs of the skeleton suit folded up inside (they're a bit too long, as I feared, but the jacket fits fine)
- find white socks for Heimlich
- find white narrow tape and sew it on - to close Toadette's frock
- hem and add lace to her shirt's neckline
- change the bows on my hat
- bake a cake
- buy some othe rcakes
- wrap the birthday girl's present
- repair cartridge pleats on muslin skirt
- iron everything
- DO NOT forget period correct glasses !!!!
I do have pictures, pictures of the kids (OMG this girl truly IS growing like a mushroom, she's bigger and heaier now than her brother was one month older !), pictures of Toadette in her almost finished outfit (no time for a cap, yet, and OMG again, she barely fits into it now !), pictures of the state of the blue directoire two-piece... but !i got a new computer. And this nifty brand new mini-PC only sees the first picture on my DSLR. So, no pictures. Here's hoping that the HG will fix it soon enough...
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Cause it's totally what I'm doing, blog-wise. I guess being away for a week and then taking care of the two kids accounts for some of my silence, but mostly, I'm just too lazy/busy to type, and I don't feel like I have that much to show. I suck at taking pictures lately, I hope I'll get some next week-end - yay, costume outing !
The skeleton suit is still untried, but I got the shoes and they fit. Not sure I'll try to put a hat on the little pirate.
The big pirate is all set - 18th century shirt, shorts, probably barefoot, a tricorn, a sextant and a parrot.
The little princess has an almost finished frock - I need ties but the ribbon and the like I have here is too wide for the scale, except satin ribbon, and I don't wan to ruin the look of the (handsewn !) frock with ugly satin ribbon. This does require me going shopping some and it's not something I really want to do with to kids in tow, hence the procrastinating.
As for myself, knowing I have a few outfits to fall back on isn't really helping me work on the regency. I'm making small progress though. The three bodices are done - skirt bodice, jacket lining, jacket outside, yeah, they're all different. Sleevil was conquered in just two mock-ups (o_O). I have one half of the jacket skirts patterned and cut out, so they're almost done. After that, the skirt itself, and small knicknack - small, but time-consuming. Like ruffles everywhere, hooks and eyes, a belt, hems, and wristbands... I'm not sur eI can get it done by the 20th. Well I *could* get it done, I'm just not sure I want to over-tire myself doing it. Making a bodiced or a strapped petticoat would be nice, too. And I will need some type of head covering for our september outing (Heileen when do you want to come ? The house is all open !).
And well... I guess that's it for the costume update. Not much going on here, really.

Love meme

Feb. 11th, 2011 10:55 am
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(via [ profile] fancyfrocks)
If there is one person or more on your friends list who makes your world a better place just because they exist and who you would not have met (in real life or not) without the internet, then post this same sentence in your journal. ♥

I just had to. My life would be seriously different without the net and LJ. And seriously duller.
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Look at this !!!

And while I'm talking yarn,...

This is what the yarn I used for my stomache rwas meant to be, a Heimlich sweater. It's coming along fine but I'm a little tired of stockinette. Which is probably the reason why I bought a pattern for a knitted lace dress on Etsy the other day. It's pinned above my desl as I type, it'll be my reward for when I finish the sweater !
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Not that I'm much of a pattern-using person myself, I tend to stick to period diagrams and draping a lot. But right now, I'm making a knock-off of my cushion slipcover pregnancy blouse (have to come up with a better name for it... although the one I'm making now ? Out of an old bedspread and matching slipcovers) for a pregnant friend and I had a little angel ask for the pattern as well. So while I'm making the blouse's second version, I'm taking note so as to make a proper pattern with instructions. And discovering that takes alot more time than just flying by the seat of my pants like I usually do. I have a whole tank of newly gained respect for all people that make patterns, it's not as simple as it sounds. Not really hard for this particular garment, but there are a lot of steps and you have to write it all down. But the process is quite interesting. And the blouse will look cute.
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I seriously need to decern an award to [ profile] padawansguide for her awesome Costumer's Guide. More on that later, but just so you know, Maggie, you rock ! Consider you have eveyr right to be Han Solo in my icon.
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I didn't get as much accomplished as I wanted/needed today. By far.
The day has been made much better though by the reception of a parcel by the ever-marvelous-and-fabulous [ profile] heileen. I'll post pictures after the wedding. It's AWESOME ! *grabs [ profile] heileen and hugs her* Thank you sooooooOOOOoooo much ! <= Can you tell I'm really exctied about your gift ? :D
Than I found A) some black fabric to complement a pink and black flower printed voile I got for a maternity dress (voile from Mondial Tissus's bargain table, black fabric 1 euro/meter), and B) some pretty pretty wool for 1 euro/skein. Both at a market near where I used to live before the Home Geek came around. Although I don't regret the single days, I wish the market was closer to our house.
Funnily enough, we passed another market on the way home, and spotted another yarn seller. There seem to be a new trend for cheap yarn. *evil grin* There were lots of fluffy novelty yarns, but also some basics. I got enough acrylic/mohair mix to knit myself a sweater or the like. The yarn is soooooo soft and airy, I love it !
Other than that, the day was spent tidying up and cleaning the house - a much needed task. With the Darkstone's help, I got as far as tackling the thread compartment of my sewing cabinet and my fabric cupboard. Then there was some sewing - [ profile] lady_darkstone on her dress for the wedding, myself on the HG's tie. The tie is almost done, all I have left is handsewing, and will get accomplished during my lunch break. After the HG came home we switched to painting and preparing the wedding decoration, and it's getting *this* close to being done. Not as done as I wished for tonight, but very very close. And it should look awesome.
In the meantime we managed a final wedding dress try-on, and *phew*, no fitting issues, even with the Attack of Killer Boobs from Outer Space - also known as early pregnancy symptoms. I was a little worried about that, with all my bras not fitting anymore, but not only does it fit, it's *way* more comfortable than a modern bra. Yay !

