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Yesterday I got a call from a very talented lady (you know who you are) asking for fabric advice for a stop-motion puppet. And this is half a million levels of cool, at least.
Today, another very talented lady tempted me with a perfect outfit for Vizille, but I will be strong and tell her to make it instead. I know, I'm evil... Mwahahah !

I'm still taking my time with sewing, working slowly, I have a lot of graphic projects simultaneously in the works.Here be pictures and babbling, but not of any textile nature, skip if you're not interested )

Beat it !

Apr. 23rd, 2011 03:06 am
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Lady Darkstone has named 2011 "the year of crap". Because small annoyances of no life-threatening nature tend to crop up with alarming regularity. Explaining how, for example, my website is now on its fourth version since January (and a lot emptier) - my Mom had a hard time grasping that no, there wasn't one particular reason like repeated failure of one single item behind this. Just lot of small crap.
So right now, tonight, I discovered that my website is once again broken (it happens regularly when you have a geek coding around on it. Except said geek hasn't been coding around on it lately. So : NOT normal). And then the scanner did "rbtbrtbrtbrbtbrtbrtbrt" and refused to scan more than one fifth of a page. Not normal either. I kinda suspect it didn't like me flopping it over onto old books rather than the opposite.
Well, the books aren't replacable, the scanner is. The website, though its precise current status remains unknown, is fixable - in the broader meaning of the word : I can make it again if necessary. So there's a pile of small crap again but dammit, I'm not going to let it get me down. Of course both things annoy me to no end and keep me awake. I used that awake time to get most of the work done on colouring the birth announcement card. Now I need to let the picture rest until I have some daylight to adjust some things but really, I'm quite happy with how it turned out, and getting it to a "mostly done" state has lifted a huge weight from my shoulders.

I have a lot of other things to post about, like some late teens/early 1920s costuming plans, or the 18th century extant gowns, but I'd want to post pictures and right now, I can't. besides, I'm starting to finally get tired enought o go to sleep, and my feet are complaining that I've sat on my chair for too long. Just a short note : if any of you happen to be near Lyon between now and September, there's a great costume exbhition there.
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.... little Heimlich won't wait until the end. After going back and forth and considering all the various issues I have, the docs finally settled for a C-section. On Thursday. Eeep ! It was a last minute chang eof plans, so we just learned about it this morning. I'm somewhat stressed that I didn't get to finish everything I wanted done (like freezing tomato sauce and spinach and giving the house a good cleaning), and yet very relieved. He's been in the "starting blocks" for two weeks now and the strain on my ligaments hurts like hell.
I still have tonight to relax, and a bit of tomorrow. We decided to treat ourselves to a nice dinner, and I went to my first nude drawing class. Which was good but boy, tiring ! Two hours in a row, wow wow wow ! I'm happy as I managed to produce some correct sketches. I think tonight I'm going to take it easy as well, look after the laundry and mostly drool over the Lucile Ltd book which arrived yesterday.
Mmmmh... I feel like this entry was pretty disjointed, did I say I was tired ? :)
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I have decided to take until the end of June off from work. And today I've signed up for two art classes that will take me until then - nude drawing and engraving. Something I've wanted to do for ages but never could with my work schedule. Cross fingers for me that everything goes as planned !
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Hey, I can't sleep yet again ! And I can't even blame the heat, it's been pouring most of the night. But Cthulhu only knows why, I went to bed at eleven, got out again at half past 2 and hadn't closed an eye. I actually didn't even feel tired. I'm brely starting to feel like yes, maybe sleeping could be an option... *rolls eyes*
At least I saved loads of pictures from the CoPA - only after I figured out the pattern diagrams were mostly missing for the years I'm most interested in right now. I have saved far too much huge sleeved 1890s and cute 1920s stuff up to now.
I have also worked on my drawing a little. It feels really really good, I hadn't realised I hadn't touched a pencil for so long - but the break was good, now I'm full of thematic and technical inspiration and bursting with ideas. I think I should be able to add new stuff to the Etsy shop rpetty soon and that feels really good ! Of course I still have some older stuff to scan and edit, but I just don't feel like it tonight - err this morning.
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Man, your Costume Con pictures make me drool all over my keyboard, you gals are seriously AMAZING ! I didn't take the time yet to browse through all of them, but you're just sooo gorgeous ! Wow !

