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This is sewing content : one of those buttons was almost falling out, so I attached it back on ! And I darned some socks, my "to mend" pile is now empty ! Yay !
Okay, maybe this isn't *interesting* sewing content*

And grrrrr.... can people PLEASE stop labelling *reproductions* of their artwork as *prints* ??? It pretty much kills the prupose of the printmaking section on Etsy (among other places...)
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... but I can't, I have too many things on my mind ! So I updated my 365 project, my various blogs, I doodled a bit, I ate nutella, and I'm trying to convince myself that I need to get back to sleep some...
2010-10-06 2010-10-05 2010-10-07
I'm amazed that I'm actually caught up on the 365 ! All pictures on FlickR.
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Yup, I'm in there as well ! I had to do some catching up for a few days where I didn't get to take any picture, but mostly, I'm still on track. Let's hope this lasts and I make it to the end of the year for once !

I'm on Flickr, not on 365project, mostly because I have too many places to update and some connections over there already.
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My website had some trouble with the pictures I uploaded yesterday, but now I have them back.

Starting with some not very sewing related pictures.
We went back to check our wedding location on Wednesday, and had a small walk in the woods. The place is really, really beautiful, the room we rented is quite purrfect for us, and we have lots of mischievious decorating ideas.
Then on Sunday, again I went for a small walk up the hill that's overlooking our house with my brother and sister in law (the HG had to stay home, poor thing was sick the whole week !). Man, I just love the place we're living in !

Now for the sewing content !
I have until Sunday to have a completed mock-up for my Mom's jacket. Only yesterday did I get to make the alterations to the previous mock-up and transfer them onto paper. Here's how it looked yesterday. Not brilliant on Karringa, I know. I made the back in three parts and added a belt.

I feel a lot more motivated by my own stuff - although I wasn't as productive on it as I thought I'd be. That's what you get for being half-sick AND taking care of a sick Home Geek in your one week of vacation...

Please excuse the bad bad BAAAAD lighting, my digicam's batteries died with the last ray of natural light and left me with only the lightbulb after they had charged a bit. You can spot some handbound eyelets (for some weird reasons I quite enjoy making them... o_O), not so neat gussets, and binding in progress.
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My desk on this Sunday morning.
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I took a walk to the art store, and was, once again, very pleased. as much as I hate the one store near my work, this one is great. Great choice, great customer service. *happy*
And look what I came back with...

A magic ruler !

And some new bottles appeared on the shelf above my desk. The chances for my dress not to be totally plain are now much higher ! :) What's better, those are the "make it at home" colors that don't need to get steamed in a special device but are fixated with a mere ironing. And that's excellent because the painted piece will be a tad big (though not entirely painted), and it's hard to find a place that fixates such big pieces (like, they only do it twice a year...)

While I'm posting pictures, here's some winter sun for [ profile] demode_kvc

I *love* the town I'm living in... *content sigh*
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Pic of the day :

I *think* the sleeve is finally okay. It turned out the toile fabric did not at all drape the way the fashion fabric does, and I had to take out a lot on the upper arm. It's not perfect yet, but I don't see anything I could fix without recutting some pieces. And I don't have fabric for that.

I've been drowning in nutella and saucisson for the past hours, and I feel a tad better now. Must go comfort the Home Geek now.


May. 5th, 2007 11:41 pm
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It looks like I've neglected my LJ lately. I'm really sorry fr this. The sewing rate has been low and the stress levels are a tad high. BUT some things are starting to click, somewhere, and to change, hopefully for the better. After much much thinking over I did start another non-sewing LJ in French in case someone were interested.
I've caught up on the 365 photos. Some pictures were not taken on said days in March and April, I know, I know... I'll do my best to not slack anymore on this - it should be easier now that things have cleared. I'll probably post the pictures on the other blog, and just a few favorites here.
A small selection already )

On the sewing fronts : sleeves don't get any better when you move from mock-up to real thing... All pîeces are cut out, bodice is assembled, but for sleeves. Soem minor and major tweaking expected... everywhere !
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I HA-TE sleeves. This is like... toile #3 or 4, and it still has some huge issues. And I did start from a working pattern, where I just had to change the seam placement. I HA-TE sleeves.

