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... that my old digicam sucks mightly ! I also discovered tonight that the zoom function was dead as a dodo. Let's not talk about image quality, I'd be happy to just get rid of those pink stripes - I usually love stripes, though. Ye be warned )

In other news, I went to a small and fantastic costume exhibit this morning, staged by the wonderful Dame d'Atours (I already mentionned her when her book came out). I took lots and lots of pictures (which were slightly less crappy than tonight's), and even had a chance to look at the bodice of a 1910s ensemble... Pictures are unglamorously stacked in a corner of my website until the gallery thing is fixed. *pokes Home Geek*
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My dress dummy is in a corner of the house with almost no direct daylight (we want to install a skylight, someday), so bad lighting ahead :

From left to right : my attempt at matching the front pleats on both sides by threadmarking them. Of course after this careful work I had to redrape all of it ; then the casaque as it currently stands, cuffs need to be finished and it's still in need of a hem ([ profile] heileen, I'm afraid it's highly likely I'll wait for your help to mark and sew it) ; then the cable ties boned stomacher base, and finally a cap that just needs some ribbon for sprucing it up. I'll probably make a second cap for [ profile] lady_darkstone as well, as it's quick and I have the fabric at hand.
BTW [ profile] heileen, she'll be coming in on the evening before our outing and is willing to help, as long as she gets some as well.
Here's the museum's page, I just spotted there are two exhibitions going on there, one modern photography exhibit in the gardens and the museum, and a non-modern painting exhibit inside the museum. There's also the permanent exhibition rooms, aka the house as it stood at the end of the 19th century. The museum's not big, the entrance is free and there's a (really nice) pick-nick area. And we can park right outside of the park. We just need to figure out if we go Saturday or Sunday (if we go Sunday, we can do some fabric hunting on Saturday... not that we have a Marché St-Pierre here, but I have a "secret" dealer who has nice and rather cheap stuff if you don't want 100% natural fibers), and what we bring to eat. I must say I'm very tempted to try my hand at macarons again...

On a completely unrelated note : WANT ! Not wait, not want, NEED ! Anyone have suggestions as to where to go hunting for that kind of lace ? I have some that I could make do with, but it's not nearly half as wide as this one...


Aug. 10th, 2009 10:50 am
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I don't like the new format of eBay pages, I can't save the images anymore ! *pouts*
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Much drooling ahead.

Including some fabulous early 1870s fashion plates that almost made me throw my concept for the cradle dress out of the window...


May. 3rd, 2009 08:56 pm
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@ Costume Con and [ profile] jennil : your Hello Kitty dress just about killed me ! A-WE-SO-ME !
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Man, your Costume Con pictures make me drool all over my keyboard, you gals are seriously AMAZING ! I didn't take the time yet to browse through all of them, but you're just sooo gorgeous ! Wow !

I also want to apologize for posting so little sewing content lately. Costume content will obviously wait until I can fit into a corset again, and pregnancy sewing isn't nearly as addictive. Right now I'm back in full graphic art mode. I'll post about it here, as well as on Flickr and Serpentaires. Sewing content will come, too, only right now I'm feeling very unmotivated to go inside where the sewign machine is and would rather draw tarot arcanas in the sun in the garden. Did I mention how much I love this place ? I love this place !
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I figured I deserved a treat... I know, pricey... but it's got colour pictures ! And it's from 1899 and I'm currently obsessing about the very end of the 1890s. Yeeeha ! Mine !
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Tell me I'm not the only one to drool over those natural form piccies !
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Lookie !

The cover is in a really sad condition, but look at that starting price !

Pretties !

Feb. 1st, 2009 08:48 am
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From the green forum - I just had to share. I esp. love the 1875 cloak and the 1826 hat... *sigh* hats... I want to make a new one ! Too bad my Mom refused to wear one *sobs*


Sep. 11th, 2008 12:49 pm
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We wants !

No, I haven't been watching Season 5 while sewing, never.
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I esp. love the day pictures. *sigh* I wish I had the time and money to take part in those events...
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Squeeeeeee : my parents are getting me TWO bound year of La Mode Illustrée. Payment has been sent via paypal yesterday, so here's hoping I get them reaaaaally soon. And really in advance.

Aaaaaargh : the b-day party is tomorrow night and the polonaise is still not done ! I'm still killing my fingers with a bazillion pins, pleating a folded strip of the Satin of Doom (tm) into place. And it must get finished tonight !
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So you're being spammed with pictures. Not all sewing relevant, mind you, since today was just a perfect day and we took the opportunity to go hiking for a bit.
You can just skip the breathtaking view and go right to )the flying saucer )
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I just had to share this, thinking esp. of [ profile] jennil.

And just a word for you all who were at Costume College and have brought back soooo many wonderful pictures : you look awesome, all of you. I just wish I could go, one day... or maybe start our own Costume College this side of the ocean ?


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