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Apr. 23rd, 2011 03:06 am
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Lady Darkstone has named 2011 "the year of crap". Because small annoyances of no life-threatening nature tend to crop up with alarming regularity. Explaining how, for example, my website is now on its fourth version since January (and a lot emptier) - my Mom had a hard time grasping that no, there wasn't one particular reason like repeated failure of one single item behind this. Just lot of small crap.
So right now, tonight, I discovered that my website is once again broken (it happens regularly when you have a geek coding around on it. Except said geek hasn't been coding around on it lately. So : NOT normal). And then the scanner did "rbtbrtbrtbrbtbrtbrtbrt" and refused to scan more than one fifth of a page. Not normal either. I kinda suspect it didn't like me flopping it over onto old books rather than the opposite.
Well, the books aren't replacable, the scanner is. The website, though its precise current status remains unknown, is fixable - in the broader meaning of the word : I can make it again if necessary. So there's a pile of small crap again but dammit, I'm not going to let it get me down. Of course both things annoy me to no end and keep me awake. I used that awake time to get most of the work done on colouring the birth announcement card. Now I need to let the picture rest until I have some daylight to adjust some things but really, I'm quite happy with how it turned out, and getting it to a "mostly done" state has lifted a huge weight from my shoulders.

I have a lot of other things to post about, like some late teens/early 1920s costuming plans, or the 18th century extant gowns, but I'd want to post pictures and right now, I can't. besides, I'm starting to finally get tired enought o go to sleep, and my feet are complaining that I've sat on my chair for too long. Just a short note : if any of you happen to be near Lyon between now and September, there's a great costume exbhition there.
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My grandma's Singer could be salvageable... buuuut... The reparation would be expensive. And it's very likely that it would break again. Too many plastic gears, too old. It seems I'm officially on the hunt for a new machine...
I'm also cleanng out the drawing table, we need to take it down and I want the area to take new costume pictures to replace the ones I lost. The background won't be fabulous but the light is good there.
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Yes, all my pictures are down. My site has been down now and then all week and now it's just... mostly dead. The server died. Oh wait, it's not really dead-dead. We were able to restore it. The wrong way around. So instead of copying the 2010 version on both discs, it copied the 2007 one. Yup, 2007. Anything posterior is gone. Scans, research work, wikis, pictures,it's all gone. Wedding pictures, the birth of our son, everything on my site from the last three years, the supersekrit project, it's all dead. Some things can be remade. Some pictures have been saved or printed by friends. The rest isn't replacable.
I'm just speechless.
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I found the boning and busks - hiding in my son's closet.

- I'm out of end caps for the spiral boning
- my lacing strips (the one I can quickly sew on for try-ons) are gone
- TheBitch doesn't have a zipper foot to sew the busk into the mock-up

When I'm feeling alive again I'll hop into the car, bring TheTank to the repairman and hope they have some of the notions I miss... I have high hopes for the zipper foot, white embroidery floss would be a bonus. But first, it's lunch time, and I'm feeling like a pond of melted butter again...

Boo !

Nov. 17th, 2010 05:42 pm
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I've just started a new corset (it's almost all Heileen's fault... ^^) and guess what ? TheTank ( aka my regular sewing machine) decides not to work anymore. I have to sew a corset with TheBitch. Blergh. And bring TheTank to the repairman. *sniffles* Life is soooo unfair !

I'm also desperately looking for the list of classes that were offered at past Costume Colleges... Does anyone know where I could find those ? Puhleeze ?
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I barely got to check over here these past days. I'm slowly making my way through basting the layers on my brother's justeaucorps. It's slow going and I have many things going on at the same time... Printlaking course is on again and it's FABULOUS and I want to spend all my time engraving. And have a workshop at my place of course. Which would include buying a magical wardrobe somewhere because I have no idea where I'd fit a press otherwise. This is what's on my desk right now :
A resume of yesterday's fail : I had a fabulosu plate, but it was black, so I didn't see what I was doing with the ink, so the inking and wiping was terrible, and nothing good came out of it. On top of that I placed an order for printmaking supplies and ofrgot the one thing I really needed. So I placed a second order on which I didn't get the free shipping, of course. Bleh !
Sorry for the lack of commenting, LJ is being a [meeep] and not showing me yours names, only your user icons, which makes reading a little difficult.


Sep. 6th, 2010 09:13 am
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... this crosspoting thing.

Still nothing going on sewing-wise here. Mostly tired and Heimlich won't let me much. Knitting is easier, as long as he doesn't dcide he needs to play with the needle or the yarn himself. I almost have one completed sleeve for the sweater I started back when Heimlich was in hospital - I could actually have a grand new fitting warm woollen sweater in time for this winter, wOOt !