I think I managed to give you a good sum up of the day, between all my babbling. I'm bidding you farewell for the night and will work towards getting some rest in my bed. *snores*

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(listening to some Mano Negra tonight, hence the title)
I am...

DONE !!!!

The dress is done !!! Woohoo !
And... No pics ! For suspense's sake, you'll see nothing more of said wedding dress until the wedding pictures !

Insert here a BIG HUGE thank you to the wonderful [ profile] lady_darkstone for pinning me into the dress and levelling the hem, re-pinning the skirt on when my brain turned to mush and I had a mini-melt-down due to exhaustion, and being her awesome self. She rocks ! And I still need to talk hats with her - she's making a hat from my 1898 Mode Illustrée book, we traced the pattern and cut out the buckram today - and bring her my black velvet remnant - it's really not much, sweetie, but maybe you'll find some use for it, at least in the hat !

Waaaah it's great ! I'm done with the dress ! *throws confetti*
Tomorrow I'm cleaning the house and getting to work on my Mom's suit.

Edit : look, [ profile] heileen, more stripes ! Such gorgeous dresses... *drools*
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I'll repost it tonight, but THAT totally made my day already.
The lovely, lovely lady who already lent me her Avant-Garde dress pattern sent me Pattenrs of Fashion 4, as a weddign present she says. That's just sooooo sweet, I'm quit eoverwhelmed. Thank you Caterina, you're an angel !
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Heee, I just finally got around to browsing through my sister's pictures of [ profile] lady_darkstone's hen party. I *finally* have really good pictures of the Avant-Garde dress, yay !
I just love this one :

Have to go through the rest of the pictures and put a page together. Someday. Probably after the wedding, I fear...


Nov. 23rd, 2008 09:15 pm
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We spent the weekend near Paris for a friends couple's (and their kid's) birthday. Basically, I discussed some things with the HG in the train, and for the rest I slept, ate, did nothing but knit and cuddle the toddler - a very cuddle-worthy kid. So NO sewing progress, no invitation progress, but much rest and relaxation and OMG ! I've finished Pinky !
I have to weave in the loose ends and block it. And then I4ll wear it and marvel in it's pink warmth. Which I seriously could use at work, because it's getting COLD here. Not cold enough to get us the promised snow, though. *pouts*
I have a new project almost on my needles now - almost as in I have the gauge swatch on my needles. I'm making a yellow Totoro bonnet for some other friends' kid. The kid was born on Wednesday and there's a kind of private joke about dressing him in yellow. And I just happened to have yellow yarn. *grin*

As for tonight, I'm debating whether to go try on the bodiced petticoat and fiddle with the cording acting up or just measure the gauge for the bonnet, check some stitches I'm not sure about anymore, and then go to sleep.
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I haven't been a sproductive as I wished lately. I spent Wednesday mostly slacking at [ profile] lady_darkstone's place, and Thursday having trouble with machines. Computer almost died, computer at work had TWO major freezes in 15 minutes (yay for 20 minutes on the phone in German with the hotline...), then computer almost died AGAIN. Not counting falling in the stairs an dspilling hot tea everywhere in the morning. Huh.
I did get some painting done on the wedding invitations, though not much, and I finally gave [ profile] lady_darkstone her weddign present, which means I can show it here !

Gouache and ink on wood. [ profile] lady_darkstone tells me she can even recognize her cats in the drawing, which makes me quite proud of it.

I had a bat I wanted to show you, too :

I hasn't made progress since, which I'm NOT proud of. I want to finish it tonight !