I also want to apologize for posting so little sewing content lately. Costume content will obviously wait until I can fit into a corset again, and pregnancy sewing isn't nearly as addictive. Right now I'm back in full graphic art mode. I'll post about it here, as well as on Flickr and Serpentaires. Sewing content will come, too, only right now I'm feeling very unmotivated to go inside where the sewign machine is and would rather draw tarot arcanas in the sun in the garden. Did I mention how much I love this place ? I love this place !
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... I give you a post without sewing content. Oh wait, I have those in my backlog :

It's just a beginning, and I haven't touched it today. Not a stitch.
Today, I was busy taking advantage of my new scavenged drawing desk. My Grandma used it to draw whilst standing. I merely have to put my chair a little higher.
I made the illustration for our thank-you cards, and once I had mastered the subtilities of our new printer, set to work on the Manesse tarot deck.
Manesse Tarot - 21 The World
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We're working on the wedding decoration with [ profile] mady_darkstone. The room is full of all kind of weird creatures, which we'll soon cut out of cardboard and then cover with coloured paper.
Proof !
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We marked the hem and had to take a tuck on each side of the center front opening. And errr... that's pretty much all that was accomplished, sewing-wise.
No, I'm not playing with the kitty, of course not ! )
Why so little sewing ? Because we were really busy with the weddign invitations, as shown under the cut )
I'm so so SO happy with the way the invitations turned out. They're the result of a great collaboration between myself (drawings), the Home Geek (assembling text and pictures and making the file for the enveloppes) and [ profile] lady_darkstone (mad graphic editing skillz, she has dem).
Of course, we still need to print out and fold nearly 60 more of those (only the inside, the enveloppes are done), then we'll do the cards that are just announcements, not invitations - the text on the enveloppe will change, obviously. Oh, and I have to print one in German, too. But the boggest part - getting the colors right, getting the printer set-up right, cutting, folding and glueing the enveloppes - is behind us. In one afternoon. YAY !
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I've been working a lot with my pencils lately. And I don't plan to stop anyday soon. There will be sewing - after all, I have a wedding dress and a mother-of-the-bride outfit to make, plus a few things here and there. But right now my desk is busy with the wedding invitations, and when the watercolor is making me TOO crazy I just doodle some new sketch.

A little sneak peak of the inside...
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I haven't been a sproductive as I wished lately. I spent Wednesday mostly slacking at [ profile] lady_darkstone's place, and Thursday having trouble with machines. Computer almost died, computer at work had TWO major freezes in 15 minutes (yay for 20 minutes on the phone in German with the hotline...), then computer almost died AGAIN. Not counting falling in the stairs an dspilling hot tea everywhere in the morning. Huh.
I did get some painting done on the wedding invitations, though not much, and I finally gave [ profile] lady_darkstone her weddign present, which means I can show it here !

Gouache and ink on wood. [ profile] lady_darkstone tells me she can even recognize her cats in the drawing, which makes me quite proud of it.

I had a bat I wanted to show you, too :

I hasn't made progress since, which I'm NOT proud of. I want to finish it tonight !

Off to run after the bus !
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The skirt

Must add darts, waistband, closures and hem.

The painting

Must think about exact color combination.

Canvas !

Sep. 11th, 2008 05:47 pm
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And acrylic paint ! And new brushes !
Methinks I splurged but hey, I have Plans(tm) !

I also have a roughly sewn together and interlined skirt for my Mom, it just needs darts, waistband, closures and hem. And I've been envisioning big buttons that would match the jacket as decorative accents. We'll see how that goes.

The exhibht (Cyrille André, "Résidence d'été"), BTW, was small, but wicked cool. Giant wooden sculptures (made with the chainsaw !), mostly bigger than life human bodies, vibrant with energy, in a much droolworthy, victorian park. I'd very much have brought one of the sculptures home, if I could. I just bought the catalog instead.

Rainy days

Sep. 7th, 2008 10:42 am
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The sun's back now, but we had quite some rain lately. Being unable to go outside and too tired or busy to sew, I spent some quality time with my sketchpad.

A lovely lady from our gaming week. Pilot pens are my friends !

And a little fellow who loves pouring rain. Image a bit manipulated with the Gimp to make the pencil lines more visible. I'm still debating as to how to finish him, I'm not sure I want to ink him, and watercolor is out of the question on this paper...

In house news, I'm *finally* done with the picture frames. It was long, and my hands still hurt from the polishing (revamping the house is definitely more taxing on my body than I thought it'd be... ach well...), but I'm happy with the result. I'll try to talk the Home Geek into putting the frames up today. That is, after he's done upgrading the thumbnail generating script in my gallery to my desires. *sigh of content* Having a Home Geek at home is certainly a good thing. And and excellent reason to not ever learn how to code.

I have a few more projects on my plate. [ profile] lady_darkstone's belated wedding present, ou save-the-date cards, and my mom's suit. We'll see which gets the first pick ! It's the first day in, I thnk a MONTH where we don't have something planned and where I can be a lazy bum in my pyjamas for a few hours, let's enjoy that !
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My desk on this Sunday morning.
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It seems I brought my pink mp3 player back form the dead. or maybe it's just the plug I tried to charge it on at work that sent it into coma. Woot !

I'm not sure it really shows, but I have made some beading progress )

I've sketched a lot of this and that, too. I was so annoyed of not getting anything good done... Tonight I have a feeling like maybe my pencil is my friend again...
Sharing this cat's narghile was a BAD idea... )


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