Jan. 16th, 2012

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Toad slept through the night, a little over 12 hours straight last night, yay ! I can't tell you how relieved we both are. She's been having bad nights ever since she got out of the hospital, and last week was particularly rough. So rough the neighbors noticed. She woke up at the most irregular times, she was fine as long as one of us (or better yet : both of us) was holding her. Then she was smiling and playing. But sleeping ? Oh noes ! A few times we managed to lull her back to sleep after a bottle of milk, but sometimes there wasn't anything to do about it.
This means we were both really, really tired (oh yeah, because the HG has been sick as well, and completely drained from it and thus no help in the household for some days), so when I kinda crashed yesterdya evening, he told me to just do something that makes me feel good. So I went to eBay for some retail therapy of the costumer's kind. How long do you think it'll take for my new 1886 book to arrive ? :D I have my eye on some teens stuff as well. I blame you all for putting me in the mood for Titanic/Downton Abbey costumes ! I don't have time for this ! I have nowhere to wear it ! Tsk tsk tsk... :)
The justaucorps is hemmed, next are buttonholes, but ThePrincess is extremely loud and the kids are asleep. So I just *have* to start on the next thing on my list : 1890s !
My corset is still okay until I have a good chunk of time to make a new one, so I'll be starting on the rest of the undies. My current ones are a mish-mash of different periods and mostly in somewhat thick materials. I have better fabrics now, and I want a really pretty set of undies. I oviously need a few really good petticoats to get the right bell shape for the skirts, as well.


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