Off to run after the bus !
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Aren't they the most pretty couple ? Groom's waistcoat, jabot, coat and pants by [ profile] lady_darkstone, as well as her own dress. I did her hair and the other bridesmaid, Erika, arranged her veil.
The them of the wedding was "History of Costume from the antiquity to the 70s"

A full length shot
Yes, this is ribbon embroidery. She said she needed something "relaxing" between sewng the dress and the groom's suit, so she did this in one day... Yes, I'm green with envy.
Side views of the Home Geek (left, with parrot and without tricorn (it had stayed in the car for the ceremony), Buzz, and my lil' brother (right, in black with the red waistcoat). A front view with both of them.
I think that's the best shot of my dress I've got... Wait, I've got a close-up where you can see the necklace, and the bracelets I made to match.
The father of the bride. Not sewn by me, but I thought he looked absolutely fantastic.

Now I'm off to unpack some more and print the first photograph in high-res and put it on my walls, because I ADORE this picture.

ETA : I've found more pictures online ! There are some really good ones here. Some of my favourites...
Another one of my brother
This lady sewed her very first day all by herself for the wedding.
My sister is getting married in September, that made her the next one on the list.
Well well, seems I got hitched...
I just love this one
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I. Am. Dead.

We had a very very VERY good day, with costumes, picknick in a park, not too hot weather (a little cooler than last year in Versailles), lots of (more or less silly) pictures, a beautiful park, tea, yummy food, playing graces and croquet and diabolo, and even a free carousel ride. But now I feel completely and utterly exhausted. It's a good thing I don't work tomorrow - even though it will be a very busy day (We're buying a house ! yay !)

This not very clear post brought to you by the happy costumer. Pics to come when my sister has uploaded them.
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As previously mentionned, I spent today sewing with [ profile] argyronete and [ profile] lady_darkstone. The later patterned and cut out a flapper dress, while the former worked on her wedding dress. And I have pictures (sadly a bit blurry) to prove that she's going to look AMAZING.

There's a hell of a lot of handwork going into that. The pattern is from Fashion of the Gilded Age, I can't recall which page (and the book is with her, obviously).

I was well-inspired to take some fabric for a new pirate pants mock-up, because I forgot to the Kitty's stuff in my work bag, and I couldn't have worked all day long on beading the Pillowflower. So I compared my first mock-up with a pair of shorts which I know fit the Home Geek, made a second mock-up, and let him try it on tonight.

I have to take them in a little at the side, but otherwise they fit okay. Not really great, but okay considering those are my third pair of pants ever, and the first one not for myself. I'd like to get rid of the wrinkles in the back, but don't know how to proceed... I guess I'll have to think a little more about that.
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The weekend was fabuous, despite being sick from Friday night until Saturday evening. At least the bug gave me an excuse to not look horribly clumsy while holding a toddler.

As predicted, not much sewing happened. I'm going to work on that right after I finish this post. As also predicted, I did knit. I swatched the pink Rayure Double (which is every bit as fantabulous as [ profile] heileen says) and cast on my first - gasp - sweater ! And I teached [ profile] lady_darkstone and the HOME GEEK to knit. They both wanted to check whether and how you could knit a Moebius ring. The HG ditched and unraveled the thing after two rows, but [ profile] lady_darkstone wants to turn her not-exactly-Moebius ring into a scarf for her mom. That is, if she's not too busy with the shiny new antique Singer she got this weekend...

I also finished the Chaos socks and will take pictures as soon as they're dry.

Next step : convert [ profile] lady_darkstone to socks and historical knitting. *evil grin*
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We came home almost alright yesterday - meaning the trains were on time but we called the doctor since I was again coughing like hell as soon as I tried to lay down and I had some nasty peaks of fever. Apparently just one or two nasty colds in a row, but she gave me sick leave for today. Which was good as I was again couching my lungs out until 3 a.m. Stupid cold(s). [ profile] heileen, I hope you did not catch it, if so, I'm really really sorry !

I'm very happy I came inspite of the cold, it was soooooo good hanging out with you girls. I'm ovewhelmed by 18th -entury-costuming lust right now, and it's all your fault :p I'll either call Versaille sor wirte them a letter because I want to KNOW why the hell you can't be allowed in costume there. Tsss... I've checked the website, and it's definitely not written there !!!
Since I'm home and [ profile] lady_darkstone is still here too, expect some beutiful pictures today !

Now I *really really* want a française or a directoire something... aaaaah...

pirates ? )

PS : Remember, Darth Vader in a big black française ;)
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This is especially for [ profile] heileen and [ profile] seinseya - Fi now has an LJ. Not sure she'll upload it often, (though, my dear, you have some nice artwork to show, yes, what you just sent me) but if you'd like to friend her, she's haunting the place as [ profile] lady_darkstone. Say hi, Mademoiselle Fi !


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