Right now I'm just having breakfast, waiting for the little angel to wake up, and I wish I could spent the day huddled under a blanket until my cold goes away. It feels like I didn't get any sleep last night. don't want to face air-conditionning at work today. Meh...
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I have a friend-list. Can you PLEASE actually SHOW me their POSTS there ? I was starting to wonder whether some of them were dead !!!! (not really, but kinda...) I know I've only been online sporadically lately (parents here, renovations...), and there was some post CC picture spamming, but no way would I have missed about five posts from at least three costumers (five posts EACH). I don't have the energy to individually click on all your LJs, so I just hope I haven't missed anything vital.
Anyone ran into this problem or know how to prevent it in the future ?
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I spent the night worrying my parents' cat would escape and disappear again before my parents come to pick it up today. Great... So I finally got up at 4, only to go back to bed at 7 because I was so darn tired.
In the meantime I managed to cut, sew and bone with cable ties the base of my stomacher. That's already something, right ? Now I'd want to go on with the decorative layer but I have to go to the market first, blech. Don't even want to go out... And will have to go again later this afternoon to find a butcher who's not on vacation. So that I have something to feed my guests tonight.
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I swear, I wanted to sew. I haven't been able to produce anything with my hands for nearly two weeks and that is driving me insane... buuuuuut... today ? first I had to go groceries shopping, then there was lunch time, then it was the only time the kitchen was still useable (because after 4PM, it's so darn hot in there you'd rather starve than cook*), so I had to cook for tonight and tomorrow. which was a great idea BTW, because half of the kitchen furniture has been taken apart or moved tonight, so cooking will be a little impaired for the next two days. Then I had about an hour to myself, which gave me the opportunity to finally make the bed (it was 5PM by then) and take a small break, then we had a guy coming over to plan replacing the heating system. In the meantime my Dad needed help now and then for the electricity work he's doing in the house. After the heating guy was gone, the HG and I hopped into the car and ran to our equivalent of Home Depot, which happily only closes at 8PM, to buy some stuff my Dad needs to continue working. Then it was dinner time. Then we dismantled the kitchen so that we can place proper wiring for the oven and dishwasher. And now I sit here typing this, it is half past eleven, and somethign tells me I won't let the machine rattle right now. At some poitn I think I remember someone (my Mom ?) asking me "but at least you got yourself some rest ?" when I said I hadn't done what I had planned for today. Hmmm, no. Apart form the fact that taking some rest is not something I'm naturally good at, there just wasn't room for it today.
But at least we have some yummy tarts for tomorrow, and fresh fruit and veggies for the end of the week.

*Our kitchen is not that bad, but when it's between 37 and 40 degrees Celsius outside, it's hard to stay in a room facing West, where you can't close half of the blinds, with the oven on.
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The heat here is seriously becoming a problem. I had to leave the house yesterday between 2 and 4 PM, and that totally wiped me off. Clever people at the hospital, if you're going to tell me that I should move to the mountains for a few weeks, would you please first think about the time you give me an appointment ? Especially considering I have to take the bus or some other kind of public transportation since there's nowhere to park in your area ? *shakes head in disbelief* My next appointment there ? 3:15 in the afternoon... It's not even funny.
Anyway, last night the temperature finally dropped a little. I didn't checck this morning, but I slept better, my feet are a tad less swollen, and right now I'm feeling good, not already-bloody-too-hot.
So maybe today I'll have enough energy to get a ltitle something done ? Yesterday I spent the afternoon vegging out and knitting in front of the computer... *sigh*
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Today I spent the day at the Darkstones' place, escaping the heat for a while. It was good... Spent the day chatting away, drawing, and pinning on the rest of the binding to the jumps. Left at six, got trapped in the traffic jam, arrived home exhausted... and realized I had forgotten the jumps and the sewing stuff up there. Blaaaaaaah !
Luckily I have a second pair of fabric scissors, and I can work on the pocket hoops or other small stuff until the next time I drive up there. But still, I feel pretty dumb.
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Here at the foot of a wood-covered hill, on th eborder of the city, it's 35° Celsius in the shade.It must be around 37 degrees in town. I'm usually quite tolerant to heat but his it too much. Especially in MAY ! We keep everything closed and the blind half down in the computer/drawing/working room and it's still around 30 degrees in here. The rest of the house is thankfully cooler (only 26), I'm going to flee into the sewing room very soon and work on the baby's sleeping overall. I'm a bit panicky about how far up the temperature can still go in the next two months... Eeeeeep ! I don't want to be 7 months pregnant when it's *over* 35°C outside !
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That's probably the reason I couldn't sleep this past night. Then I decided I'd had enough trying to sleep and might as well be productive. Got up, picked my purple pregnancy skirt, and decided I couldn't live with one side slightly out of alignement. So I ripped it apart and am in the process of putting it back together. I know, it's only half past six in the morning. *grumbles*
I'm still tired, and grumpy. But I'll try to go back to sleep again some time later...
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Otherwise I'd just admit to be swamped by working full time*, betablockers, pregnancy and trying to get my birds in a row to sell my artwork. Not mentionning trying to have a normal social life and taking care of my marriage and household.
But I decided I'd finish assembling the blouse today, and I did it ! *throws confetti* It's not done, it has no hems, I nedd to shorten the sleeves, face the neckline yoke, add bits and bobs of trimming, maybe tack down the pleats in the back... Still, I think it looks cute. It's light and comfy to wear, seems rather flattering on me and should comfortably hold a baby bump. And still be wearable afterwards. In the end I ruled out smocking, I think bows will look cuter.