Then, fresh strawberries and cream make everything better. Thank heavens.

BTW, I must announce I'm kind of stepping out of the 365 photos thing. Two many other matters to consider. I'm still taking pictures, I'll try to catch up for the missing days by taking more later, but that's nto really following the game rules anymore...
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I've uploaded all my 365 pics, but I'm too lazy to post each of them with a subtitle here. I'll just spare you the blabla and give you the link to the whole page.

And I keep on pinning and sewing on my dolman. It starts looking like one.
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I've been dutifully taking one pic every day, just well... a slacker with uploading, as usual. Tomorrow, ask me for pictures of Demeter, please.

So, here you go !

Day 23 - Windy day

The big chunk of somethign was litterally flying through the air. A bit frightening to walk under...

The rest is hidden under the cut to spare you f-pages )

I still want to bake some chocolate biscuits, then back to sewing !
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I bought a Christmas pyramide ! Don't know if it's a concept you, dear readers... Here you can see what the whole thing looks like in my candles corner (which happens to be situated on top of one of my fabric trunks, btw). The candles and the pyramide will be relocated when I put up the tree next week. It still lacks candles, to be put at the bottom of the pyramide, candels which, when lit up, make the whole thing revolve around its axe. I lurve it ! My mum has a smaller one, and I had been dreaming about having my own for AGES. I'm so so sooooo happy !!! *bounces up and down* (only virtually, my knee still doesn't allow real bouncing)
I also got us some Nürnberger Lebkuchen, in a beautiful metal box, which I'll need to photograph too, as it feature slovely 1890's costumes - how could I resist ? Actually, the Lebkuchen have been taken out (since they are nicely and air-tight wrapped anyway) and I put my own biscuits in it. And it's full. And I need another box for the Spekulatius I'm planning to bake on Sunday. Yummy !
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Day 20 - Sky reflection on a rainy day

I didn't take yet another sky picture ! I did'nt !

Day 21 - Citrin cristals

We sell those at work. I must go back to this and take correct pics of the agathe pieces, too. And the amber, tiger's eye, jaspis.. eggs, too.
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There are so many old little doors in the town center, but one barely notices them between the big shops.

Sleeves succesfully set in but not yet lined, collar in the process of being draped.

She sews !

Dec. 3rd, 2006 08:55 pm
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And takes pictures !

There has been some real progress on Insahrita. After taking the pics, I even got as far as cutting the sleeves and cuffs out and sewing together one sleeve !

Look what I've got ! (Keep in mind it still needs a collar and sleeves, and something to hold the side pleats)


Day 18 - Yet another picture of the sky

How could I not take this one, heh ?
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I've been a bad girl and couldn't find the energy to connect my digicam to the computer. But I've still got the pictures !

Day 8 - Schokoladenmakrönle waiting to get in the oven

It's getting christmassy around here !

I'll spare your friends page )

Must sew now. Insahrita is waiting. At least I have the front and back doen now. Now sew them together... Why oh why do I feel so tired ????

Day 7

Nov. 22nd, 2006 10:48 pm
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At the end of our street start the mighty mountains...

Now, let's see how the better and improved pattern for my 1920's dress worked out...

Days 5 & 6

Nov. 21st, 2006 08:57 pm
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Day 5 : at the tea-salon

Day 6 : our floor

I should really start thinking about the meal...

Day 4

Nov. 19th, 2006 10:14 pm
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Yet another view from my balcony. It's an old monastery, somehow surviving amidst the new buildings. And The same window is lit every night.

My cat isn't convinced about my photographic skills, apparently...


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