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Oh encore du tissu !
That's a picture of last week's plunder. The beige thing underneath isn't a table, it's my new (sadly unbound) 1886 Mode Illustrée. Sadly it has been hit right in the middle where the pages used to be folded and they now tear veeeery easily there - but overall it's in good shape. I lost the teens books I was bidding on. *pouts* Mode Illustrée books from after 1900 don't seem to pop up as often as the bustle era ones on eBay but, oh well, you can't win them all, right ?
Besides, I just ordered Queen Maud's Wardrobe for half the retail price, and the new What Clothes Reveal. And a whole stack of children books for Heimlich. Like a BIG pile. I blame the book we haven't been able to hide from him yet that his Grandma (guess which side...) gave him for Christmas : ugly images, text is dumb as a brick and full of typos. It's now hidden behind a lot of more interesting stuff, with the shiny (yeah, metallic shiny !) turned to the wall.
Justaucorps status : it needs the front buttons and half a buttonhole sewn over. The interfacing (white, as I didn't have anything in a dark color) showed through the machine-made buttonholes after I had opened them. I tried recovering them with the machine. Bad idea #1. Then I went for handsewing and buttonhole thread. Bad idea #2. I don't know whether it's the thread that's just bad or if it's a combination of thread and fabric thickness. So I had to make do with the same sewing thread I used with the machine and hand-sewing. It may sound like a cardinal sin but it works. Except for the part where I keep jamming the eye of the needle into the flesh of my thumb, because the wool + interfacing are pretty thick and tightly woven and the needle slips from the thimble. Right into my thumb. But I'm almost done, I even managed to make steady progress over the last couple of days despite Toad only sleeping for 20 minutes on one afternoon and her being übercranky for most of the day yesterday. (I guess she just used up both kids crankiness potential for a while because they've been adorable today)
I decided to take some rest this week, so the children will be with Nounou on all weekdays. January has just been exhausting, both physically and mentally, so I'm taking advantage of our wonderful and helpful sitter. And maybe I'll be able to work a little bit for myself, like on a set-up to take better pictures of my costumes, or even on some sewing if I get to finish my next commission quickly enough.
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... the precious little princess (in lack of a more personal term for the moment), our Toad(ette) :

More piccies by clicking on the above one !

And a little addenda to the litterary request in my last post : puh-leeze, nothing that will make me want to hang myself in my bathroom, 'kay ? I had to set aside the Hans Fallada book I had left because of that. I'm feeling pretty much okay, thank you very much, don't want to kick-start a post-partum depression, no matter how much of a masterpiece of classical litterature the book is.

Rant #2

Jun. 19th, 2011 04:02 pm
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Yeah, I di'nt forget about it (let's bet Toadette will *not* wake up until I'm done typing this, right ?)Click if you're curiouse )
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I had some computer issues that prevented me from posting this this morning. Gah, stoopid computer. We really need to get me a new one before it fries...

So, pictures !
Redingote in progress !

EDIT : the stomacher will NOT stay this bright green, it will be covered with the green taffetas but I need to bone it first and I'm out of cable ties.

It's coming along really well, I'm currently pleating and pinning the overskirt to the bodice, and I am soooo pleased with the fit and the look ! Actually, I only have handwork left : hemming the sleeves and adding the lace ruffle, adding boning channels and boning along the seams in the back, sewing the overskirt to the bodice. And then I can move on to the stomacher, fichu and hat. Not bad for an event in June, right ? Well, until you take into account that I actually need TWO costumes for that weekend, one of which I haven't even started...
I actually had an epiphany today, I realized one of the reason I love costuming is the impossible deadlines. Part of me strives in adversity and feels lost without and unreachable goal looming on the horizon. This part of me might or might not have said she'd be interested in adding a 60 pages translation job into the crazy mix.
I must say the kid is just adorable and has let me a lot of free time lately. He's been taking much longer naps these past few weeks, sleeping in in the morning, and going to bed around 9PM. I have some more pictures of His Adorableness, also known as the Sleeping Oger, or the Troll.
Under the cut to spare your bandwidth )

And before I forget again, I have to tell you about my latest book purchase !

It's in French, but with really pretty pictures of reproduction costumes from 1795 to 1814. *insert drool here* I just adore the concept, the costumes are very pretty and the reading is extremely interesting. And the author has more in planning about other periods. Yay ! It can be ordered wia, or directly from the author's site. The price (it's actually 19 euros, not 20 as written on the image) is the same but the author gets more money if you buy it directly from her.

