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So yeah, the justaucorps is done ! It has been for awhile, but I only got to take pictures on Friday. Then there was the weekend, working on the bathroom, yesterday was election day, and only today did I get to put the pictures online.
The fabric was from my old purple 1890s cloak I butchered for outer fabic and lining. I had use two layers of wool so I had more than enough for the outer shell, but the lining, THAT was tight. I just managed to squeeze the body pieces in the old cloak lining, piecing just one back vent piece, but there wasn't enough fabric for even half a sleeve. I thingk the biggest remnant piece I have is 30x10cm.

Lower back pleats

It was suposed to be a piratical / historically inspired coat that could be worn as everyday wear. It took a long time as I had two kids and made many other projects between start and completion, but at least, I learned something about organizing my work and keeping track of my processes. Not to mention, I learned a lot about tailoring - so that now I can see so many of the things I did wrong, heh ! (I'm probably not even seeing a lot of them yet...)

Lower back lining, handstitches, embroidered label

I draped the justaucorps on the wearer, using 1750s patterns as a guide. We went for a modern collar, straight front closure, functional pockets (including one inside breast pocket), and long, straight sleeves. And now I'm goign to pack it tightly into one big flat box and mail it to my dear client and little brother ! :) I was a pleasure to work with him, and I'm already thinking about what's next...

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