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It was HARD to get those two pictures. Almost heroic I'd say, but I did it. Proof that the new skeleton suit fit.I've patterned and cut out the lapels, and just patterned the cuffs. Right now I'm trying to get some pants done. I patterned them at the playground this morning, yay for playground friends that keep the kids busy !
Oh yeah, I have pictures of my commission to post as well. The client was super happy, I'd have tweaked a few more things if I had had more time, but on the whole I'm pleased. And happy that I got this done with just one fitting for a body type I'm very, very unfamiliar with. The pictures are still in the digicam, though
Other than that, Nounou is on vacation for five weeks, so we're all pretty busy here. If it could just cool down a few degrees, or be horribly rainy for a few days, I'd be perfectly happy.

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Progress !

May. 28th, 2012 05:04 pm
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I made some !
The caraco is all mocked-up, including sleeves. I'm back to working on the chemise - I started with the more pressing and complex item and am now relaxing and sewing something I know well and love to make. I'm close to being ready for the fitting, early, yay !
I love love love this commission, it's almost historical costuming, but of the easy kind, while still challenging me by being for a totally different figure from what I usually make. And the client is adorable, which makes it even better.
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So yeah, the justaucorps is done ! It has been for awhile, but I only got to take pictures on Friday. Then there was the weekend, working on the bathroom, yesterday was election day, and only today did I get to put the pictures online.
The fabric was from my old purple 1890s cloak I butchered for outer fabic and lining. I had use two layers of wool so I had more than enough for the outer shell, but the lining, THAT was tight. I just managed to squeeze the body pieces in the old cloak lining, piecing just one back vent piece, but there wasn't enough fabric for even half a sleeve. I thingk the biggest remnant piece I have is 30x10cm.

Lower back pleats

It was suposed to be a piratical / historically inspired coat that could be worn as everyday wear. It took a long time as I had two kids and made many other projects between start and completion, but at least, I learned something about organizing my work and keeping track of my processes. Not to mention, I learned a lot about tailoring - so that now I can see so many of the things I did wrong, heh ! (I'm probably not even seeing a lot of them yet...)

Lower back lining, handstitches, embroidered label

I draped the justaucorps on the wearer, using 1750s patterns as a guide. We went for a modern collar, straight front closure, functional pockets (including one inside breast pocket), and long, straight sleeves. And now I'm goign to pack it tightly into one big flat box and mail it to my dear client and little brother ! :) I was a pleasure to work with him, and I'm already thinking about what's next...

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Jupe en tweed Fermeture à glissière et couture dos Finitions internes
I haven't forgotten about sewing, I just spent a lot of time sewing this mostly by hand. I think there are two machine seams in the whole garment. There are a few things I wish I'd have done better but I'm generally pretty pleased. Oh, and it hangs all wonky on the dummy because the client is a totally different shape.
Now I'm thinking about really diving into the 1890s madness, but of course, I can't find my twill. I'm sure I still have some white twill, it just... disappeared. But in the progress of turning up my entire stash I found various linens that I thought I had used up - and subsequently bought some new fabric to replace. I'm sure the old twill will show up the minute I buy some new one !
It's not like I have a lot of time to sew anyway - starting tomorrow, we start tearing down the old upstairs bathroom. The pink wallpaper's days are counted ! YAY !
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You know those little electronic games shaped like little computers for kids ? Heimlich has been gifted one of those by Lord Darkstone. It has the shape of an R2D2 and has C3PO asking the kid to help him find letters. With bad midi music. *snorts* Totally adorable to see the kid play with his own "o'dinateu'", all serious,having seated himself next to his father (who's coding on his laptop).
It's one of those "I'm doing a little bit of everything" days. Finished uploading my prints to the site. Toyed with my FB page. Sewed some on my commission. Started another lino block (that's not real lino but this eraser-like thing, much gentler on my joints). Inked small parts on the new Pharos design. Now thinking about slipping into bed with a book. Focusing ? What's that ? It's hard to focus anyway while only working in small spurts. Which is probably the reason why I'm so stalled on my writing when it's the one thing I really need to push on right now. Oh yes, and there was some bathroom remodel planning as well.
I finished the day rewatching some BSG with the Home Geek and knitting some. I'm on the first sleeve on my cardi that was supposed to be a pregnancy cardi for Toad. Well, at least I spared some wool as I didn't need to make the body so wide !
I'm trying to post alittle more regularly, regardless of whether or not I have some good pictures. It's a good motivation to not just veg out on the Interweb...
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... I think it's what being productive feels like. I did take a real week-end break from sewing - helped by the fact that I was in too much pain yesterday to do anything besides lying in bed and reading The Hobbit for most of the day yesterday. Sometimes I wish I could be rid of the damn monhtly dose of feminity for good. I have my kids, I don't intend to ever get pregnant again, I don't need my reproductive cycle anymore, thankyouverymuch... But at least I've read some.
But I did cook quite a bit on Saturday, and blogged</a< about it. I'm having waaay too much fun with this cooking blog. I came home from my vacation all motivated to cook some yummy stuff ad it keeps me going. So : yay ! Today I was a good girl and went back to work on the skirt. All seams are neatly finished, I'm working towards a waistband now. Well,after lunch, because for now I have one big cuddly boy sitting on my lap and trying to decipher the letters I'm typing. It feels amazing to be moving forward !
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I though I could complete the commission skirt quickly, but what happened is that I decided to try and challenge myself some more with it. So I'm matching the pattern on the tweed, working by hand a lot, and I plan to add some fancy tricks ere and there. But in the end, my client will have a better garment and I'll have better pictures for my portfolio. I totally blame the book Couture Techniques for this sudden surge of perfectionism. Things are going pretty slowly but I managed to make steady progress while taking care of the kids and the house. Right now one kid is happily chirping in her stroller, while the big boy is running around and playing with rocks. Yes, I'm taking advantage of my netbook to type this in advance. Too bad the wifi from the nearby building is too weak for me to post right away. :D
I am also contemplating starting yet another blog like I didn't have enough projects on my plae already. I have been daydreaming about maintaining a cooking blog for a while. Not too fancy recipes, but simple, tasteful things, starting with fresh products. That would challenge the translating nut inside me (cooking is not an area where I find my words in English as easily as say... sewing) and I would keep track of the recipes I know. I have a tendency to make a recipe for a while and then completely forget about it, which is a shame. I haven't done a banana-chocolate tart in years.
So, would anyone be interested ?


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