Oh and if I keep track on the 12-12 projects ?
12-1 finished 1872 bustle
12-2 pirate shirts
12-3'1 redingote skirt
12-3'2 jeogori
12-4 goal : finish both the chima and the redingote
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I'll repost it tonight, but THAT totally made my day already.
The lovely, lovely lady who already lent me her Avant-Garde dress pattern sent me Pattenrs of Fashion 4, as a weddign present she says. That's just sooooo sweet, I'm quit eoverwhelmed. Thank you Caterina, you're an angel !
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There's a wedding-itis going on around us, I swear. The most unlikely people get infected. And it's spreading fast. Menno... I have no idea how I'll be able to negotiate with my boss to get so many free saturdays (the joys of working retail !) next year. It's a REALLY good thing we postponed to Feb. 2009, really. *blink blink*

Ahem, back to a more sewing related topic...
I'm slowly working along on the 20s bra. (BTW : I have not forgotten you [ profile] sbuchler !). The inside are almost all done, I just need to make the slit and put in the dreaded buttons and buttonholes. I'm not sure I'm all that confident buttons and buttonholes are the most reliable thing to hold that kind of pressure. But then, hooks and eyes THAT near to the skin ? The original uses two buttons on each side. *ponders*

I also got myself a whole stack of new books, two very technical sewing and tailoring manuals which I haven't touched a lot yet, and the very beautiful book from the 20s exhibit at the Galliéra museum, which to my surprise I found at the Fnac. I'm currently drooling over that while handsewing binding to the bra's seams, it's kind of fitting, don't you think ?
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My Beyers grosses Lehrbuch der Wäsche has arrivd ! And since I'm lucky, I start work later today so I was able to pick it up at the post office ! *squeeeeeeee*
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Yesterday I managed to pattern, cut out and partly put together the kitty chemise. Today I handsewed lace around the armholes. And that's all. The chemise has pintucks but no hem, the yoke is not assembled with the body yet, and there's a seam in the front that I still have to close - must try it on the kitty first to check where. And I'm tiiiiiired.

But I'm happy, for several reasons. First, blogging gives me a good opportunity to avoid admitting I'm completely insane - like, I can say the pintucks are all [ profile] ahsamanja_babu's fault, she made me do it ! *grin*
Then, I have plenty of fresh fruit and vegetable again, yay for that.
And lastly, I splurged and bought a book on 1920's underwear - it's a reprint from a 1927, with pattern sheets, very similar to this one, a reprint from 1901 which I have already talked about. Well, I did not really splurge that much, it was still under 30 euros including shipping. And speaking of the 1901 one, I got a shock when I saw the price ! Glad I bought it when it was still affordable ! Not that it's that expensive for what the book is worth, actually.

Hmmm... I'm not sure I'm that coherent any more, so I think I'll just Go. To. Bed.

Now what ?

Feb. 11th, 2007 08:11 pm
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Just finished reading the Half-Blood Prince - what the hell is *that* for an ending ?!? I want to know what happens next ! I have enough of George R.R. Martin (A Game of Thrones), Robin Hobb (Farseer Trilogy and its sequels) and Glenn Cook (Black Company) in cliffhanger matters ! Not Harry Potter too ! Tssss.... well, as I was orginally saying : I've just finished covering the buckram frame for my hat and I'm not sure how I should proceed next. I think I'll let it rest for some time until I have a mor eprecise idea of how to trim it. I've got ribbons, flowers, fabric scraps and lace, I just don't know yet how to throw it together... Pictures to be found here, not updated with this weeks small progress. Now, should I work on the dolman's closures or drape the underskirt ?
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My "Fashion of the gilded Age" arrived today ! (so I will for now forget my rant about our postal services in th esummer... for now). Well that was the good news.

The bad news is that I'm being a complete moron with the current pair of drawers and I made a mammuth cutting mistake, which of course I only noticed after there wasn't anything left to do besides trimming. Did I Mention that I also had to redo every single seam on thsi one because I was a moron with my french seams, too ? Honestly, such stupidity should not be legal....

Aaaaaah !

Jun. 3rd, 2006 08:21 am
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I so want to make this dress from the pattern in this auction... Has anybody bought pattern from this seller ? How good are they ?

And I was indirectly remembeed by [ profile] isiswardrobe yesterday that I'm still waiting for my 18th century embroirey techniques copy. Which I ordered on the 7th of May.... *grumbles*


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