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Finally, the pictures !

This is my third corset, and like the first I made it from the LM Doré pattern. It's not for me, hence the little weirdness in the lacing.
The inside is blue cotton twill (sorry, no pics... completely forgot), the outside polyester blue/gold changing taffetas, interlined with white cotton twill as it was a bit stretchy. The flower trim was originally white and was dyed with tea. The lacing got the same treatment after the pictures were taken, and now it matches the outer fabric perfectly. I just love tea-dying. ^^
The corset has a spoon busk, spiral boning all around (next time I'll take spring steel for the back, I think), and a waist tape.

This is how it looked before I applied the flower trim

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... checking the fit, I think I laced them way too tight yesterday and doh ! it hurt.
Now I can't figure out where my BF has uploaded my pictures from the camera onto the comp. Annoying. I have the blue coutil corset, the orange jacket and my almost finished stays to show... Oh well, then I'll just finish my rococo chemise, now that I was able to adjust the neckline...
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Since the shop was closed yesterday, I couldn't buy cream lacing cord for the corset. I had some bright blue at home, but it just doesn't match the corset fabric. So I tried to bleach it. Didn't work. So now I'm doing the oppposite and overdying it with tea. That should work. Hin hin hin !

Yay !

Apr. 2nd, 2006 02:13 pm
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The corset is done ! I haven't done any flossing on it, due to the fabric and notions shop being closed yesterday when we arrived there. Pics still to come, my BF is currently fiddling with my comp (replacing Gentoo with Debian and getting the mails to work), so I won't have time to upload and edit the pictures right now.

I have taken my orange horror out of the closet, finished one fabric rose, taken in nearly all the seams and am now much more satisfied with the fit. Pics to come too ;)
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And I really took some time to document my progress !

It took me a little longer to get to this stage than I originally planned, as I decided to use flatfelled seams.
And here comes the busk ! )
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I managed to cut out all pieces but two for the corset yesterday evening. And one should know that when you leave your sewing table like this in the evening, it ends up like this in the morning...

And now I've just spent my whole morning updating my website. Bad baaaad girl !
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... but I cut out all the fashion fabric pieces for my nieces corset. The blue coutil corset will not be a coutil corset, after all. I found some changeable gold/blue taffetas in my stash, and it's just oo yummy.

And I sent three job applications today.
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The chemise is slowly going its way to completion. It looks nice and should be comfy.
The blue coutil corset is on hold, cause I'm not in a corset mood right now. I just found some changeable taffetas I could use as the fashion layer, but I'm not sure about it yet, as it would be lovely in this plain blue.

Now, I'm in a bustle mood. I want to get started on a bustle outfit for our little costume meeting with [ profile] heileen. I dig out of my stash some fabrics I had bought for a cloak. I'm not that exited about a cloak in these tones now, but a bustle dress.... yum yum ! I have two fabrics, a dark brown velveteen and a blakc and green shiny thing with a nice pattern. It's highly probable it's 100% synthetic, but the velveteen is rather thick and would make a pretty winter walking dress. I'm all set for a 1887, I set my mind on a design during this morning's workshop. Think something along the lines of the dress on the left, bodice with a high collar and asymetrical buttonned. Mmmmh... Can't wait to get started on this !


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