* I should add that a storm hit one of my colleagues (and good friend of my manager), who's now having a quite gorey divorce** and is completely at a loss at the moment. Overtime and moral support here I come !

**I should also add that I've rarely been so grateful for my exceptionnal HG. Some men are just evil, unreliable, manipulative bastards. Geez !
green_martha: (duckie) bed. I feel stupidly tired, although I haven't done anything really productive today. Yesterday I was so on the roll, and now I'm collapsing like a bread in an open oven. I'll try to get up reasonnably early tomorrow to compensate, and maybe work on the blouse some more. The body is almost assembled, after which I'll need to fin da way to attach it to the yoke so that it looks alright.
I saw a beautiful smocked blouse today in town, now I want to try my hand at smocking. Please slap me on the head and kick this idea out of my brain !

ETA : okay, I lied, I *did* finish assembling the body of the blouse and cut the neckline to match the yoke. I still think it'd look gorgeous with smocking but that would require hunting for some golden thread to really match the fabric. And since I'm lazy and trying to not buy any more supplies to make my Matrioshka wardrobe, I'll highly probably stick to just pleats and bows. Because I *have* to use every possible last scrap of fabric, right ?
OMG I jsut realized, I'll soon have an excuse to sew fabric dolls. I need to start collecting fabric scraps again. Oh my !
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We were away yesterday and today visiting the HG's uncle and aunt in the mountain. They've rented an apartment in a ski station for two weeks, about 100km from here. We came yesterday, the HG and his uncle skied for the afternoon and this morning, while I just sat in the sun and chatted with his aunt. And now I'm. Completely. Utterly. Exhausted.
I had some doubts about whether I'd be fit enough to handle a day in costume, that obviously solves it. *sad panda* I'm really sorry to let you down like that, esp. as I was feeling very motivated again (and I have fixed the straps on my bodiced petticoat), but getting enough rest for the baby and me is a priority.
Right now, all our Paris plans are in the air, we don't know how long we'll stay nor where we'll stay, but will probably concentrate on some family members who've been too sick to come to the wedding (including the HG's lost uncle, who's been confined home with sciatic problems).
Right now I'm going to lie down until I feel vaguely human again, then maybe I'll try ont he bodice petticoat to check that the strap problem is indeed solved.

Poop !

Feb. 14th, 2009 06:03 pm
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I've been spammed, for the first time since I opened this LJ, I recieved a spam comment. Boo on you, spammer !
Or maybe I should make a wish ?

In other news, we have the lavender for the wedding, and the cooking pots. It's amazing how much you can spend on cookware at Ikea... We have cooking pots and cardboard bits all over the living room now, it's kinda scary !


Jan. 13th, 2009 09:33 pm
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I'm just SO tired tonight... I know it's partly due to my lungs slowly healing (three weeks, the doc said) and to the pollution peek we currently have here. Bad bad combo.
So I have the sewing supplies I missed this week-end, but absolutaly no energy for anything else than going to sleep. Tis what I'm going to do, actually. I figured I'll be more efficient tomorrow morning if I'm well rested. And besides, I can't wrap my brain around how to make the back closure on the bodice.
Okay, checking the above lines for typos convinced me : I NEED some sleep. Now.
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The green fantasy forum seems to be suffering from mysql errors since it moved. And I'm grumpy because it deprives me of relaxing and pointless costuming babble.
Bakc to your regular schedule : cutting out the sleeves for Mom's jacket. Note to self : two sleeves are enough for one woman, no need for a third one.


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